Ian’s best friend Toby is managing Ian’s accounts and accepting donations to help the family cover expenses that are likely to run several thousand dollars.  Given that this site has around 4000 to 5000 unique IPs visit per day, even a $1 donation would add up.  A service is planned in Los Angeles for mid-February with a precise date soon to be announced. 


  1. Like I said this is ians dad my phone number is 949-493-1047 you can find me there 12 to 8 tue -fri if any one of you pussy cunt mother fuckers have the balls to show up call . Ill straighten you out. Come on down to my shop any time. I have a lot of hate to take out on you fucks. Anytime. Name the place . You have my name my number and my address now back up your mouth . Please feel free to come to ians send off. Please…

  2. if the family are from orange county or california or whatever than they can damn well afford funeral costs.


  4. i think all you people talking shit are just fucking idiots, if you wanted to talk shit on ian why not have done it to his face while he was still alive? get a fucking life and stop posting bull shit comments, if you want to donate thats fine, if not then stop running your mouths about un necessary bull shit.
    rip ian.

  5. Even if the obituary gets posted, you’re all going to say it’s photoshopped anyway. So, now that we’ve all come to the conclusion that no one’s ever going to be pleased with the results they get, go on with your lives.

  6. You asshat, THERE IS NO OBITUARY YET.
    There will be soon.
    And when there is, I’m sure someone will post it.
    So until then, shut the hell up.
    Everyone thinks everything on the internet is a scam.
    So if you do. Don’t comment, don’t donate, don’t waste your time.
    I’m not the one being immature. I’m just trying to help toby and Ian’s family out because I know what it’s like.
    So why don’t you shove it and get a life.
    And thanks to the people who’ve messaged me. I Can’t message you back though. xD

  7. You are an asshole Anon. That pic of mr myspace was sick and should have never been put up here. A point to be made about that… even though the Mr Myspace pic was up, people still didn’t believe. they said it wasn’t him… You know what goes around, comes around. I hope when you finally experience the grief this family is experiencing, you will then understand what a true asshole you are. It’s been said over and over, If you don’t believe or care, don’t donate. Period! But, keep your fuking mouth shut so the family doesnt have to read this bull shit. The ones “demanding” proof aren’t going to donate anyway, because they will just have another bullshit excuse. All the family is asking for is respect so they can mourn for their son. We got it. You think it’s fake. so STFU about it already! Let that family grieve in peace. The same way you would want your family to have the chance to grieve for you.


  9. We’re not assholes. Fuck you and your segregation if we think differently than you. Words can easily be converted into lies. So far this sounds so much like a scam it’s ridiculous, even his so called dad on here makes himself look bad, though i don’t think it’s him. Your only resort to prove he’s in fact died is to call us heartless, assholes and a bunch of things just cause we think it’s a joke. That’s immature on your part. No straight evidence. No hard evidence. That one person was right they did take a picture of Mr. Myspace’s dead body and that’s proof. FOR THE LAST FUCKING TIME STOP WASTING ARE FUCKING TIME SAYING SHIT AND SHOW SOME PROOF, wow uploading silly picture of Ian on his myspace is gonna prove he’s dead. EPIC FAIL.
    This is starting to sound like a inside job to get this Ian online famous. IT REALLY ISN’T HARD TO COPY A FUCKING CERTIFICATE OR A NEWS PAPER CLIPPING IS IT?????

