In 2006, Nikki Catsouras got into a little fender-bender along Highway 241 in the OC.

California Highway Patrol was on the scene to investigate and, uh, clean up.  But apparently some CHP officers emailed the uncommonly gory photos to their family and friends.  One thing led to another, and the photos went viral—a phenomenon perhaps fueled not only by the graphic nature of the images, but also the likelihood that Nikki was a spoiled SoCal brat (she was driving a $150,000 Porsche and an autopsy determined she had cocaine in her system).
Naturally, the Catsouras family was outraged.  They decided to handle things the good ol’ American way and sued the CHP for 20 million smackeroos, which the 4th District Court of Appeal in Santa Ana has allowed in a recent ruling. Whereas the media and private citizens can post pretty much whatever the fuck we want besides child pornography, the Court reasoned that CHP is bound to higher standards.
Say hi to Ghettosamii and TL for us, Nikki!
The Los Angeles Times



  2. Reading the horrible things people say to these kind of incidents makes me sad to be a human being. I actually share oxygen with you imbeciles?
    It’s not even about Sticky posting this, because he’s well in his right, but the fact you people fight over why it happened and how…does it really matter? It’s like when Ian died, all over again.
    Most of you should probably take note of this…and stop thinking that being a teenager makes you invincible. I hope one day most of you will be able to grow up and realize how short life is.
    There are ways to have a good time without putting your life and the lives of others in danger.

  3. justindaniel, you’re an idiot. If you actually read the back story. the POLICE released these images which was illegal to do because they were instructed not too

  4. Dude you guys seriously, i know this site is about laughing at people, especially spoiled druggies blah blah blah but this is heartless, you have to have NO soul to find this entertaining or amusing or funny. I mean yea HAHA rich girl dies, but cmooooooon this isnt funny. And i dont really get shocked easily, this is just terrible. I cant believe theres a website with the pictures. thats terrible.

  5. Holy hell…I didn’t even notice it was a person until after I read it. Even if she was a spoiled brat nobody deserves to die getting there skull ripped apart.

  6. First off, this is way old. Secondly, how would you feel if this was someone you loved? Yes, she did something terribly stupid and irresponsible, and she could have killed an innocent person, but what about her family? They had to bury their beautiful daughter/sister, why do people have to STILL post this shit 3 1/2 yrs after she’s dead? I’ll bet you anything if she was a “loved” stickam user, like, say, Ian Vuitton, many of you would definitely have a changed view. Who are any of you to call her a spoiled brat? Let this go.

  7. I’m sure she was a bitch/brat/coke whore like every one is saying. But I do feel this one is a bit disrespectful even for SD. She’s dead, what’s the point in bashing her still. I’m really just wondering. It’s not like she’s going to see it and cry her eyes out. Why waste your time?

  8. AHAHAHA that bitch got fucked up only if they had video cameras for a good ole american loop for FUCK niggers spooks and scene faggots i hope you all die

  9. @beee
    Shut the fuck up you stupid fuck.
    She was off her face on coke. She was driving 100 mph because she was off her face on coke.
    She deserved what happened to her for 1)Doing drugs and driving. 2)Driving 100 mph near a fucking toll. 3)Stealing her dad’s car. 4)Putting other people at risk because she wanted to get high and drive like a fuckwit.
    Police have said that she had coke in her system, that she was driving 100 mph and that she wasted her perfectly good vagina.


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