Since Curtis was able to hop and skip across the country, bribing the most popular Entertainers with Macbooks to gain superficial acceptance—he obviously had money.  And since the uninteresting, unremarkable, unentertaining Entertainer managed to barge onto Streaming The Cube reading clunky passages of trademark law—his money obviously bought him influence.
Less obvious is how and why a 21-year-old could spend so much cash in order to gain influence within Stickam’s community of users, ages 14 and up.  There are, after all, wiser investments than buying cocksuckers like Matthew Lush a new computer.  What motivates someone with no artistic talent to create a young online fanbase?
Sure enough, damning evidence has emerged that the so-called “project Comment Curtis” was little more than a scheme to seduce young boys.  15-year-old Roman Nikoles recently sent StickyDrama screencaps of an erotic Skype video call in which Curtis had persuaded him to participate.

Roman contacted us after learning that Curtis had been sending out caps of Roman’s n00dz, taken later during the call.
Whereas StickyDrama has already reported a few sex crimes—such as those involving John Hock and Drew Deviation—never before has a Stickam Entertainer been caught “in flagrante delicto,” right in the act.  The images depict Curtis engaged in  “sexual exploitation of a child” as defined by USC 2251, a federal law addressing anyone who “persuades, induces, entices, or coerces any minor to engage in, or who has a minor assist any other person to engage in, any sexually explicit conduct outside of the United States.”  (Roman lives in Australia.)  Assuming Curtis also capped Roman and sent out his n00dz to others, he violated other statutes pertaining to the production and distribution of child pornography.
If convicted, Curtis risks large fines and imprisonment of “not less than 15 years nor more than 30 years.”   In November 2005, Mark Wayne Miller was arrested in Dayton, Ohio for persuading “minor-age girls to engage in sexually explicit conduct for him in front of webcams.”  He pled guilty to the sexual exploitation of children and was sentenced to 25 years in prison.
Despite his attempts to create a sponsor-friendly image, Curtis has also sent out his own n00dz to many, many people.  Recently he decided to end “project CommentCurtis” after an anonymous StickyDrama user posted extremely explicit photos of him, shattering his wholesome facade.
It remains to be seen whether Stickam will continue to allow a demonstrated sexual predator future appearances on Streaming The Cube or at other company events.


  1. Wow, fucking sarcasticpanic SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU FUCKING SUCK UP CUNT.
    Clearly dennish ( who clearly said he’s never fucked anyone underage OR OF HIS AGE) IS CLEARLY A CLOSET HOMO…
    like fucking shit…
    curtis go fucking die you sick fuck
    i hope stickam drops you like the piece of shit you are…
    Also, dennish calls people ignorant yet he’s falunting the fact his parents make tonnes of money… WHO FUCKING CARES HOW MUCH MONEY UR PARENTS MAKE..UNLESS THEYRE PAYING UR WAY..WHICH IS FUCKING PATHETIC..GO FUCKING DIE AND GET A GIRLFRIEND OR A BOYFRIEND

  2. they really need to have a catch the predator show that is all stickam. let see would be able to get rid of john cock and commment

  3. I’m in Cincinnati. Curtis doesn’t have a lot of friends here for a number of reasons. The guy’s a douche and lies about a number of things.

  4. i think curtis will pay for this, if he isn’t already. he put himself in this position, and has no one to blame except himself.
    If he wasn’t spamming roman’s nudes, no one would have none shit.
    he no only fucked up the first time, cybering with a kid, but again by sending his pics out.
    I think his friends are sick to support him and say he’s “nice”
    I’m sure men who beat their wives are “nice”
    guys who rob banks are “nice”
    President Bush is “nice”
    and therefore pedophiles like Curtis, who seek out young boys, Roman not being the only one, and pass out their pics, “child porno” are nice too.
    Well I guess “nice guys” finish last.
    and Curtis will finish real nicely in jail.
    Its amazing how far a macbook will get ppl to question their own integrity

  5. 1. what I say probably does not matter but what the hell.
    2.Curtis does seem to buy alot of MacBooks for people, damn too bad I don’t have a dick and was nice to him..
    3. Kayvon don’t make fun of people trailers cause I have 3homes and a trailer for road trips.
    4.dennis is cute
    5.^same for roman
    6. “js,fail,lulz” these words make you sound dumb…kayvon I think you got the idiotfuckinmoroniosis, I’d blame amor but her that’s me…
    7. Dennis how’s life SIR?

