Well Matthew Lush is doing well over at the Casting Call to be in the Season 2 of Paris BFF show on MTV. Hes been voted #1 on the members section. Right up there with Brandon Hilton.

Undoubtedly he has dreams of propelling he and Connors faces to more of a broad national audience. The requirements for this are laid out very simply. There is a month to apply and you must be 21. His profile there says 21:

Unfortunately for Matthew thats not exactly true. His facebook lists his real age:

At this very moment Matthew is only 20 years old. Age is a funny thing for Matthew. It seems to be a rather flexible thing in his mind especially with when hes telling his 16 year old boy friends to say they are older. lol. Maybe next season sugarpuddin.

Oh and its also notable that things are even worse in this case for Brandon Hilton — who is 19.


  1. it would be awesome to see you on the show . last season was way lame . why in the fuck does paris hilton need help finding a friend . i love her to death but thats pathetic

  2. Truth just posted that^

    Look at his youtube videos. In the details all of it is double spaced and pretencious.
    Look at the anons, Truth and Fail Post.

    For example:
    You people are fucking idiots!

    Brandon never said he knew Paris! He has millions of Friends on myspace! He has more friends than Dane Cook! and Dane Cook’s on fucking TV!

    You people are MORONS!


    Brandon, I hope you make it to Paris’s show so we can all see you fail. And in your video on the CW, you can barely tell that’s Lindsey Lohan, let alone if it is in fact her.

  3. You have no fucking proof that Truth is Brandon Hilton. You people are the dumbest of fucks. Maybe I should become a internet celebrity and laugh at you people for saying stupid shit about me. Lame ass.

  4. Search the Brandon Hilton tag and see the Proof that Truth is BRandon. Either that or his Ellen Degeneres looking friend who is the wife of the photographer who shot all his “paprazzi” shots outside a club.
    Go cry to Corbin Bleu when you party with him. I’m sure Brandon knows Corbin since he knows everyone famous and everyone famous knows who he is.

  5. I love how people are soooo easy to jump down anyone elses throat that is better than them and making something of themselves..

    when they cant and dont do it themselves..

    blah blah blah Brandon does this.. blah blah blah

    but you do NOTHING… why? b/c you’re all jealous lifeless morons..

    GROW UP!

  6. SHUT THE FUCK UP, if you can sit and talk shit on someone, why the fuck don’t you become famous. Jealous fucks. Brandon will become famous.

  7. I’d say i want Brandon on the show, to laugh when everyone hates him and he’s sent home. But i dont, cause he will turn it into something else like he wanted to leave or something ridiculous and wont shut up about how he was on the show.

  8. lmao ‘TRUTH’.
    You think no one who is under 21 gets trashed ever?
    ooh Brandon ‘partied it up’ with the Casting Directors! well guess that was a bad move they might actually see his personality. Brandon is complete fail and everyone on the show would hate him.

  9. Oh my god that’s soo fucking pathetic. If they’re so desperate to get famous then let them just dig their own graves. People stopped caring about ‘Lush’ in ’05 so let him fight tooth and rectum to try to get attention.

    I wouldn’t mind Hilton being on there though, maybe Paris can show Brandon to to make better music since her garbage is better on the ears than MY BOOTYHOLE.

  10. BRANDON HILTON IS 21 YOU IDIOTS… lol, how else would he be able to go out and get trashed every night… lol

    Whoever wrote this, totally made that shit up.

    I asked him on myspace his b-day is July, 17th 1987

    YET, ANOTHER PATHETIC FAIL POST ON STICKYDRAMA… this site is really going down hill.

    not to mention BRANDON did go to the live audition, that matthew missed, matt will not have a chance to get on the show.

    And things are looking pretty good from Brandon’s end, b/c he partied it up at Plush in downtown dallas last night with all the casting directors for the show and MTV.

    So I’d go ahead and get ready to rip your eyes out kiddo’s more than likely Brandon’s on the show!

