Wowzers.  Amor Hilton, everyone’s third favorite #hookerclown right after Kiki and Jeffree, discovered a diamond mine of drama recently while going through her old laptop backups:  unseen footage of her former fiancé John Hock professing his love for her.  Touched, Amor reflected on her time with the former Stickam superstar now on trial for rape in Arizona, and gave candid on-camera responses to her many backlogged formspring quetions about her past relationship with and present feelings for Hock.  She edited it all together and posted it on her YouTube earlier today.

Amor also addressed Hock’s mother Jenna, who apparently has had a bone to pick with Amor over the affidavit she sent in to the State as evidence in Hock’s trial. To clarify, Amor sent that affidavit at StickyDrama’s request.  Her affidavit did not so much attack Hock as Stickam.  Amor swore that Stickam chose to overlook Hock’s online behavior, and the danger he posed to its users, because of the high number of new registrations and stream views Hock brought its fledgling network.  Perhaps in an indirect way, Amor’s testimony doesn’t exactly make Hock look like a saint; Hock’s criminal actions are the underlying facts in the case against Stickam’s policy of preferential treatment for popular Entertainers.  But it was Danielle Alexandria’s affidavit that directly gave evidence against Hock.


  1. Her voice is so annoying & fake ! She never used to talk like that, ugh. And how the hell did her face change so much?

  2. I generally think Amor is a pretty girl. but that make up+ fried hair + too many piercings is fucking TERRIBLE. come on amor you can do better.

  3. it’s useless to hate on her looks or whatever. i mean seriously does she look like she cares? no. so stop getting all obsessed with ” i hate amor ”. it’s her life and those are her decisions. so just don’t hate on her. she’s gorgeous. anyways about the john hock stuff, i think he shouldn’t go to jail, but cmon they WERE in a relationship. he should of get atleast punished for doing that online but cmon. jail is just too much. anyways Amor you’re amazing. don’t care about the haters, they’re just bringing you more views. dumb fucks.

  4. p.p.s – sticky drama is so fucked up now, posting things of people commiting suicide and shit? what happended to the good ol nudes and stuff? LOL honestly, who even cares? obviously anthony vanity is willing to fuck anyone over, even apparently “good friends” like amor. you people are FUCKEDDDDDD

  5. p.s amor probably lost quite a few friends and a ton of respect, get the fuck over it. she never put on a white hat and called herself a saint. if she did, then disregard my comment completely; but if sh didn’t, then shut the fuck up. everyone does fucked up things whilst drunk OR high, like you havent done anything sexual with some random or a friend while drunk..doesn’t make you a whore. LOL jesus christ, no wonder why people commit suicide.

  6. ugh stickydrama fuck youu for not posting my comment. anyways; HAHAHA daniella(whatever) was NOT innocent at all, she was mad at john because 9840283402834029384029384 people saw her underage loose hole and not just her fucking emo boyfriends via myspace. PATHETIC! she knew what she was doing when getting into a relationship with john, LMFAO ppleasee. if anyone with any sense went to that trial should fucking show her for who she really is. but him doing it on live tv basically is a fucked up.

  7. actually i think that this is so beautiful
    she loves him no matter what
    and i dont think hes sush a bad guy hes just an idiot who doesnt think of what hes doing and i think its sweet of amor to see through that and love him anyway
    i think they deserv to be together
    + amor is so stunning
    i think its rly hard for some ppl to understand when your not im her position
    if someone really loves someone then they think the best of that person no matter what he does
    that is what so called
    *being a fool in love* tho its kind of beautiful

  8. Amor is so stunning. Love how everyone talks shit. Why would you be friends with stickydrama & hate on Amor? That makes no sense at all. I understand the fat girls are jealous, but recongnize that “MOST” guys think Amor is hot. Oh, and quit talking shit on John Hock. You know you used to love him in the past, and now you just hate. Go fuck yourself.

  9. Ha John Hock. Such an old topic.
    He’s a sick freak, he’s in prison, who give’s a fuck. Drop it.
    All i want to know is why the hell Amor Hiltons’ up here lookin like a trashy ass barbie. She’s ugly, annoying, and i’m pretty sure we all know she’s a slut. Now she’s defending a rapist? WOW. How much trashier could you possibly get?

