In 2006, Nikki Catsouras got into a little fender-bender along Highway 241 in the OC.

California Highway Patrol was on the scene to investigate and, uh, clean up.  But apparently some CHP officers emailed the uncommonly gory photos to their family and friends.  One thing led to another, and the photos went viral—a phenomenon perhaps fueled not only by the graphic nature of the images, but also the likelihood that Nikki was a spoiled SoCal brat (she was driving a $150,000 Porsche and an autopsy determined she had cocaine in her system).
Naturally, the Catsouras family was outraged.  They decided to handle things the good ol’ American way and sued the CHP for 20 million smackeroos, which the 4th District Court of Appeal in Santa Ana has allowed in a recent ruling. Whereas the media and private citizens can post pretty much whatever the fuck we want besides child pornography, the Court reasoned that CHP is bound to higher standards.
Say hi to Ghettosamii and TL for us, Nikki!
The Los Angeles Times


  1. Grow up. honestly, if being rich makes you people envious then you can all rot in hell being poor. This is disgusting how amused people are at this photo. Don’t act like you all don’t party and drink and do stupid shit, she just had a much more intense situation. This picture really shouldn’t be on the internet her poor family has to live with this forever and for you guys to be so pathetic is really sad. No wonder the world has become so shitty, because obviously people=shit.

  2. Who the fuck tries to cut off another car at 100 mph? And who the fuck steals their dads car over a pack of cigarettes? A dumb spoiled rotten coked out bitch, that’s who. Thankfully she only got herself killed.

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