TL, a Stickam boy known for little else than being cute and stupid,  died in a car accident on Tuesday.  The accident took place in Reno, Nevada, where he recently moved.  He was originally from San Bernardino, California, which is east of Los Angeles.
The story is here. StickyDrama confirmed with an ex-girlfriend of TL that his surname was indeed Elmassian, the same name cited in multiple news reports about the accident.


  1. wow i cant beleive this.terrance was my best friend in high school.him and i went every where together.terrance i miss u man.i wish i still lived in cali to have gotten to hung out with u more and let our friend ship drift away.i love u man

  2. i hardly knew him and i can’t stop crying:( i can’t imagine the hurt nikkolette is going through, i’m definitely going to pray for her and his family…

  3. I somehow landed on this post again. I re-read through all the comments. It’s just sad. A lot of us are going to miss him. No we can’t quite relate to what Niko or other ppl that knew him IRL are going through. But I’ve known the kid for 2+ years. His death is def. sad for me. I’ll miss him that’s for sure…
    Leave the drama out of this.

  4. wow
    i just found out about this
    1 of like a handful of worthwhile people
    always had a huge heart and always laughing
    i remember like it was yesterday always talking about girls and giving advice back and forth on how to work things out with so n so
    sad shit
    you’ll be missed man

  5. Your story sounds really mean. Like the guys was a loser, big deal he’s dead. It’s tragic cos he’s totally innocent in what happened, and u can’t blame the driver of the car, either, for avoiding s/t that fell out of the vehicle in front of them.
    Very tragic. Poor, poor kid. Nobody deserves to go out like that (except George Bush, maybe).

  6. I remember the days we spent together
    were not enough
    and it used to feel like dreamin’
    except we always woke up
    Never thought not having you
    here now would hurt so much
    Tonight I’ve fallen and I can’t get up
    I need your loving hands to come and pick me up
    And every night I miss you
    I can just look up
    and know the stars are
    holdin’ you, holdin’ you, holdin’ you tonight

  7. i havent checked this website or stickam in ages but, TL , terrance. i know commenting on this pointless website doesn’t help but, the few times we got high together you were pretty fuckin rad. i’m glad we got to hang out while i was living in LA last year, you crack me up.
    fuck bitches.
    get money.

  8. wow, miss you so fucking much. so many people showed up to your funeral too, but i couldn’t dare bring myself to look at your casket. i hate the last memory i have of us together, but i would have hated it more if my last memory of your face was you in that casket. uhg, i swear i’ve never cried so much.<3

  9. whenever someone dies…everyone always wants to blame someone..but everything happens for a reason, no matter how bad it is

  10. That girl called me and told me, sad shit. He was chill when I met him, wish we could have hung out again before I left.

  11. We once fought about kicking each others asses for some reason I forgot. Then we became okay buds. I didn’t talk to you much man. It’s a terrible, cold-shrill to see someone pass. Someone filled with the mirth of life and enjoying it.
    I hate to see people pass, and even more so, pardon them to pass. You will be missed dude, rest good. You part to meet again.

  12. uhg im not going to pretend we were best friends but i do remember TL and Nicko were the first people i ever rolled with i remember telling him i would always remember it because doing something the first time you dont get to have that first time experiance again and now to think that one of the people that i had that bond with is really just gone and wont be back sucks R.I.P

  13. he was my friends brothers bestfriend
    Terrance was amazing
    ive hung out with him a couple times.. i cant believe hes gone /:

  14. ^how about you shut the fuck up, i have the right to say whatever the fuck i want. so kindly fuck off

  15. I haven’t the vaguest idea who this guy was, because I don’t hang out in the chat, but he’s dead and a lot of people are obviously sad about it so if all of you anons calling him names and talking shit could just shut the fuck up that would be brilliant. You’re annoying as shit, and to make matters worse you’re not even funny. There are so many bloody threads to troll that don’t involve some young kid dying. Jesus.

  16. just goes to show there is no real drama going on anymore if this nobody can get a post. R.I.P. stickam and stickydrama

  17. you were one of my best friends, dude… i still can’t believe i’ll never see you one my buddy list again. remember “life savers”? lol

  18. I’m willing to bet the majority of you do not know him, and will be using this as a way of getting attention.

  19. I wonder if we could PayPal him in Heaven? D:
    RIP TL, Didn’t really know you that well, but the times we did have were fucking bomb.