  10. thank you for the agreement guys, and to the complete utter dumb bitch who said that the people attacking Amor are just jealous, you are an idiot. How could anyone be jealous of THAT, she is happy to make fun of suicide girls by calling them “slutticide girls” but as soon as the opportunity comes along to give a Hollywood hand job shes happy to be a complete slut. No offense, but I’m not a slut or contradictory so I think I will stick with myself thanks 🙂

  11. I am not hating or jealous of anyone on this site, that video was really personal, you can tell how far down hill both of them have gotten and they are what barely legal? I know John is older than Amor is but still it was hard to watch, don’t know either of them in person but from Amor’s internet personality she puts up a huge “tough girl act” and this showed she isn’t that tough girl she wants us to believe she is. Oh and I can’t be a fag 1. I am not a cigarette and 2. I don’t have a penis.

  12. Oh, also agree with Misty @3:33pm. Way to make some chick’s rape about yourself. “My ex-fiance”? That means no more than “ex-boyfriend”. Quit trying to ride what’s left of this guy’s coattails. Aren’t you some big-time superstar? So why do you need to continue to associate yourself with this dude from or about whom no one’s heard anything in so long? Quit beating this dead, gay horse.

  13. 9:51 pm, how you can understand that there’s reason to be mad and say you’d “laugh it off”. You must be really fucking stupid or have have no self-esteem.
    9:49 am, I agree. It’s obnoxious, pretentious, rehearsed, and not at all cute. She sounds like that Brittany Br00tal chick whose video was posted here. She is THE dumbest regular on this site. She should trade her wine and cigarettes for half a brain if sophistication is what she’s trying to convey.

  14. Anonymous said, April 16th, 2010 at 7:16 am
    I was thinking the same exact thing. She had a picture of them together on her myspace and the caption was
    “RAPIST ^”
    Nice, Amor.

  15. Ill be honest and straight here, This is just a sad Pathetic attempt at a internet publicity stunt from Amor. She looks like fucking plastic now and its terrible, by the way WHERE THE FUCK is her other dahlia?!?!

    Hi Bloo,
    long time, no “shiet.”

  17. one question..
    didn’t amor have on her myspace a pic of her and john this the caption ‘rapist’ like, a month ago?
    what happened here?


  19. I think what Hock did was wrong. It’s rape. She didn’t get the chance to say, “Hey, maybe I don’t want to show my vag to the world tonight. Maybe I don’t want to have sex with you.” Just because you’re dating someone doesn’t mean you’re signing over all of your rights to your own body. It was rape and it was made worse because he broad-casted it to who knows how many people.
    I don’t know either of them so I can’t say for sure whether or not he loved her, but I can say that I was in a similar situation myself. I loved someone who did something bad like Hock did and I was the only one who could see him like that…I was blind because I loved him. Everyone else saw him how he should have been seen. Bad, disgusting, creep, etc. Love makes you blind.

  20. Gosh Amor!!You get more & more gorgeous every video!!I tottaly know what you mean about John & him being your first love Doll!It just so happens..My first loves name is John also!!And we have been together forever!Anyhow…I Love you armor!I haven’t even read the above comments yet because I am sure there are many filled with jealousy!!Don’t let it bother you..PLEASE!You are Awesome Amor!!I have a feeling that one day You & John maybe back together!!You never know!!Well..take Care Doll!! & Please remember you have MANY fans that Love & ADORE you Amor!!!xoxoxoxoxoxoxoox

  21. “her “medusa” looks SO ODD, because she’s doesn’t have that little dip/curve in her lip where it can sit.
    It just looks like it’s poking out.
    thats because she has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, look up the symptoms.

  22. does anyone else feel like stickydrama are fucking assholes now? i dont give a fuck what that dude did. he was tight. he gave me free shit. shouldnt be in fuckin jail.

