Brian Thomas Mettenbrink, a 20-year-old member of the subversive internet group Anonymous, pleaded guilty in Los Angeles federal court to participating in a 2008  “cyber attack” that shut down websites for the Church of Scientology.  The Church, considered around the world (and by StickyDrama) to be some weirdo cult, is headquartered here in Los Angeles and is one of the largest property owners in Hollywood.
The Los Angeles Times reported yesterday evening that “Mettenbrink admitted to downloading software from an Anonymous message board that was used to bombard Scientology websites and prevent them from being accessed by viewers.”  Sounds like a script kiddie got his hands on DOS software.
Not so anonymous now, hmm?


  1. /b/ is ruined. it has been for the last 2 years. mostly just scene kids go on there now. 4chan is the new trend.

  2. “something more powerful than you can comprehend.”
    Anonymous = bunch of little kids who can’t play with the big boys. Example? They couldn’t even win gamespot greatest video game contest, they failed at operation Chanology and they basically spend their days making the same unoriginal “You laugh You lose/Post ending in X =Y/ Rate my face,body, cock/ lockerz invites” again and again and again. They’re tedious, mind-numbing, and unfunny.

  3. “more powerful than you can comprehend”???
    Are you talking about a deity or something?
    Sorry but a group of lonely ass nerds who hack the internet aren’t more powerful than anyone can comprehend.

  4. @LOL!
    Shut the fuck up newfag. It’s not even ‘4/chan/’ it’s fucking 4chan.
    And anonymous most likely doesn’t give a fuck about the fucktard who got caught. They would only be trying to cover their tracks.
    You fail at trying to insult something more powerful than you can comprehend.

  5. I bet those fucking 4/chan/ faggots are having a hayday, trying to free him and such, god those nerdy fucks should die.

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