  6. Marrisa ZAND said,September 2nd, 2008 at 3:19 am
    We are apart of a family of ppl who support there friends..Do you have one?
    A decent education… Do you have one?

  7. Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m a man of wealth.
    CommentCurtis, on the other hand, has saggy balls.
    Spend less on MacBooks and more on Dr. Steven’s making your shit look at least half-decent.

  8. the racism in here on dennis’ part is unbelievable. its easy to see why we still have hate crimes. i would love to see dennis’ body riddled with bullets by the “sand niggers.” or by anybody else for that matter.

  9. No, Amor isn’t 18.
    Btw, this isn’t about the fag, or the fag hag, nor is it about Dennis.
    Curtis won’t get charged, we all know that. That doesn’t mean what he did was right. What he did was wrong.

  10. Brandon Honey? WHO DA FUCK IS YOU?
    Mellon Head? I outta bitch slap the dumb outta you! I bet your a Popsicle for brains! Your not worry of a cheese burger hoe! Next time be more relevant to the topic you sack of shit! Your nothing and you’ll never be nothing you FUCK!

  11. I’m a Mellon Head. I’m better than all these people. TALK ABOUT ME, ME, ME
    p.s. I fucked Dina last night and I liked it!
    -Brandon Hilton

  12. its funny that curtis bought dennis a mac. hahah
    he prob sucked his dick for it.
    dennis is so fugly, he looks like a pig uggghhh

  13. I’ll give you a cookie if you tell us your name you fucking cock ass! I doubt Kayvon is having sex with Amor!I admit Kayvon is cute though!

  14. This Reminds me of a John Hock moment. That’s Two Pedophiles we need one more to make the three wise men. Aw shit on second thought keep Kiki Kannibal Safe form Curtis he likes them young. One more thing your all fucking stupid Kayvon’s not doing Amor Jesus fucking shit. Use your fucking heads. I mean guys girls can be roomies and not screw! Duh!

  15. Do you have proof Kayvon is doing Amor? Hear say is dumb and not permissible in court fuck ass..Why don’t you post your name tranny ass bitch….

  16. LOCK HIS ASS UP FOREVER! Seriously, This is horrific! Curtis I hope You get a Big MAC in Jail and your ass cheeks burst into two separate continents form the pressure you will receive! YOU sick Pedophile fuck.

  17. Kayvon shouldn’t make any statements, when he is fucking underage John Hock leftovers. He also should learn how to spell and make sense before making his statements.
    Btw, Shane, I don’t think Curtis actually posted it. I think someone is using that name. It said in one of the Mydrama post. Idk.

  18. How amusing..but how foul at the same fucking time..I agree he will get a nice fudge pack from behind if he goes to a real prison. They may send him to a pansy camp if his parents have money..lmfao…. bitch ass hoes

  19. I didn’t Catch Prison break this evening! Wow Curtis, very what can i say Pedophile of you! Holy shit that’s like taking a prosthetic leg and wacking yourself with it. Wait no it’s not! But he’s 15 years and your 21 years old that’s fucked up. YOU SHOULD BE Locked up! Maybe you’ll get a free mac form behind in the big house lmao

  20. I think your a disgusting pervert and you should have your dick fall off. Wait you have to have a dick to have it fall off. Idiots. How much money will this cost your line of clothing? Maybe you can do a shirt saying “If your underage I’m game” ..see how that does..ewwwww sick


  22. Kayvon is amazing. He may be loud and opinionated but who isn’t when shit is going down. I think everyone should just drink a cosmo

