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What is this site all about?

StickyDrama first came online in 2007 as a WordPress-powered tabloid reporting controversies and commenting performances of popular entertainers on the live streaming video service and social networking site Stickam. All posts were written by this website’s owner and operator/administrator “Sticky.”

In 2008, Sticky added MyDrama in order to allow readers to submit their own stories, and that section quickly gained thousands of registered users. Later in 2009 Twitter was integrated into this site’s WordPress functionality; in 2010 Facebook was likewise integrated.

StickyDrama’s popularity and purpose grew as it evolved from one person’s blog into what is now universally accepted as the journal for the seedier side of the internet: a living narrative of trolls and lol-cows, criminals and camwhores. Weaving together lulzy character arcs spanning years, packed with stories ranging from the juvenile to the deadly serious, this site presently contains thousands of posts that resulted in scandals, breakups and even arrests.