  23. ^ so just because she decided to date john and got drunk she deserved to be raped in cam??!!
    and it wasn’t ‘one drunk mistake’ it was finally getting caught after a lifetime of molesting underage girls

  24. I think what John did was stupid but you cant blame him by himself. The girl knew what she was getting herself into with him and she cant pretend like she didnt know cause it was everywhere. I was in there that night and for him to be trying to constantly wake her up and she still isnt getting up i mean come on. maybe she needs to get some help as well. plus he was drunk. out of all the bad things ive heard hes done sober i cant believe he gets thrown in jail for one stupid drunk mistake.

  25. I still can’t compute the Amor logic of “I wasn’t against John, I just signed a thing saying Stickam are to blame for letting his predator ass be all over the front page of Stickam”.
    I weep for our world when women defend people like Hock. What the fuck?

  26. ^lol … Amor used to read, then stopped when MyDrama started attacking her so much, but since she moved back in with me she’s been reading again. Not as thoroughly as I do, probably not the comments, but she glances through the posts.
    Call her what you want. I myself don’t agree with her “that’s just John” excuse either. But her opening up about this at all is interesting to watch. This is real drama, people. Not bitches shoving toothbrushes up their pussies. Human emotions and struggles. I love these intimate confessional videos and plan to feature more of them on my site.

  27. ALL OF YOU JUST NEED TO SHUT THE FUCK UP. None of you are going to change anyones mind whether you like John or you don’t. Including AMOR. She feels what she feels and nobody is gonna change that. ESPECIALLY you close minded idiots on STICKYDRAMA. I doubt Amor even gives this time in her day to read this shit. She doesn’t care. And neither should any of you, so stfu and move on. Oh and people saying Amor is dumb, trashy and that you would hit her irl, etc. I REALLY fucking doubt you would. You’re most likely all pussies that wouldn’t do SHIT.

  28. um did anyone notice she’s missing a piercing on one side of her face? ew she’s so trashy

  29. I know we all make fun of Amor on here a lot but this is something I don’t find right to make negative comments about.
    I’m NOT sticking up for john,
    but I know my past boyfriend would randomly start having sex when I was sleeping,
    but I would wake up and think it was cute and spontaneous.
    If that girl didn’t wake up from that, then she shouldn’t of have been so fucked up in the first place,
    I don’t have respect for her because she don’t respect herself.
    The fact he did that live is what bothers me…
    Try to keep the negatives to yourself, and put yourself in the situation.



  32. This video is actually quite effective.
    It’s sad, just portrays how fucked up they both are. How fucked up they were. And how she still cares.
    But alas John must pay the price. Evidently what he did was WRONG. The law must enforce this, no excuses.

  33. You all need to quit worrying about these douchebags to the insane degree that some of you do…and worry about yourselves.

  34. john has a gay voice, he sounds like a total queer.
    he probz never loved amor, it seems like he would like dick a lot more than pussy LOL

  35. So ‘handeldheidi’ it’s ok to broadcast a molestation of your ‘girlfriend’ without her consent ?? and yes I did know john irl in az (you’re not special)
    serously how in denial are these people??

  36. She is, like, appallingly dumb. I think I’d punch her in the face IRL.
    “That was just a very John-like thing to do! Hehe!”
    Yeah, and it was also a very rape-like thing to do, except that it wasn’t rape-like, it was actually rape, you vapid cunt.
    Fuck, I hate this cat-killing rape-sympathizing piece of trash.

  37. “john is john”?
    well rape is rape, you clown whore.
    she deserves him if she’s really this stupid.

    I WANT TO SEE IT!!!!!

  39. LOL at the dumbasses saying that john hock “isn’t that bad” and “is a good person”. please.
    like it was mentioned before, HUSBANDS CAN RAPE THEIR WIVES. IT CAN BE RAPE WHETHER YOU KNOW THE PERSON OR NOT. shut the fuck up and stop trying to defend him by using the “girlfriend” excuse.
    and amor didn’t make this video because she “truly loves/loved john hock”. she made it because it’s a controversial topic and she GETS ATTENTION OFF OF IT.
    stop being retarded and open your eyes. amor used/is using john hock for attention/e-fame… she always has and she always will.

