With an astounding 300,000 views [July 18 update: 1.3 million views] on YouTube, a melodramatic video of Jessi Slaughter and her father has launched the high-pitched 11-year-old from the ranks of quotidian statutory rape allegation to one of the most popular lol-cows of 2010—to the best of StickyDrama’s knowledge surpassed only by “Gingers Have Souls” CopperCab.

Papa Slaughter’s on-camera meltdown recalls Mama Kannibal’s lulzy meltdown back in 2007, also provoked by death threats against her daughter.

Both Papa Slaughter and Mama Kannibal would do well to consider Mama Slaughter’s sagacious advice in an earlier, less-viewed video. At 1:47 until the end of the following video she can be heard saying, “It’s time to calm down … Turn the camera off.”  THAT is the best strategy when your 11-year-old child is being cyberbullied; and the very best strategy of all is not to allow your 11-year-old child to join social networking sites or have an internet connection in his or her bedroom in the first fucking place.

It is unclear as to which comments have outraged the Slaughters, but StickyDrama suspects it involves this recent Encyclopedia Dramatica entry.


  1. OMG what a little slut. Mini Tila Tequila, fame whore. What are parents letting their children do?! I’m older than 11 but younger than 14 and i am disgusted. White trash. Her bra was hanging out, slutty slutty slutty. Crocodile tears if I ever saw them. That girl is going to end up knocked up in a trailer park. Or the next Lindsay Lohan.

  2. omfg! i love how she says im not emo or seen im nothing, thats right your NOTHING,you rude little child. i realy want to meet her though, she seems like it would be fun to get in her mind and twist around like i love to do 🙂

  3. pretty hard to care about kiki kannibal sitting on her computer talking about what vegan food she ate today or amor talking about how she got tricked into porn with THIS kind of epic drama going on
    you’re lucky chris, dahvie has taken the attention away from your pedo tendancies lol

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