  10. Also, the flyer maybe photoshop, but how do you think people usually make fliers on their computers and print them out? God, it’s like talking to a bunch of fucking infant puppies. All they want to do is yap yap yap and lick their crotches. All the skepticism is really just the product of a bunch of bored immature brats with nothing better to do. I’m sick of this really. I want to defend Ian, and I know that I could do it all night, every day until the obituary is up, but I also know this is the internet. And the internet is filled with scum bags who think being able to tap the keys on your keyboard give you some sort of power. Just because you’re exorcising your right to free speech doesn’t mean that it’s right. It also doesn’t mean your mother should have pushed your pathetic ass out of her gaping cunt. It doesn’t mean you should be allowed to breath the oxygen us decent human beings need to survive. No, because that’s a waste. Do any of you people understand what it is to not have any money? To have to scrape the bottom of the barrel? Of course not because you all live comfortably behind a computer desk, munching on your Cheetos and mocking a poor kid who made a mistake. Because mommy and daddy buy you nice things. Because you don’t have responsibility like a lot of us.
    I’m not one to tell people I don’t know to end their own lives, but it would be appreciated at this point.
    Or at least cut your fingers off and your tongue out of your mouth. I pity the people who have to listen to you on a regular basis.
    And if any of you asshats really want to pick a bone with me, my MySpace link is right there. Don’t try to insult me over Stickydrama.

  11. Toby, you’re amazing for dealing with all these assholes and not committing mass genocide. I didn’t know Ian very well at all, but I knew he was a nice kid, and I know that a lot of this is stupid drama that people are going to come up with just to entertain themselves. It also makes me sad that people aren’t donating. My bank account is currently at negative thirty dollars because of bills and shit, or I would have.
    But, to say the least, the skeptics, well, they can be skeptics. And I hope that when the service is over, and everyone has managed to say their goodbyes, that they’ll realize what fools they have been.
    The donation thing is still bothersome, again because people beg for money over the internet all the fucking time, but this is for something serious. Something real. This is for a family, who obviously can’t seem to afford the service their son deserves, and need a bit of help.
    I know a lot of you are teenagers, sitting at your computers, bored because no one wants to be around you, so you obviously don’t have friends that have passed, because you don’t seem to have many friends. But, it’s been said about forty times already; if you didn’t know him, or don’t care, then don’t donate. You don’t need to sit there and be harsh and disrespectful about the death of someone. People have fucking problems. That doesn’t make them any less of a human being. So Ian had a drug problem. From the sounds of it he had cleaned up his act, or so his close friends and family thought. He had a relapse. And it was a fatal one. We all have out fucking vices. Leave the poor kid alone. He died. You make yourself look more and more pathetic, getting your kicks talking about someone who can’t defend themselves.
    Why can’t you people just chill the fuck out and let people mourn?

  12. if any of you actually knew ian at ALL, you would know how insanely picky he is about the pictures he lets people see. i know it’s not any proof, or anything near it, but it’s at least something for you to think about. go look at his myspace. i uploaded the most ridiculous, embarassing pictures of ian i had. not as proof, not for any of you idiots, but for his friends to remember him by. so don’t get too cocky. i’m pretty fuckin sure that if ian were still with us today, i could have forced him into any rehab treatment i wanted by threatening to leak those photos. this is not a scam for drug money. ian’s mom didn’t recruit me because she’s sick of paying for ian’s habit. he was my best friend and i’m fucking lost with out him. the only reason any of what you assholes are saying matters to me at all is because it’s hurting other people who love him.
    his parents do not deserve to have to read this shit.
    Ian is being cremated, that costs around 700.
    His parents want to have a memorial big enough for all the people that care about him. that will probably run over 10 grand.
    yea, it’s a lot of money. If he didn’t matter, they’d leave it at the cremation. but he did. to a lot of people. maybe not to you, and thats fine.
    I am in no way expecting any of you to donate any money. Neither are his parents. the main reason i asked sticky to post a donate button is because i know some of you might have some sense of compassion or empathy. or maybe you actually give a shit about ian and are coming to the memorial. if you are coming, i don’t really think it’s fair that his parents should have to put themselves in debt just to make enough room for you with out you helping out the slightest bit. i don’t give a shit how broke you say you are, even a fucking dollar helps.
    if you don’t have a paypal or credit card or whatever, i can give you an address to mail it to.
    i know a lot of you that are coming have already donated or plan on donating so please dont get me wrong, even the smallest donation means the world to me. I just dont want ian’s family to have to bend over backwards and fuck themselves over just to get a room big enough for all of us with out any help from us.
    Most of ian’s real friends, and a ton of people that never even met him have sent their condolences and been nothing but gracious and caring. His family and i appreciate that more than i can express.
    we had a candlelight vigil last night, that of course, started drama, but helped raise some more money. if you were there last night, thank so much for coming.
    if you’re really that serious about your doubts, show up at Get My Point Piercing in Dana Point. his dad, Norm, will answer your questions.
    I was running Ian’s myspace for the first few days, but his mom decided she would rather control it. She hasn’t given much information on it. i feel like that’s somewhat understandable. most parent’s dont expect to outlive their kids and it’s probably getting to her a bit. she also might just be a little busy trying to handle his affairs. obviously, if you’re doubting his death you don’t give a shit about him since you didn’t call his house friday once the word got out. if you would’ve i could have put you on the phone with the coroner. if you don’t care he’s gone, or even if you’re glad he’s gone, then he doesn’t matter right? so why be so impatient about getting your god damn proof? his parent’s will run an obituary once they feel up to it. if i’d just lost my son, the last thing i’d be concerned with was proving to a bunch of 12 year olds hiding behind a computer that my child is dead.
    so here’s a recap:
    this isn’t a scam for drugs. he’d claim edge before letting me post pictures of him eating or just out of bed.
    memorials for someone with as many friends as ian cost quite a bit of money.
    if you don’t care, don’t donate.
    there will be proof shortly. if he doesn’t matter to you, stop being impatient. it just makes you look stupid.
    and to those of you that have helped out, financially or emotionally, i appreciate it so much.