  20. DUDE WTF??? ive been off stickam and I learn more and more stickamers from the old days are dying off.. Are we living the REAL LIFE FINAL DESTINATION!
    I’ll see you later Terrance.. <3

  21. he was such a cutie and was overall a nice guy.
    enjoy the rest man. hopefully its a better place than this shit hole.

  22. you were one of my best friends, dude… i still can’t believe i’ll never see you one my buddy list again. remember “life savers”? lol

    You’re all so fucking childish, As if this could in any way possibly find it’s blame on anyone, it was a freak fucking accident, a cabinet fell from a truck, happens everyday, and it killed someone we all knew * most of us *
    Don’t try to play it off in any shape on sticky.
    It’s sad, RIP Terrance.

  24. I’ve been speaking with Terrances Aunt.
    The funeral date is Friday the 14th.
    Shes not sure of the exact adresses yet, but the funeral home is in mira loma, and the church will be in rancho cucamonga.
    I’ll give details to those that were close with him when I find out, feel free to message me on myspace if you want them.

  25. If you think Terrance is a nobody you probably don’t even know that a SD chat ever existed.
    Did your parents not teach you enough people skills that you’d be able to respect mortality and people. Many people knew him and don’t want to see Anons and other people starting shit on this post because there is nothing else going on. Stay fucking silent if the only thing you can think of at a time like this. There’s a time and place for everything. This is NOT the time nor place.
    I can’t imagine how Niko is feeling and just hope she stays strong and can get through this.

  26. Dear Bubby, – the final letter.
    This is a way to let it all out. I’ve been told to write you terrance. we always wrote each other. I know you wouldn’t have wanted to see me the way i was today, i just can’t cope with this. Bubby i can’t believe you’re gone. I’m so sorry, i hope you dont think i meant anything i told you the last time we talked. And i hope you know that i loved you and that im sorry things didnt end up the way you wanted them to. I keep thinking about all the times we’ve had together. From Monster massive the first time to you sticking by my side when i was in the hospital, to our late night talks til 8 in the morning.. sleeping on the phone everynight. I never got a chance to tell you and i hope you know that you are an amazing person. You may not be here physically anymore but your huge silly spirit will remain in my heart. I miss all the little names you had for me, bubby, my favorite, baby legs, your little monkey, pineapple. Terrance i miss you so much , im trying so hard to be strong for you but i just cant do it. im so sorry babe. i put my ring on a necklace. god damnit it seems like just yesterday you were here in my apartment , and we were playing wii and eating hamburger helper while super stoned. You’ve impacted my life, and i knew from the second i met you i would never forget you. Of course we had our down points, but thats natural. I hope you didnt mean what you said the last time we spoke..i know you were angry. ” i have two girls in reno who are going to take care of me better than you could” … they sure did .. didnt they bub =[ im so sorry babydoll.. i dont know what to do with myself.. i cant sleep. ” GTFO my head” aha bub remember the beach? the seagull came down and took there sandwich. that was my favorite memory. the beach. i stood on ur feet and we danced . then wrestled. and then made fun of the BROS AND BRAHS PLAYING FOOTBALL AND DRINKING VITAMIN WATER ON THE BEACH. haha..we have so many memories and everyone of them is so special to me. You are so special to me, i always felt like i needed to take care of you. Holding your hand in my car when i drove to fast and you got scared “VROOM IMA TRUCK” — ok we get it, your a truck. haha. Terrance if i could tell you anything right now i want you to know that i love you, and i miss you so bad. im trying so hard to be ok. I just hope you know =[ that im sorry i didnt mean to hurt you. i didnt mean anything i said. im so sorry.. i didnt mean it. i just wish i can hear you say one more time “you’ll always be my little bubby”
    Bub the last video i made for you. The song fits perfect.
    ” An angel got his wings and we’ll hold our heads up knowing that he’s fine, we’ll all be lucky to have a love like that in a lifetime.”
    I miss you so much =[ Please just know that i love you and that im so sorry =[ im so sorry, i miss you. I wont forget you ever. This wasnt suppose to happen bub =[ I hope you are in a better place, im so sorry babybear. god i miss you.. =[ i dont know what to do.. Youre the only one i’ve ever lost. I just keep hoping that this isn’t true. Im so angry.. and upset, and just keep thinking, if one little thing went different.. then maybe. Your such a silly little thing thinking no one cared for you. You have so many people mourning your loss. Youre my angel bub. =[ i love you and miss you always.