  23. Wow, when I messaged Curtis to offer support with this post to have him turn around and post some bogus noodz that actually belong to Michael Magical (I have the full set)…welcome toCommentcurtis’ backstabbing world of friendship =]
    And fyi, pedophile? That’s a stretch AND kinda the pot calling the kettle black lol

  24. I feel it is wrong to do what he did but you cant undo the past. I think there should be sticker rules on these video chats and shit. As for a clothing line. I’m sure it’s great but do you really want to be associated with someone who could bring your name down with their actions? Love you Kayvon..Good luck with your business. <3

  25. wow wtf if i worked for mac i would fucking get the discounts and sell that shit for more money. what a dumbass. and all these losery stickam entertainers probably dont even like him.

  26. Uhm, for the record.
    I don’t NEED to work, because I have money.
    I’m a full time student, I have never EVER done anything with anyone under the age of 18 or my age, and caught up in the stickam elite?
    hahah, what a joke.
    go back to the middle east.

  27. Lulz. Srsly man, stick with ur clothing line and just stay there. If you have to ask me all the question ur way too caught up in the Stickam elite, aka unemployed and homeless. I’d choose to be a garbage man and work my ads off to make my dreams a reality. Talk is cheap. So keep on sending ur message that tapin 14 ur olds on cam is ok and that having a job is lame.
    I’m done, made my pt. And that’s where I stand.

  28. I wished you would make more sense when you type, Kayvon.
    Please go back to the first grade and learn how to spell?
    It doesn’t matter of what you’ve done, or what your parents are. He is basically saying he makes more than YOU, Kayvon.. not your parents. Which I believe.
    Last time I checked revertfashion was Dennis’ idea not anyone else.

  29. excuse me, my trailor park trash self spelled chris, instead of christ.
    flame that on some more.
    i love you kayvon.

  30. Look at yourself, you do all these “huge” things, yet you’re sitting on webcam and have to date random girls you find through online?
    Why aren’t you dating some hot prada model?
    Oh … yeah, i guess when you did all these “HUGE” things then you would need to work ?
    I have my own apartment, two cars, a bank account that would blow your clothes off and i’m sorry but … my moms a doctor, and my dad owns a wine vineyard.
    Learn how to spell, go back and get a proper education and stop trying to use your so “glamorous” modeling as some justification as so why you’re not a fucking tool.
    If you were doing such big things, why are you a waiter? Why don’t you have a big name? And why on earth do you need to be posting on an internet blogging website with 16-20 year old kids.
    Jesus chris, shut your filthy mouth.

  31. lol. I love how the same three idiots applaud eachother all in the name of pervert fashions and you try to take the attention of Curtis’ shady ass on me.
    First. Both my parents are doctors. Fail
    Second. I live in NYC in my own apt and make more many a day you make in a year. Fail.
    Third. At 18 I was the face of united colors of benneton, kenzo Paris and walked the fashion weeks in london, ny, Milan and Madrid. Google and fail once more.
    Last at 22 I have a deal with emi records have been I’m the devil wears prada, featured in starbooty and performed all over NYC night life so fail again.
    What have u done other than go on Stickam and show ur leg tattoo. Js

  32. I am one to talk. Teaming up against someone who is, for the most part, a good person, is lower then low. Find someone else to pull down on your way to “stardom”.

  33. Kayvon, sorry. But last time I checked, my family and I were all from norway and most likely make more money in one month then yours do in a year.
    Leave your ignorant comments with your sand nigger family please. I come from a family with class, not sand and ash.
    “JS JS JS”
    Just because you’re over the age of 22 and work at a restaurant and can’t afford to live a nice life style and you have to sit on the computer and throw your two cents around like anyone gives a fuck, doesn’t mean that my family is trash.
    I mean, “JS JS JS JS JS LOLUMAD”.
    Please, want to talk tailor trash? Look in the mirror.
    oh, and your 17 year old girlfriend? Lets not discuss pedo’s and statutory rape.
    (That word is in your vocabulary isn’t it?)

