Since Curtis was able to hop and skip across the country, bribing the most popular Entertainers with Macbooks to gain superficial acceptance—he obviously had money.  And since the uninteresting, unremarkable, unentertaining Entertainer managed to barge onto Streaming The Cube reading clunky passages of trademark law—his money obviously bought him influence.
Less obvious is how and why a 21-year-old could spend so much cash in order to gain influence within Stickam’s community of users, ages 14 and up.  There are, after all, wiser investments than buying cocksuckers like Matthew Lush a new computer.  What motivates someone with no artistic talent to create a young online fanbase?
Sure enough, damning evidence has emerged that the so-called “project Comment Curtis” was little more than a scheme to seduce young boys.  15-year-old Roman Nikoles recently sent StickyDrama screencaps of an erotic Skype video call in which Curtis had persuaded him to participate.

Roman contacted us after learning that Curtis had been sending out caps of Roman’s n00dz, taken later during the call.
Whereas StickyDrama has already reported a few sex crimes—such as those involving John Hock and Drew Deviation—never before has a Stickam Entertainer been caught “in flagrante delicto,” right in the act.  The images depict Curtis engaged in  “sexual exploitation of a child” as defined by USC 2251, a federal law addressing anyone who “persuades, induces, entices, or coerces any minor to engage in, or who has a minor assist any other person to engage in, any sexually explicit conduct outside of the United States.”  (Roman lives in Australia.)  Assuming Curtis also capped Roman and sent out his n00dz to others, he violated other statutes pertaining to the production and distribution of child pornography.
If convicted, Curtis risks large fines and imprisonment of “not less than 15 years nor more than 30 years.”   In November 2005, Mark Wayne Miller was arrested in Dayton, Ohio for persuading “minor-age girls to engage in sexually explicit conduct for him in front of webcams.”  He pled guilty to the sexual exploitation of children and was sentenced to 25 years in prison.
Despite his attempts to create a sponsor-friendly image, Curtis has also sent out his own n00dz to many, many people.  Recently he decided to end “project CommentCurtis” after an anonymous StickyDrama user posted extremely explicit photos of him, shattering his wholesome facade.
It remains to be seen whether Stickam will continue to allow a demonstrated sexual predator future appearances on Streaming The Cube or at other company events.


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