  40. This video is mainly about the fact that Amor STILL wants to stay friends with John, that she says she’ll always be there for him
    Which shows exactly how much she truly was in love with him.
    Get your asses out of the past, and stop wasting time debating on why you think he should/shouldn’t be in jail
    Because your ignorant comments aren’t going to get him out of jail any faster.
    What are you going to do? Start a petition? I don’t think anyone cares that much..
    Besides, focus on whether or not he’ll return to the internet after he’s out

  41. None of you know John in person. Yes, he was loony tunes, but he really was a good person deep down. I miss him sometimes. And for the record, that girl (his girlfriend) probably just made a big deal out of it for attention. It was his GIRLFRIEND, not some random hoe he was boning in an ally.

  42. I bet a million dollars that if John Hock had always had a normal hair cut, Amor and 99% of his “followers” wouldn’t have even given him the time of day.
    Zero doubt.

  43. Loving the retard comments. John Hock is the scum of the earth, he belongs in jail. PERIOD. Anyone who thinks he’s even a little bit of a good person is an idiot.

  44. “i miss john, what’s he doing these days?” “he’s in jail for raping a girl on stickam live. :)” “oh that’s fucked up.” Rofl. The video comments are too much.

  45. anon 11:16 how many TIMES do people have to tell you people it IS a BIG DEAL not only was she passed out but why do you think it was on NATIONAL NEWS??!! because he was the first idiot in the WORLD to BROADCAST A RAPE LIVE

  46. ^^^^”John shouldn’t be rotting in jail for the rest of his life. He had sex with his girlfriend without her knowing, she got mad/embarressed whatever”

  47. Stop saying we don’t know him in real life…we saw a video of him molesting an underage girl while she was passed out.
    He could be prince charming in real life, but guess what he did it.
    I don’t know the guy personally, but I did see the video and that was more than enough to convince me of his guilt.
    Yes, there are couples all over the planet that are illegal due to age, but most of them don’t get caught.
    Mostly because they don’t make videos of them molesting minors, like he did.

  48. is that wine you are drinking, nicole? even after you SWORE to everyone on your twitter that you would NEVER touch alcohol again, esp. after your alleged “kidney failure”, aka YOUR FUCKING LIE?
    nicole, just stop talking, get off your webcam, and go take some more naked pics of yourself. making fun of your banana tits and failures at life is all you are good for.

    ….oh wait….. YES IT IS. it’s called RAPE, you dumbshits, goddamn. who cares if it’s his girlfriend? have you ever heard of date rape? or fathers raping daughters, despite their relationships? it’s still damaging either way, ITS RAPE. fuck.

  50. Wow. I didn’t know she was in THAT much denial. It’s pretty pathetic. Whatever. Those two shitbags belong together.

  51. For all the people saying “she should get over it” fuck off. The girl was raped. Was she raped in an alley by a guy she didn’t know, no. But that doesn’t make it any less rape.
    Wow. It amazing me how fucking stupid people can be.

  52. ^It’s just the fact that everyone saw that dumb bitch’s cooch on live cam.
    Which I’m sure people would’ve seen it anyways because she was one of those stupid Stickam whores that lie about their age. It’s called Sticky-n00dz.
    Butttt people don’t realize that. 🙂

  53. Amor was in love with him, my ex did some crazy ass shit to me, but i still loved him and im sure part of her still loves john like i still love my ex
    Plus, do you really think him and the girl he “Raped” Didn’t fuck before that? Because for some reason i don’t.

  54. John shouldn’t be rotting in jail for the rest of his life. He had sex with his girlfriend without her knowing, she got mad/embarressed whatever, and went to the cops. She’s probably over it now. SHE’S the insane one if she’s still not over it. Come on guys, do you really think that girl is depressed and has to see professional help like some rape cases and people that were molested have to do EVERY DAY? Probably not. What John did was wrong but it wasn’t like he captured a little 9 year old, raped her then killed her. It was his girlfriend, they were both drunk and he had sex with her while she was sleeping. Not THAT big of a deal. I could see him getting a few more years but he doesn’t deserve life in prison. He just doesn’t.

