Kiki Kannibal, the archetypal child who encompasses everything that goes wrong when parents buy their children a computer, will today add another printout onto the mile-high stack of death threats made against her.
In Kayvon’s Live, Brandy Suicide’s friend ScarahTerror! brandished a realistic cap gun and darkly told viewers, “this is what I have for Kiki,” before she and Brandy acted out their disturbing murder fantasy. Brandy, who is 20 years old, plays Kiki, who is 16 years old; when “Kiki” refuses to change her cruel name-calling ways, 21-year-old Scarah shoots her dead.
While we do not condone this type of stunt, StickyDrama eagerly awaits the ballistic on-cam reaction of Kiki’s mother, who last year vowed to report Kiki’s “haters” to the Governor of Florida if they would not end their harassment of her daughter.


  1. Kikki or however the fuck you spell her stupid ass name is a worthless waste of space. And her mother is a motherfucking cunt. I have never seen somebody as nasty and vile as Kikki. She is the biggest piece of shit tht man or whatever the fuck her mom is has ever spit out her ass. I hope they sinus all a favor and fist themselves til they bleed to death:)

  2. that one girl is kinda fat, not like burgercide but, I’d def let her hold a gun to my head and pull >:o

  3. i thought stickydrama said they were dont posting about this cow. and then theres 3 posts about her after that. i think whoever the owner of this blog is just cant get enough of brandy suicide lmao.

  4. Brandy is not only fat, she is also ugly, annoying, not funny, attention-seeking, racist, and has no friends.
    You happy now ‘Diva Disaster’? 🙂

  5. so, once again. i’m commenting.
    cause SNS made me think about john hock and his little statutory rape thing.
    and i agree. anybody who flashes a gun on a camera is fucking stupid.
    and also, the thing where brandy’s getting the attention she wants.. thats true too.

  6. Anyone who owns and flashes a gun on a webcam (even if it is a cap fun) should be slapped and have a reality check.
    Its just a sad attempt at attention, and per usual this website is given her all the attention she wants.

  7. It’s funny, like all the insults being thrown out to brandy are ‘your fat haha’
    Don’t you think she knows that everyday of her life?
    If your gonna insult some one at least insult them with some thing better.
    I don’t think being called fat hurts her anymore. so..=]

  8. haha i think that this is stupid.
    to brandy; go fucking run a mile. you might have a heart attack and die from it, but who gives a shit about you? you’re a fucking fat ugly bitch.
    to kiki; stop being so full of yourself. you’re pretty, yeah who gives a shit. i dont. and also, i think that brandy should give you her twinky’s, cause you look too skinny. 😐
    brandy’s a fuckin fag for making this idiot video, and if it scared kiki, then she’s fucking stupider than i thought.

  9. This video is just cringey to watch.
    I hope they take this ‘death threat’ seriously and lock these fat bitches up.

  10. First off I love Kiki, she’s amazing and has great life ambitions. One of the reasons Brandy is wasting her tine is not only because Kiki is gorgeous, but also that Kiki is skinny, something Brandy only wishes she was. DAMN! Check out that fat bitches mattress, anyone think she needs a new one? I do believe she has broke that one in a little too much?

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