  34. first off. U don’t know shit about me and Amor 🙂 and she is legal in my state :))
    I may be a lot of things, but I do my homework

  35. Pol on can? Learn to type. I don’t think you should be talking about trailer park picnics. From what I see, Dennis and Curtis are actually making something of themselves. Revert fashion is more than likely going to be huge. Please tell me your recent successes, because I don’t think I can recall one.

  36. I just can’t stand the JEALOUSY that oozes from every nasty pore of Kayvon. Dennis and Curtis are way more successful that you’ve EVER BEEN. Hhaha.
    Kayvon, how much did you make last year?

  37. lol dennis. Talking to pol on can and wanking with someone on cam is two totally different things where I come from. Maybe in ur trailer park it’s a picnic, but for the vast majority it’s not cute. Js. So stand by ur man and show everyone what Pervert Fashions really stands for. Btw u might want a new business partner, cause bail is pricey my nigga 🙂

  38. Kayvon just shut up. I’m 15 and I don’t care about age, unless the person looks like they are 3 or 30+
    Believe it or not people that are 14+ aren’t that innocent. (Some even younger than 14) Most of the entertainers under 18 would probably do that stuff with someone that’s under 18 too anyways before someone over 18 would ask them to. So what makes that person whom is over 18 wrong?
    Now if the minor was forced to, that would be understandable. But um, Nikoles was fine with it obviously until comment curtis showed them to others.

  39. kayvon, listen to what you are saying and then look at your birth certificate. Obviously the maturity level of some of us is about our shoe size not our actual age.
    Oh and for the record kayon just because you can with roman too and you’re his older e-buddy, doesn’t mean you’re not a shit head as well.

  40. I love how low some people go to watch a good person fall…leave someone at it long enough and their true colors come out. Curtis is a great guy, the rest of you I’m not so sure about. Bring someone down for a little fame. What a shame.

  41. yah Curtis is so amazing so sad ur idol wanks off to 14 yr olde and buys macs for trannies online. Oh the glory .
    Pervert Fashions by Comment Jacko. Dare to be pedolicious.

  42. Oh, and Curtis HAS NEVER bought me anything or other people I know who support him %100 fully.
    And you’re just jealous because you can’t have wealth like Curtis. he’s amazing and has obviously been successful. You on the other hand…well, I won’t go there.
    Curtis > Kayvon

  43. Kayvon Zand one word John Hock. :]
    He has over 1,000 people worshiping him and doing his PYP even though they know he’s a rapist pedo.

  44. Riiiiiight. Pervert fashion ftw. I really don’t give two camel shits what u think. Either way it’s an epic fail. Go play house with crocker and sell dome shirts. 🙂

  45. kayvon, shut your mouth. Me selling shirts and goodies has nothing to do with stickam or what people do on iChat but your ignorant opinion is valued. Thanks!

  46. LOL @ people’s careers. And a big fat lmfao to you thinking this won’t affect the “clothing line”
    Let’s be real here fatty, do u think michael Jackson can’t sell anymore bc he’s white now? Pedos don’t sell. That plain and simple. So go suck a goats cock and enjoy ur new MacBook provided by Comment Jacko.

  47. I remember when he told Matthew Lush he was gonna get him a macbook air. I was in Matthew Lush’s live when they were first talking about it (I thought they were joking around) That’s probably when I started not liking Lush because I saw him as a user because curtis seemed like he was joking but matthew looked way to serious.
    I also recall seeing commentcurtis say he works for apple so he gets discounts.
    I’d sure enough get naked for him and not care if he showed anyone. Though I’m not popular so it wouldn’t make much difference, but in anyway I wouldn’t care! 😛

  48. Kayvon, stfu. This has NOTHING to do with the fashion line whatsoever. Stop trying to ruin people’s careers because yours was never what you wanted it to be.
    Curtis is a nice guy and people do dumb things. No one is perfect.

  49. This has nothing to do with revertfashion seeing as how revert is my project. Curtis is my partner but his personal life has nothing to do with our clothing line.

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