Ian Vuitton was found dead earlier today by his mother, according to a large number of sources who have proven reliable to StickyDrama in the past.  He was 19.  While not a top-ranked Entertainer, Ian was very well known and loved on Stickam; and in Southern California’s milieu of beautiful people, any scandal worth writing about somehow involved Ian Vuitton.

A drug overdose is rumored to be the cause of Ian’s death.  StickyDrama did meet Ian during our last visit to Los Angeles, and he freely discussed his past meth addiction.  His Myspace mood suggests a relapse:

Likewise, his away message on AIM has remained unchanged for days.  While disturbing in the context of his death, the message’s casual tone indicates  that suicide was not a motivation.

There are reports, at this point unsubstantiated, that Ian succumbed to pneumonia—perhaps a complication arising from previous drug use.  Only a coroner’s report will confirm the precise cause of death, which his family might not release.  
Funeral services are expected to be held next week.  Further announcements will be made as the family makes the information available.  
Goodbye, Ian.  You will be missed.


  1. ya he’s dead i bet if some in yerr family were to die u would be just like every on here so just shut the fuck up,i might not know him but i hope Ian R.I.P and another thing for u piece of shit mybe yerr just mad cuz u dont have as many people that care and love for u…do everyone a fucking favor and stop fucking posting hateful comments
    And for the one who said its an opion ya every one has a one go post it somewhere else u fucking pussy
    My prayers are to all his family and friends 🙁

  2. well thats how it goes no bringing him back now 😀
    hes dead so get over it you fucking idiots
    you can mourn all you want but it wont bring his corpse back to life
    he actually looks gay anyway so he proberly killed himself becuse he hated who he was, thankfully hes gone to a better place ( underground)

  3. ‘i know this happenned a long time ago.. but this is scary. He died at the 28 of january, right? So how come his last login in myspace is on 7/11/2009??!?
    His top friend logs in from time to time to answer to certain people that post on his page.

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