  13. If someone was a real friend, they certainly WOULD NOT post a pic of their dead friend on here. What are you fukin retarded Dustin. Think it’s a joke… whatever, just keeping your mouth shut, outta respect for his family & friends. Douche Bag!

  14. To the person who said “Who wants to take a picture of their dead friend”
    Honestly there are pictures of Mr.Myspace at his funeral.
    Until I see some liable evidence of his death.
    This is just a poorly thought up plan to get money for crack.

  15. diva Disaster said, February 3rd, 2009 at 9:56 pm
    I took one look at Kalamity and saw why he/she makes such stupid idiotic remarks.
    Stfu and go take moar gross myspace pics.
    omg I loled
    haterade is composed chiefly of damn you jealous

  16. That WAS Ian’s dad.
    He is pissed that you guys are being so disrespectful and heartless.
    If you really do doubt Ian’s death, you should show up at his shop.
    Show that you can do more than sit on your ass and act like tough shit.
    It has taken 2 weeks to have his memorial service.
    His family still does need donations.
    The memorial isn’t cheap.
    It’s at the St. Regis in Dana Point.
    February 15th. 10am-2pm.
    The candlelight vigil happened last night.
    Even though there was some drama, and it rained, eventually most of the people relocated to my apartment.
    Where we did sit around and talk about memories with Ian.

  17. That’s not Ian’s dad. lmao people make me laugh. That candlelight vigil flyer makes me laugh cause it’s just photoshop really lmao
    This whole things a JOKE.

  18. if you read down through all the post the only one talking about donating or even an amount donated is the very first post. 40 bucks holy shit alittle steep for someone i dont even know.

  19. hahaha if that was really ians dad your one fuked up dude. holy hell this funeral is sure taking up a bunch of time almost a whole freaking month. more time to get donations? and again if that is really ians dad you should be happy with what ever amount of money you get.

  20. Hey kalamity,
    That is the most cold hearted and disrespectful thing I have ever read.. you don’t have a clue what his parents are going through right now, you don’t know what the financial status is and if they need help so that they can give their son a proper send off there is nothing wrong with asking for help, that’s what humane people do, help one another in a time of need. As far as the youtube video maybe his dad is sick of scumbags like you talking shit on his dead son. So get a fucking heart and think how you would feel if this was all happening to you….

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