  27. TL. Oh my, if there is a Jesus then he has a new amazing true friend with him. I remember you 3years ago making me put tooth paste on my mouth to look like cum as a joke and all the other stupid things we’d say/do like the dumb nicknames, and how you called me at 5am once just to say “you make me sick love you bye.” I can’t belive this, I still expect to go to AIM and see your away message and IM you saying, nice icon looking good in color not black and white. I miss you, I miss you so much. It’s 3years, regardless if it was over the Internet it kills me, you’re gone. I’m in my room crying just because reality isn’t hitting me yet. And the fact that I’m even writing this and you’re not reading it makes me more upset. I’m just thinking how can people fight over sticky/Ryan/his death on how it was whatevers fault, like come on now. Fucking stop, let’s just shut up and say goodbye. I love you babe. I hope you’re fucking some bitches up there and having a great time. I really miss you. Rest in peace..

  28. i never knew terrance but he seemed like a good guy shame what happend to him and the others but now he’s at peace and is resting
    thoughts & prayers to his loved ones and friends
    rip terrance.

  29. hold on. didnt some one just make a post the other day that he had a feeling some one from stickam was gonna die?? thats so wierd!

  30. aww naw shits sad wth i miss so much.
    kid was chill as fuck
    my lil ryan sheckler jr. bahha good times
    RIP <3

  31. Damn what a hottie. Rest in peace. & seriously though, LOL@ people trying to feel better and blame this on sticky. There’s no way he could of been blamed for it. I also do believe when you’re born your date is already set. Sorry you had to go.

  32. ryan…terrence had been in peoples lives for over 3 years already. even though its over then internet people still have talked to him for hours getting to know him. You do not have the right to say you do not know how niko feels. I know she is prob the most effected but people still cared for him even though they have never met him irl

  33. Ryan’s correct. We don’t get along at all. Because I proved to him Amor would fuck him over, and she did, and he blames me because he’s STILL too pussywhipped to blame her.

  34. Also, it’s no secret that I do NOT get along with the owner and operator of this website. At all. He could tell you that himself. And even I don’t think it’s his fault in any way, shape, or form. It happened and it IS tragic. But you can’t just start pointing fingers in your frustration. Just grieve and show your respect.

  35. TL and I had our differences, but ended up getting along and he even came to hangout at my apartment a month or so ago. He was actually a nice kid and he didn’t deserve to go like this.
    I find it EXTREMELY disrespectful to the deceased’s loved ones when everyone pretends they were best friends with them and are so upset.
    Imagine how Niko fucking feels??
    You can’t, because you aren’t feeling the same way. And if you’ve ever lost someone close to you, then you will understand exactly what I’m saying.
    My condolences to his loved ones.
    I’m sorry Niko, I really am.
    Rest in peace man.

  36. Terrence, I cannot believe you’re gone >:[
    Im going to miss you so much.
    You were one of the only reasons I ever
    stuck around this shit.
    I love you Gorilla.

  37. Terrence, I cannot believe you’re gone >:[
    Im going to miss you so much.
    You were one of the only reasons I ever
    stuck around this shit.
    I love you Gorilla.

  38. You know what Erica, I owe you an apology. I left that comment when I was in a sour mood. I’m sorry for being rude/catty, & yes you do have every right to mourn over his death.

  39. oh what the fuck??
    i remember hanging with this kid down in SB a couple months ago and him telling me about his gf at the time and how much he “loved” her and this and that and i bought hima rockstar free of charge and i only do that when i like certain people so he was pretty chill in my book, and now i come on this good-for-nothing site out of pure boredom and find out he’s dead? fuck. i PRAY to GOD he’s in a better place, he in my eyes deserves to be atleast
    RIP T

  40. Deserve’ got nothing to do with it.
    No MCH KYL, I don’t think she thought about it at all. I was just saying use this as a lesson and know what to do when something like this happens. No blame there I was just saying. In that age bracket accidental death is what you’ve got to look out for. Live and learn, die and forget it all. There is no god to look out for you, so don’t be lazy.

