Stickam unveiled yet another, less “busy” layout this week, which is much easier to navigate but not very visually appealing. StickyDrama was most interested in the Rankings, which simplies how users are compared at the expense of being an abortion of graphic design. In particular we were struck by the top 3 users:
Our objections to idolizing the boring t-shirt selling cocksucking spamgod are already well documented, and we shall not expound upon them here. LIkewise we shouted at the top of our lungs that chart-topping BBB8 has been illegally distributing unlicensed content stolen from the Brazilian media conglomerate Glogo.
Now it is officially time to add JFSC feat. Eric the Actor to StickyDrama’s pet peeves. If viewers wish to be entertained by midgets, fine; there are other midgets on Stickam who are far more entertaining and mobile than Eric. Like Porcelain Doll, a 21-year-old female goth midget who this week had sex on cam with her normal-sized boyfriend.


  1. Well I?m confused. I don?t know what?s the problem here. What?s wrong. At first I thought it looked really smart, but I?m not sure any more

  2. I wonder why so many people like to comment stuff. Why is this kind of spending your free time so popular? Maybe people have a lack of communication in real world? Maybe that?s because they have a lot of problems in reality and want to run away from them? Maybe they need new impressions and experience? Or they just got suck here? I don?t have a clue. What do you all think?

  3. They’re still people, who fucking cares if they’re midgits. Doesn’t mean they can’t have relationships, or have sex, or do anything.
    You people are all so fucking ignorant, it’s ridiculous.

  4. …I guess some stickam adminoob thinks getting 500 sweaty brazilians together to watch 20 swimsuit-wearing slackers is enticing. Who knew 95% of them are cam-less non-members still at the tree-monkey-hooting stage of internet savvy?

  5. That is so nasty and sick and wrong fucking a little person would have to be like fucking a child.

  6. I think the creepiest thing about this, other than it looks like he’s fucking his eight-year old sister, is that he kept his socks on the whole time.

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