Multiple sources have alleged that Brett Thurber, a 23-year-old University of California at Berkeley engineering student, is the individual behind the online character “Sean Savvy,” who is also known to have used the aliases “Zach Zesty” and “BCCC.”  Aside from his online reputation as a prolific capper of underage girls, the individual behind those characters has become a person of interest in two separate incidents that have drawn attention of the police and other state agencies.  Both cases are redolent of incest, involving a mother and child.
Most AnonIB users are probably familiar with the below cap, depicting a 36-year-old mother in San Jose, California, and her 16-year-old daughter.  The mother is rumored to have been arrested not only for watching her daughter webcast sexually explicit performances, but also participating in them.  While the mother and daughter did not touch each other, both exposed their breasts and made highly suggestive hand gestures to their viewers.

The mother also performed at least one solo performance, in which she exposed her vagina to the camera and vigorously masturbated.
Our readers will also recall the recent case of a teenage mother whom “Zach Zesty” recorded while she masturbated—in the presence of her one-year-old child.  The child was “playing drums on her” breasts at some point during her sexually explicit performance.

In both cases, outraged viewers and StickyDrama readers reported the above-mentioned incidents to the authorities.  While we are uncertain to what extent, if any, police and other agencies acted, we have been told that in the former case the mother was arrested and in the latter children’s protection services visited the mother’s home.
So who exactly is the individual behind “Sean Savvy” and “Zach Zesty,” and where can he be found?  StickyDrama was asked by a network news producer to use our blog and reach out to our readers in order to identify and locate him.  From the many responses to our public request for information, we have pieced together a fairly clear portrait of the individual in question.
Concrete evidence is scant.  But the sources who responded to StickyDrama’s request for information—some of whom have been online acquaintances of StickyDrama for years—have been remarkably consistent in their stories.  By most accounts, “Sean Savvy” is Brett Thurber, a 23-year-old engineering student at the University of California at Berkeley.  (UC-Berkeley is among the top-ranked public universities in the nation and, coincidentally, is where StickyDrama earned his undergraduate degree.)  There is some variation in the sources’ information; certain sources put his age as high as 27, and certain sources claim he is a recent graduate; but all are in agreement as to the individual’s name and field of study.
The one point on which there seems to be considerable disagreement is the so-called “real Sean Savvy,” the teenage boy depicted in the capper’s profiles.  At issue is whether the boy was somehow blackmailed into posing for the capper, or whether he willingly supplies the capper with prepared loops and images (supposedly in return the boy receives copies of the girls recorded using the capper’s fake accounts).  The same boy seems to supply deceptive photos and videos for both the “Sean Savvy” and “Zach Zesty” aliases.  StickyDrama has been linked to some of the real boy’s online profiles, on which he gives his age as 17 years old—another significant fact, since he supposedly provided sexually explicit photos and videos of himself to the capper masquerading as him.
Contrary to most allegations left in StickyDrama’s comments, most of our sources indicate that “Sean Savvy” and “Zach Zesty” did not blackmail or threaten girls to give sexually explicit performances.  He relied solely or mainly on deception.  Had he only targeted legal adults over 18 years of age, he probably wouldn’t be in such deep shit:  There’s nothing unlawful about deceiving adults into getting naked on camera using loops and fake identities.
In any event, this story is still developing.  StickyDrama encourages anyone with more information and updates to contact us at [email protected]
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  5. If this is the crap that you folks think is ‘horrific’ then you need to get the fuck out of your houses.
    This is basic American bullshit drama and not much else.

  6. really. the mother needn’t be arrested for her daughter showing B00bs.
    There’s far worse people/incidents, with actual suffering(not just morally/socially incorrect or ‘wrong’ incidents, we’re talking about the BM’ers, the blackmailers, the ones who aggregate the kind of suffering that makes someone hide at home and not be socially active and cry at night and feel literally raped), that need to be thwarted.

  7. Sean Savvy blackmailed my 13 year old daughter and destroyed her life. This will end the sean savvy story. I promise.

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