  41. Wow it sucks that he died…
    This guy would get jealous when I’d talk to Nico because he thought I was trying to take her from him or something…
    So we didn’t get along very well.
    Despite it all…
    No one deserves to die in a way like that.
    RIP man.

  42. BOOM HEADSHOT!!!!!!!!!!11one!111!
    This why I use the internet to get pussy, not make friends…
    You people get to emotional..

  43. Comments on this post should be disabled. Disrespectful trolls continue to, well, troll around. I assume the post was to inform the stickam community, and allow people to mourn through comments. That’s fallen apart, disable the comments, it’s just become disrespectful to a good man, who sadly lost his life.

  44. Who said anything about true love? Terrance and I were just friends who attempted a romantic relationship and it didn’t work so we stayed friends. This has nothing to do with romantic feelings. I lost someone who was a good friend to me and helped me through a rough patch in my life and I spent time with and have good memories with. I’m not wrong for mourning his loss. This is such an inappropriate time to start drama.

  45. erica i bet you meant as much to him as you did to that guy who cheated on you with kiki kannibal. rofl. face it, niko was obviously his true love.

  46. Heather Norris, 19, of Reno, was driving a 1985 Oldsmobile sedan when she swerved to avoid a cabinet that fell out of a 1995 Ford Ranger pickup driven by 22-year-old Gregory Adam Hart of Reno.
    Wow. That’s so insane, I’d be scarred for life if I were her. That right there reminds me of Final Destination..
    I didn’t know these people but I feel very bad, and my heart goes out to their families.

  47. @Barbie, I agree on wanting him back. I keep calling him and crying into his voicemail about how this has to be a joke, I NEED this to be a joke.

  48. i miss you bubby. i cant believe youre gone. We just talked last week.. screaming at each other on how much we hate each other.. im so sorry bub, ill always keep you in my heart and mind. i cant believe this has happened.. ill love you forever.. like you always said..10-25-08.
    big gulps huh?.. welp.. see you later bub.
    rip =[

  49. i don’t live on the west coast. why would i ever give a fuck about one scene club dance kid dying? all you people are fake asses.

  50. I talked to him tuesday night. He was excited abotu going into the Military. I was glad to have met you Terrence, you were one of the few people who actually gave a fuck on this forsaken website. You will be missed man.
    Tell Ian We Miss Him…

  51. anonymous 1042 should shut the fuck up.
    I believe, based on the studies of PMH atwater, that TL is in fact in a better place. Im a pantheist. Everybody go to college for quantum physics now! Or at least watch the movie “what the bleep do we know” before thinking atheism has all the answers. As for people who think God had anything to do with this, “he” didn’t. God has very little involvement with this world.
    My heart goes out to TL’s family, friends, & niko. If I broke some guys heart & then he died months later I’d feel terribly guilty. Niko if you read this, dont blame yourself. It was nobody’s fault. Not even evil sticky’s. TL was a great guy. He will be missed. Its so hard to believe he’s really gone. Death snatches a person right out of nowhere. Its sort of scary. The most we can do is learn from each other’s mistakes. Live life to the fullest.
    Anywho…not many of us knew him in person. So uhhhhhh…two fags down, two more to go! Tobii Metro I’ll be watching you. Vroom vroom crash crash. ah, ah.

  52. Terrance, all I can think about is holding your hand and kissing you at the water park. And watching you get your first lap dance. And sleeping with my head in your lap in the back of Mindy’s car. And how sad I was taking you to the airport. And I can’t help but think if I had let you move here when you asked, you wouldn’t have been in Nevada and you wouldn’t be dead. I feel sick. I can’t stop crying.
    You made me a video when I was sleeping next to you, now you’re the one sleeping. RIP sweet boy.

  53. WOW i thought deanna dafatass was actually doing something right in life and distancing herself from faggot anthony and i thought she even had her own place ! LOL how sad shes just gonnna be a fat faghag forever *sigh*

  54. Wow, this is weird. I think I haven’t talked to Terrance for over a year, but still, wow. He was a lovely kid, and doesnt deserve this.
    Also, by reading the comments, I do NOT understand why you blame Sticky for this. It was a coincidence, Sticky never said he wanted Terrance to get into a carcrash did he? You people are just going crazy now. It’s tragic that Terrance died, but no reason to go blame innocent people.