  11. Um, it may not list it.. but I’m sure there is a certain date that you have to be at least 21.. by the time the show starts he will be 21.

  12. I love how people always think shit and then people believe it. Shut the fuck up about cheating pretty much every fucking Stickam Entertain fakes his or her live views. I know for a fake Kayvon does. It’s so obvious.

  13. oh & i’m damn sure that brandon cheats his votes. he probably created a lot of accounts to vote for himself. because a lot of people hates him more than matthew.

    & matthew got like 789201937 fans
    & his boyfriend helping him out

    brandon & only himself
    posts 728939487 bulletins to get votes
    and created lots of accounts

    because, brandon hilton has a lot of
    accounts, meaning lots of emails.

  14. well brandon went to an interview for paris’ new bff today, or so what he says.

    and he said that matt missed it today,
    and how can brandon go to the “interview”
    if he is not 21?

  15. Just because they have a a lot of votes doesnt mean they are going to be on the show, the whole voting thing is to get people involved so they watch the show.

  16. I want to see Brandon go on because I know he’ll get voted off early and it will make for fun episodes of The Soup where they bash him for being a delusional douchebag

  17. i knew something like this would happen, i’m still not sure about their real age. but, they sure wasted their time on it.

  18. bahaha reported lush, they will looking into his age

    both are fags and just want to go on the show to get more attention. The dont deserve it

  19. God. There was a 19 year old girl on the UK one, baring in mind she got kicked out first for being too emotional.

  20. What is you deal with talking shit on someone you think you know when you have no clue what there like in person. Seriously get a fucking life.

  21. I’d rather have Brandon on the show than Matthew.
    He is such a pathetic loser. Who even tries to get on Paris’s BFF show? Lame people thats who!

    This is Matts only chance for fame though, and he knows it!

  22. anonymous shut the fuck up. I’m pretty sure if you knew Paris you wouldn’t waste your time on this site. Please.

  23. Believe it or not I know Paris Hilton. She would be done with Matt’s ass in about 10 minutes. BFF? please. He might have a chance if he goes back to acting like a guy and using a guy voice (which he CAN do)

  24. Honestly, I doubt either of them would ever be on the show considering they both have nudes/jerkoff videos online. :]

    Most networks dislike that kinda publicity coming up in somebody’s background check.

  25. Brandon Hilton is another one that can’t make up his age. He use to say that he’s established so much in his 19 years but now he’s old enough to be Paris’s bff?

  26. Your all stupid Brandon Hilton is 21. I hope he wins. He deserves to be famous. That will show you haters.

  27. There’s no way Brandon can get on the show at 19. They’re always in clubs and it won’t work if he’s not 21. MTV Networks isn’t about to make an exception.

  28. tbh i doubt either of these fags are going to be on there.
    wasn’t there a BFF site to vote for people to be on the FIRST SEASON? I don’t think the winner from that was on the show….

  29. You never know, by the time show starts taping; he MIGHT turn 21.

    But if Brandon Did get on that’d be amazing for the lulz. I’d like to see some bitchy mexican rip him a new one.

  30. Is Brandon really 19? lol
    Awesome. I dont want him on there. I’d rather have matthew and I’m not even a fan.
    & as much fun as it would be to see someone fight Brandon on the show.. that show hardly has any drama.

  31. I hope brandon wins…He is such a idiot I want someone to get in a fight with him, and beat his face in. And I though BH was 21? He goes to bars and shit doesn’t he?


    HONESTLY! do you want BRANDON HILTON ON THE SHOW?? NOO! So keep voting for Matthew so he can win!

  33. Matthew lush is fucking annoying but like the other person said, if that brandon ‘hilton’ gets on the show I will fucking rip my eyes out, vote for ML

  34. im just gonna vote for him for the simple fact that if brandon retard gets on the show i will lose all faith in the world

  35. that sucks i’d love to see matt on the show, but the age thing is not going to work, so why bother matt. 🙁

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