Happy Deathday, Ian Vuitton! Longtime StickyDrama readers will recall it was one year ago today “The Vuitton” died of an overdose at the age of 19.  Don’t do drugs, kids!


  1. @polkadots you are a retarded attention whore. I know this because I am an attention whore and it takes one to know one. The retarded part I know because I’ve worked with kids who were not all “together”.
    None the less you have proved this by responding to all these posters who call you a fat retarded lesbian attention whore. Ian would’ve have ignored this shit and got on with his life but you don’t have one.
    Or rather it seems you don’t have a life that isn’t spent in front of a mirror or on-line writing in child speak.
    That picture is hilarious mainly because you took it in a mall changing room and look like hell who knows, Tim Burton, if he were a pudgy lesbian with bad hair and clothes. Now good fashion is relative because everyone likes something different but when we look back at this time your hair and makeup we’ll be the zubaz pants of your generation.
    You realize that in your pathetic attempt to be alt and original and not “give a shit what others think” you have managed to be like 100s of other and alt idiots who don’t give shit, meaning they really do give shit because how else do explain them getting bent as out of shape when people tell them they have ugly style.
    And let’s be real clear you ugly talentless lame excuse for a half-ass vampire. I don’t go around saying this shit to people faces because then I wouldn’t have a face. People can’t handle honesty and so instead of getting punched in face, because I can’t fight with fists, I attack ’em at a safe distance with words so don’t even pull that “Say to me in real life you faggot!”, you atrocious little planarian. And if I ever catch you lurking around me again I’ll troll you so hard your legs will break.
    As for Ian, I didn’t know him, but I do think he probably could’ve cared less what happened after he died and a picture of him goofing off is so much better than a picture of some lame headshot that shows none of his fun personality.
    When I go I hope people post pictures of me dancing and getting laid because that is what I love most to do.

  2. i love how im so retarded i just assume that only two people keep shit talking. maybe i should realize that everyone on stickydrama hates me and i should kill myself.
    only after i take sticky’s huge load in my eye.

  3. Ian was my best friend but then one day i woke up and saw him fucking my dog.Since that day he has been known as a dog fucker because none would want to fuck his tranny STD hairy butthole.

  4. My mind is twisted beyond repair by the ravages of advanced syphilis and my ass looks like 420 gallons of cottage cheese in a Hefty bag.
    But at least I know that if Ian had sucked as much cock for drugs as I have he would look as much a haggard whore as me.
    I thank my lucky stars I was the one that took it on the chin(literally) for him.
    I have to go now and scrape the film that will seal my gargantuan snatch if I don’t.
    You all get stabbed soon please thank you hunnie.

  5. ^pretending to be other people on here is just as stupid as the fakes on myspace
    this post is messed up

  6. REALLY funny who ever is pretending to be me.
    you can type in anyones name on here and link their myspace to it.
    not hard.
    so if you see “self insult” posts its clearly not me.
    rest in peace ian vuitton. sticky drama should like make it so you cant post who evers name pretending to be you.
    anyways. im done talking idgaf… way to pretend to be me. get a life hunnie
    self insult posts arent me its just some retard with no life

  7. I think the meaning of this post it not to be respectful, it is kinda rude. It is providing a point to inform other people that bad things happen to you when you make poor choices in your life. He obviously knew this photo was being taken and knew the consiquences of what could possibly happen with it, but he chose for that. He also can’t sue because of the fact of him making other bad choices in his life which led to his death. so i wouldnt necessarily look at this photo post as being rude, but to inform other people that they should make good choices with their lives or the same thing can happen to them. And its not like this photo wouldn’t have gotten around the internet anyways.

  8. i hate to sound mean, but ian was a bitch.
    so everyone can shutup with all the “TAKE IT DOWWWN-UH” shit.

  9. Best thread of the year so far. All of ‘I LOVE IAN” crap is hilarious. He didn’t care about any of you.

  10. sorry for being a total dumbass and proving to you all how much of a slut i am.
    my father just broke up with me after i found out he was sleeping with my mom. obviously im devastated since i just found out im pregnant with my sister.
    i promise to never come back to stickydrama ever again. if i do i want everyone to tell me how much of a fat whore i am so i remember to never come back
    oh and i found out i contracted AIDS from every member of my family. good bye everyone!
    may satan bless my pink asshole and all of yours.

  11. @Polkadots
    I thought we got rid of you after you were ‘fucking done with this piece of shit site’ and told us all to ‘fucking burn in hell
    keep talking shit about you none of you know me’
    Fuck off you fat lesbian.
    How can you know if all of your friends like you? Toilet-Trained could may as well be your best friend and hate the fuck out of you and you wouldn’t know. Why? Because you fucking fail at life so hard and you’re so retardly ignorant it’s not funny.
    Once again, you fail. Please refrain from typing stickydrama.com into your browser in the future. No one here wants or needs your opinions.

  12. Yeah, Hi. I would like a number 4, no tomatoes, no onions, and can you add a slice of bacon, and a extra peice of cheese? Also, make that a medium size fry with a dr. pepper.

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