Early Saturday morning, there was much chatter on Stickam regarding an apparent on-cam suicide. A user with the display name Suicide Live appeared slumped over on cam for hours, with the morbid caption “I took 79 pills.”
It is unknown to StickyDrama whether any user actually observed this person ingest the pills. We kept checking the Live throughout the night, waiting for movement or some eventual sign of life; the body remained still for hours until the cam feed suddenly ended without explanation. The account has not been banned or deleted as of this post.
The camfeed danced with the pixelation of compression artifacts, which one would expect from a low-resolution webcam instead of a streamed digital photo.


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  3. Doesn’t anyone care that I’M PREGNANT???? No one cares about a boy who commited suicide. sucks for him ok

  4. did anyone think that he might have taken a still shot and left his cam on that while he sat back to wait and see what people thought and did? As everyone keeps saying he would be vomitting and having convusions. Unless someone else turned the cam for him after he died. very unlikely; but yet another brandy suicide bullshit.

  5. Wow most people r pricks and kiki ur a whore. Like if this is real its nit cause hes “emo” he might of had problems you dont know your reading off a couple paragraphs.

  6. This is horrible.
    If the guys pretending thats just horrible to do that.
    And if he actually killed him self and people just kept checkin it…that just sicking.
    Comments are amusing.

  7. Don’t lecture me. How can someone take 79 pills and stay absolutely motionless for hours? That dosage of real meds would cause vomiting, convulsions, unconsciousness etc. – resulting in MOVEMENT. Did he turn on his cam right after such symptoms and right before cardiac arrest? And if it were 79 vitamin Es or zincs…well being hunched over his rod might result in cum-in-eye syndrome..but death?

  8. If this suicide was real, somebody could have possibly saved his life if they’d contacted stickam or somebody rather than using death as entertainment.
    One day when you grow up, you may understand.

  9. stickydrama stated that after the brandy suicide that they would NOT post another blog related to online suicide, because that would encourage people to do it to be posted about….
    looks like you lied.

  10. not if it’s a hoax. what kind of pills were they? they could have been skittles. or vitamin E..in which case that pic is of him trying to suck his own dick

  11. zinc pills are good for the balls, but 79 would make u spew ‘n spurt…he couldn’t stay so still either way

  12. This is terrible. No matter how hard life gets u shouldnt take your life. i feel really bad for his family

  13. So in all those hours of watching what could have been a dead body, did anyone bother to contact stickam and maybe say “hm.. you might want to check this guy out”?
    If this was real, then its messed up your reporting on it and showing the photo.
    If it was fake then its messed up the person did it!
    Crossing that line again!

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  15. So you at Stickydrama checked the cam throughout the night, but you didn’t think to try and contact anyone regarding it?
    I wonder how you’d feel if the same thing happened to a friend or relative of yours, and people spent the night checking to see if he/she was still dead, but did nothing else?

  16. why cant this be some bitch like
    “jeffreestar swollows 79 razorbladez and dies”
    that would be ALOT more entertaining 🙂

  17. People watched this and made no attempt to contact authorities or anybody about it? Where the hell is the world gonna end up god fucking damn

  18. OMG! this is sad :/
    specialy if its true…
    but this comments.. LOL … however spent the time. Congratulations… It’s pretty funny. (the comments… not the death)

  19. haha i bet its just a stupid loop.
    seriously, record your self acting dead for a minute or two then just play it over and over

  20. lmfao @ all these comments on this post, it made me laugh.
    p.s. who the hell would publicize[sp?] a suicide? stupid attention whores.

  21. It says they logged into their stickam account today.. but maybe this happened at like 3a.m.?

  22. Omg this is really sick :/ Doesn’t look like he(?) is breathing and the skin that is showing is really really pale.. And 79 pills? What kind? Well it doesn’t matter, I think 79 advils can kill you. Sick.

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