The perpetually sober Amor Hilton and Nick of Radiation Year were at chez Sticky last night.  They say they’re not an item, but the two were awfully cuddly.  And they were shit-talking up a storm about Amor’s ex Ryan Anchors and his girlfriend Airica Michelle, as well as Nick’s not-so-good buddy and StickyDrama’s dreamboy Dennis Hegstad.
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Nothing says love like vomiting hatred upon whoever your fuckbud hates.
Poor Nick.  Amor’s a nice girl and doesn’t have mean bone in her body, but she doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to boyfriends.  Whether intentionally or not, she tends to suck out their souls and leave them empty shells.  So how will this end for Nick?  We came up with the most likely scenarios, which do you think will happen?
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  1. Nick is literally two-faced with every person he knows. He’ll tell you everything he knows you’d like to hear. Because he’s too much of a pussy to say anything to anyone’s face, about all the mad shit he talks about everyone.
    If Amor and Nick dated the world would be laughing at them. His ex-girlfriend is a way finer woman than Amor will ever be. I’ve heard the story that she cheated on him, but so what. Honestly, do you blame her? He sluts himself around, and lies to her constantly. I feel bad for the girl, because for some reason she still loves him. My best advice is for her to move the fuck on!

  2. Airica is definitely NOT cute, but neither is Amor for that matter. Ryan could do so much better than them.

  3. nick talks shit. he used to chill with DTR but talk mad shit about them and claim to be their bestfriends. whatever.

  4. You all suck, So does this bullshit website…bottom line, Nicko is legit and will probably be more successful than any of you haha so like..shut up.

  5. It was so too funny when Amor said that Airica “has no fashion sense”, as if Amor is the barometer of fashion. Amor has herself made up like a circus act, even to the cotton candy tinted hair, lafmao. Whatever the size of her bra cups, they runneth over with insincerity. As long as that crew knows most ppl are laughing *at* them and not *with* them. Other than the lulzy antics, they sure don’t have much to offer.

  6. 8:01 pm, hahaha! It’s sometimes difficult to discern from what Nicole says and when someone’s mocking her because everything she says sounds like a joke.

  7. I honestly expected the end of that sentence to read that she “doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to telling the truth.”
    I believe they’re not an item. I mean, she doesn’t have time, always jumping from “project” to “project”.

  8. I agree with “Travis” Nick IS a pussy. Has been and always will be. He thought he was hot shit because he ran with this “gang” in Orlando called DTR, who are all basically a bunch of tiny dick scene fag pussy rich boys who are all drug addicts and alcoholics. They do nothing but stage drama and fights between each other so they look like tough guys. All of them have greasey ass hair and smell like body odor because they shower MAYBE once a week. They all sleep with the same underage girls,because any girl of age is too smart to fall for their lame antics.All these bi and bi-curious faggots need to go to jail for sleeping with underage girls then go to rehab for their drug habits, THEN get their ugly scene faces beat in so they will finally realize that they are not as tough as they pretend to be, byt I’d prefer they just all get beat to death, then there wouldnt be so much std infested scene trash out there… but only in a perfect world!

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