  55. She looks pretty and her make-up is nice, but that hair is a hot mess. She needs to stop with the teasing and wear it normally.

  56. She probably would be hot without all that damn makeup.
    Who is lying to her and telling her she looks great like that? FRIENDS, HELP HER.

  57. i’ve known john since high school and for those people that think he went on a downward spiral after amor are completely full of shit
    john is john (totally insane) and he has always been that way
    she didn’t change him at all she was just along for the ride on his way to fucking his life up

  58. wow. alright, so i’m not even gonna get into how i feel abou john hock. but amor. jesus christ. she sounds like an absolute airhead in this video. she sounds like she has no idea what she’s talking about, and she’s just pulling every cliche thing she can think of out to pull to his defense. the way she speaks makes me want to shake her. she sounds like she’s trying way too hard to have a ‘cute voice’. it’s really sad because you can tell she’s been made into something completely superficial and fabricated. the reason she looks like a doll is because she is a doll. a cold plastic piece, created by everyone else. she has no sense of self anymore, and that’s really horrible. she needs to do like john did, and duck away from the fans. duck away from the internet and the ‘fame’. it’s obvious she’s lost herself.

  59. amor im sorry but you truly have no idea who he was before you two even dated. he was the SAME person. i knew john when he was 17 and i was 16. he drove from arizona to see me and in those few hours he saw me he confessed his love to me and wanted to be with me. this is a guy i had never even met before and luckily i was smart enough to say no. unfortunately he used those same exact sweet words to coy me into sleeping with him. he was the second person i had ever been with and i didn’t even want to. he stared me straight in the eyes and said he wanted to move for me and that he felt something special. i never would have dont that if i knew what i knew now. im sorry but everything he said to you was not original. that night he left with his friends and the next day had some other chick plastered all over his myspace. that asshole made me look at guys after that with a completely different understanding. i learned from my experience and although i had a soft spot for him for a while i would NEVER in a million years defend him solely on what he told me. i may have not known his as long as you but from what i just herd he said all of the same things to me in just a day and im sure hes done the same for so many others. girl you need to realize that “john being just john” isn’t enough to excuse his actions. that kid has severe mental issues and attachment issues that cause him to be like this. people like that never change and will manipulate everyone around them to accept him.

  60. to anon 9:51: you stupid motherfucker, john doesn’t need to be a 40yr old molester … the girl had no choice in the matter (she was unconscious) and he put her in CAM!! someone as stupid as you might not care but when you would see the case on NATIONAL NEWS you would probably find out real quick that obviously OTHERS DO LOL jesus, hock could be the oklahoma city bomber and there would still be stupid girls on the internet still trying to defend him …
    and another thing i’m surprised no one points out … that getting caught for something unexpected like this was getting john on a technicality, kind of like how the feds caught al capone on tax evasion … they knew he was commiting racketeering but they couldn’t prove it, just like we all knew john had molested danielle alexandria and tiffany toast (among others) but couldn’t prove it
    basically they got another child molester off the streets

  61. i agree with anon 4:08
    uhhh maybe if we tell her she should wash her face and brush her teeth she would actually do it. notice everyone called her fat she lost weight, shes easy to persuade apparently

  62. you all need to simmer down. he was human. everybody ocassionally makes mistakes. everybody occasional rapes passed out girls.

  63. This is fucking disgusting. “That’s just how he is”, is not an excuse for taking away someone’s consent. You still need to ask someone if it’s okay to do the things that he did to that girl on cam, REGARDLESS if it’s your significant other or not. You don’t own people, there isn’t such a thing as implied consent in a sexual relationship and it’s scary and sad that Amor (nor John) doesn’t see that.

  64. I’m team amor. I agree with all the positive comments above. You don’t know it til you’ve lived through it. The rest of you just feed off drama you know nothing about.

  65. Everything else aside, holy shit she is speaking like a Valley girl now, eh?! Horribly annoying. She is reminding me of Hiedi Pratt.

  66. the video personally is depressing because they were in love. Despite his mistakes now they were in love. And the whole video while she explains her side she looks like shes holding back tears. Have a heart.

