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Amor Hilton in NYC, Living With Kayvon


New York City just got a whole lot more scene: Amor Hilton has abandoned the semen-encrusted freeways of Los Angeles for the land of bagels and skyscrapers. AND she’s staying with none other than our good friend Kayvon Zand!

StickyDrama sipped cocktails with the enchanting Scene Queen and her Persian Prince late Friday night near Central Park. We had a wonderful time discussing all things Stickam—and yes, dear readers, more than one candid remark was made concerning Amor’s former romances.
After many scandalous secrets had been revealed and we had all enjoyed a good laugh at a certain somebody’s expense, the three of us parted ways just before dawn. StickyDrama retired to our concrete castle in the sky, and Amor went back to Kayvon’s for a nice camel ride before work.


  1. shez totally 16. no way 17!!!!#!
    shower, you std infested audrey wannabeee.
    and just cuz you starve yourself or puke after you eat doesnt mean youll be a model. and your body is skanky anyways so not cute.. so the body of an eating disorder case.

  2. The age in consent in NY is 17. This is defined in NY Penal Law 130.05 Paragraph 3 part a, as copied and pasted below.:
    3. A person is deemed incapable of consent when he or she is:
    (a) less than seventeen years old; or
    (b) mentally disabled; or
    (c) mentally incapacitated; or
    (d) physically helpless; or
    (e) committed to the care and custody of the state department of correctional services….
    You can go to this website: http://public.leginfo.state.ny.us/menuge
    And type in 130.05 in the search and you will get the full text of the statute. However, due to the fact you are only 17, you still need to abide by your parent’s rules

  3. fyi, it’s not rape.
    legal age of consent in nyc is 17.
    16 in nj.
    i should know, i live in nyc.
    at least they’re getting some unlike 80% of you reading this.

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