  55. Anon @2:40 am
    I guess you can’t fucking read.
    “Elmassian was sitting in the back seat of Norris’ car and was wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident, Allen said. ”
    ” Koroulakis was in the front of Norris’ car and was not wearing a seat belt, Allen said. He was ejected from the car.”
    I hope you aren’t saying Elmassian died from no seat belt.

  56. Saying its stickys fault is just over analyzing the terrible situation.
    If you wanna get THAT extremely technical, thats like saying its also my fault since i gave out that video of trina which resulted in brason moving to stickyhouse therefor taking up a free spot at his place that could have been TL’s..but we dont get that technical becuase you just dont…its rediculous, shit happens people die it sucks you cant blame anyone for it specially someone who just denied them a place to stay, thats not a rare situation, and it surely didnt cause anyones death. You arent blaming the person for not tying down that piece of furniture or wheel or whatever it was that fell out just a tiny bit better, are you? i didnt think so.. just my opinion. regardless rip TL.

  57. Sadly, there will always be people who are disrespectful to others, whether they be deceased or someone mourning. Some parts of humanity are just that way…and the best thing you can do is simply overlook them and continue to cherish the memory of someone and not let it affect your grief. I was never close to TL, in fact I never knew him, but my heart still goes out to his family and friends. I know what it’s like to lose a friend.
    RIP TL, from everything I see here I know you were loved and will be sorely missed. <33

  58. look at all you fucking sissies mourning the death of someone you never met
    why dont yall /wrist and join him in the afterlife motherfuckers

  59. So sad… I just talked to him yesterday atleast the last thing he said to me & BRee was.. ” <3 Juli" & "<3 u bree" and we told him we loved him. :/

  60. @ Autry.
    I really don’t give a flying fuck what you see on a daily basis, just because you’ve seen dead bodies doesn’t give you any right to disrespect someone who has passed. His death may not make a difference to you, but it did to a lot of people. So why don’t you grow the fuck up, and respect that part of it. I’m sure based on your dumb shit remarks you’ve never lost someone even remotely close to you, and if you have then you should understand, and keep your fucking mouth shut if you lack any respect. Go bury your nose back in your school books, and pretend seeing dead bodies gives you any life, or worldly experience. Thanks, have a great day.
    Anyway, Terrance’s passing is sad. Not at all a personal friend, spoke to him once or twice. My condolences go out to his family, and friends. Dude may not have been able to grow up before his death, but I’m sure he grew a lot as a person. Cheers to Terrance.

  61. holy fuck, me and terrance used to shoot the shit all the time, and fuck around. too bad i never got to meet him. rest in peace man. <3

  62. your acting like sticky knew he was going to die if he didnt let him come live at his place.
    Thats rude & Ignorant.

  63. “MarcFKnAnthony said,August 6th, 2009 at 10:13 pm
    wow what the fuck! TL i will miss you bro!

  64. Actually a lot of people would of just hit it.
    Or braked and then swerve… Not just fucking swerve at 60+ MPH and hope to live…
    MCH KYL Gtfo out the internet.

  65. Do you legitimately think she thought this all through her head at the time of it falling off the truck bed? And I’m sure there were plenty of people behind them. Js, let’s not argue.
    She swerved, she rolled.

  66. MCH KYL, that’s why I posted what I did. I don’t give a fuck how big the cabinet is, You are more likely to survive an impact with a cabinet made of particle board than you are with a roll over. I’m a professional. Don’t kill the messenger.

  67. One more thing, just so you kids know. Between the ages of 18 and 25 you are most likely to die in a car crash just like this one more than any other reason.

  68. No, we’re just saying if sticky hadn’t been so fucking crude and disgusting, telling TL so close to his time of departure that he would have to do oral with sticky in order to stay, he wouldn’t have fucked off in Nevada and been killed in an accident.
    MR. X – About the girl swerving, you have no idea how big the cabinet was, and either way it should have been secured down. If something falls out in front of your car, your reaction is to avoid, and that’s just what she attempted to do.