  67. i thought this video was so sad. Everyone flipping out needs to simmer down, yes he did a bad thing everyone knows that. Fuck you act like it was you. I bet the chick on camera could really give two fucks right about now because i dont see her coming on every post saying `you all make me sick defending john after what he did`shes living her life, amors living hers, and hes paying for his bad choices. my god.

  68. I dated john before him and amor were a thing and YES he was a sweetheart, he never cheated on me, he took me out, he was a nice guy. He made mistakes like EVERYONE does. The girls a fucking dumb whore and everyone in arizona knows this. John is not a horrible person, just made bad choices. I will always defend john because you people only know him by what you hear/see on stickam not how he was IRL so stfu.

  69. i agree @ 9:51
    i think the girl just did it for revenge though. she was most likely embarrassed but took it too far.

  70. “at 8:29 pm
    Her fan count just went from 3 to 1.”
    Oh whatthefuckever. You guys will find ANYthing to hate on her for. Rarely on here do people stick up for her.
    I totally agree with these comments:
    “hehaw at 8:19 pm
    i love amor and john. anyone who was friends with john knows that him losing amor caused his downward spiral that ultimately lead to his imprisonment. i hope they will get back together when he gets out.
    Anonymous at 8:22 pm
    You guys have to remember that Amor and John were in love, take it easy on her. You don’t see him like Amor sees him. You weren’t in her place. Obviously she’s gonna have a sensitive spot for him.”

  71. her “medusa” looks SO ODD, because she’s doesn’t have that little dip/curve in her lip where it can sit.
    It just looks like it’s poking out.

  72. you guys act like he was a forty year old man molesting a ten year old. they were dating. i pull my boyfriend pants down in public for lulz. just chill out. you guys act like she was abused and raped, she wasn’t. if someone did that to me, yeah i might be mad a day, but i’d laugh it off, especially if he was my boyfriend. but for her to take him to jail, was just overreacting. its the fucking internet dude. big whoop. wanna play with the big boys, gotta learn how the big boys play. even at the beach people untie girls tops. so you guys dont sit there and act all offended, just because its john hock.

  73. @8:57
    You sound so hardXcore telling Amor she’s a clown and to go wash herself, if you’re gonna try and make fun of her at least try to come up with something original. Anyways, I agree John should be locked up for what he did but you shouldn’t attack Amor just because she cares for John. What if one of your brothers/sisters did what John did? I’m sure you would still be there, and try to look past everything despite being disappointed. Just like what Amor’s doing. She might be a little slow sometimes but I’m sure Amor is capable of knowing what her own emotions are. Now quit trying to be a hard ass, you’re not impressing anyone.
    Oh and @9:17 every relationship has problems, they still loved each other. Obviously they had SOME problems in the process or else they wouldn’t have ended the relationship.


  75. they were in love huh lol actually the last time i saw her on the ‘john hock show’ i remember her sitting there with a stupid baseball hat on snapping at john: “don’t tell me to shut up!”

  76. lol she keeps saying “thats who he is” “thats how he was” “john-like” ….it doesnt matter about knowing him or not, and she even says he knew he “fucked up”. therefore, HE knew it was WRONG, HE knew WHAT he did.. so “who he is” is someone who shouldnt be out roaming society.
    he didnt know his gf was going to get offended by that… really? because i bet most girls would be totally okay with their bf exploiting them via live-feed while theyre unconscious, and everything……………
    this bitch is dumb as fuck. go wash your face and brush your teeth, clown.

  77. Was the whole pregnancy and miscarriage a publicity stunt? She never mentioned that he was the father to her unborn child..

  78. You guys have to remember that Amor and John were in love, take it easy on her. You don’t see him like Amor sees him. You weren’t in her place. Obviously she’s gonna have a sensitive spot for him.

  79. i love amor and john. anyone who was friends with john knows that him losing amor caused his downward spiral that ultimately lead to his imprisonment. i hope they will get back together when he gets out.

  80. shes a fucking idiot hes a loser and ugly and a rapist why the FUCK is she defending .. she just lost every bit of my respect

  81. i like her new hair. she looks like a cute doll in that video.
    i just wish she’d take out her piercings 🙁

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