  69. and don’t bother talking shit to me about my lack of respect for the dead i’m already taking mortuary science for school i see the shit daily one scene kid doesn’t make a difference to me.
    you fuck heads go to clubs and raves and OD, and get alcohol poisioning like i haven’t seen a scene kid on the slab before
    but atleast this one has proof he’s dead unlike your ian friend
    WHICH I might add (his name was never entered in the LA COUNTY date base)

  70. It’s not stickys fault he was already at capacity and just cause he wouldn’t let him come live with him doesn’t mean he fucking planned the car crash
    so he didn’t let him live with him and thats what killed him?
    back off all of you who think he did anything
    Obviously the kid didn’t want his dick sucked case and point

  71. “Diva” dont blame this shit on god. the chick that survived life’s was spared for a reason the two guys from SoCal time on earth was cut short because it was their time. not to mention the passenger wasnt even wearing a seat-belt, he obviously CHOSE that decision. if he had took a second of his time to buckle up the turn out may have been different who knows.
    anyway, RIP to the ones that died
    you’ll be missed

  72. Ah remember when we sat in your driveway and ate cheetohs and had cream soda and u ruined my soda by putting cheetohs in it? haha. Damn I fucking miss you. RIP <333

  73. My mouth dropped as soon as I opened the page, TL was a sweet kid seemed like a VERY down to earth guy, I wish I could of known him better….The cute ones always seem to die early lately.
    I’m sorry for everyone’s loss.
    If god does exist he’s truly one fucked up individual.

  74. some of you people really have no souls.
    you are starting drama in a place where people are greiving over tls death…fucking asshole…sticky had nothing to do with his death.

  75. It’s not Stickys fault for these reasons.
    1. Kicking out someone is not illegal, Sticky had to.
    2. Sticky would of had to do something illgeal in order to be at fault for TL’s death.
    Now, shut the fuck up with your bull shit excuses.
    RIP TL.

  76. wow. just wow.
    i remember going into his live multiple times be4, he will definitely be missed.
    RIP :'[

  77. Give women rights, and they kill you in traffic collisions….
    Its a sad day in american history.

  78. you can’t avoid death, it was his time.
    everyone dies, it’s life, and it sucks. he would of dead one way or the other.

  79. doesnt fucking matter if he wasnt in the car. all this shit could have been avoided. it IS in fact party stickydrama’s fault. there you go.

  80. Alright let’s clear this up now. TL asked me if he could come live at StickyHouse. I have 4 spare beds and already had 4 people (Matty, Anthony, Deanna and Brason) living here at the time. So I would have to evict someone. I told him I’d do it if I could suck his dick. He didn’t want his dick sucked by a guy, so he refused and moved to Reno instead. I hardly caused his death, but say whatever you want. HATERS MAKE ME FAMOUS.

  81. Chris wasn’t in the car, so it’s not his fault.
    If he kicked him out, or not, doesn’t matter. One of you could of flew him out where you live, or let him stay at your house(If you live in LA). Why didn’t any of you think of that?!

  82. If it’s anybody’s fault blame women drivers. Let’s see, swerve off the road to avoid a flat tire and then over correct rolling the vehicle and kill three people and maybe yourself. If a deer or a dresser suddenly appear in the road in front of you, HIT IT! Swerving usually causes things to get worse. I imagine in hindsight given a choice, I think everybody involved would take the few screw holes in the tires.

  83. “Barbie Valenz ! ™: stickys going to burn.”
    Now it’s your fault, Sticky. Oh man.
    –Posted behind a name :] Coward now?

  84. Guys, it’s really no ones fault. Before you are born, it’s known when you’re going to die.. It’s called life, but it sucks that he is dead. He was very funny, always made me smile, and etc. He was good people.
    This is coming from an Atheist.

  85. Fuck dude, im going to miss you a lot. Im glad we were able to hangout at least once when you stayed the night at my house with yultron. Rip. Love you bro.

  86. 🙁 terrance…i miss you pretending being a towel head in my live and picking your feet on cam creepin out girls.
    fuck i can’t believe this.

  87. Thanks for all the good times watchin bootleg movies in your live. Sorry we never got a chance to kick it in person mane, rest in peace and keep it pimpin for me up there
    endless sympathy to all of t’s family and closest friends

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