StickyDrama loves writing about Hot Mami.  It’s not often we can call someone a crackhead with absolutely no fear of being sued for libel.  But with her real life spinning out of control, the  online behavior of this camwhore (look Mami, no libel!) has gone beyond fucked up and is now entering territory we can only qualify as abso-fucking-lutely schizo.

Witness her nascent personality Violet Brown.  To be sure, like Hot Mami and Diana Chance, Violet still jiggles her tits for views.  However, Violet is emerging as the dominant personality because psychotic stalker-bitch Mami has been zonked out in Zoloft heaven, and fragile aspiring pop star Diana is unable to cope with her divorce and the loss of her son.  StickyDrama recommends savoring 2:20-3:00 of her latest YouTube video.  Great stuff.  We can’t believe she lost custody of Ayden!
  Our readers will recall that her ex-husband Von Chance dropped her like a hot potato when he realized, “shit, this bitch is crazy!”  Hot Mami’s story, minus the webcams and orgies, mirrors the plot behind The Three Faces of Eve, a novel and film about a woman afflicted with multiple personality disorder whose husband leaves her.

Violet’s YouTube profile makes pretty lulzy reading material:  “One of the most horrible things he did to me was to have me get Electroconvulsive Therapy (Shock Treatment).”  In our opinion they didn’t zap the old whore with enough juice.  Maybe some Lifetime producer will be inspired and make a movie about multiple personality crackhead camwhore struggling to regain custody of her son, starring Sally Field.  We’d love to see Sally Field dildo herself and shoot up.


  1. I guess all those opiates are keeping your multiple personalities/usernames sedated. I don’t see 100 different comments under my posts by you – using different names. Good! Let go already. Stop obsessing if I’m the crackhead old whore you say – you contradict yourself with all this attention you keep giving me. You are a cruel, evil FAGGOT to find it amusing to post about people’s miseries. Expect officials to contact you. I warned you to take down these posts. You think I’m not doing anything about it?…think again.

  2. I was looking 4 this video so thanks! I have it now. However, I do not give you permission to post a private video of mine on your site. You are, my dear, breaking the law. This video shall be posted when I see it fit. Expect a lawsuit coming. I’ll drag you to court as many times as I need. Violet gets things done so you should be concerned. Hot Mami/Diana Chance were in turmoil that’s why u got away w/it before. EXPECT ME.

  3. I’m surprised you haven’t posted 100 diff. usernames. It sounds like stickydrama ALSO has multipe personality disorder. Who’s reading this anyhow? NO-BODY cuz that’s what u r…a BIG NOTHING. Every comment on here is posted by the same faggot-ass loving-disgusting pig-drug addicted asshole that’s behind stickydrama. I’m now doing something about it you posting private videos of me you have no copyright to freely distribute and for the made-up stories you post about me fucker. LEAVE ME ALONE! I’ve been through enough don’t you think? I’m contacting the right people this time. You belong in jail for what you do. Especially because you know it’s wrong and still do it. When I did all that stuff on stickam, I didn’t know wtf I was doing and you know it. You should focus on ur internet addiction, not my problems. Move on already!

  4. If you ask me…We need WAY more Spicy Girls as Hot and Uninhibited as she is!!And less Drag Queens and fat nasty jealous bitches!Sorry…Well That’s My Opinion and I am allowed that much!

  5. Blah Blah Blah…REgardless She’s Hot and Talented and damn those videos were great!!And I’ll bet her EX was an Abusive Prick…Poor Girl!!

  6. even if she was abused, she’s still fuckin nuts and should get off the internet. wasn’t she hooking up with prostitutes or some shit when her son was around?

  7. man i miss this crazy bitch
    good times..
    now is all about fucking nobodies
    trying to get famous by posting about themselves on mydrama.
    stupid bitches!!!

  8. Reading her youtube profile, she does sound convincing about Von chance being an abuser. I feel sorry for her

  9. ROFL. This is great! Too Bad this new generation from Stickam,don’t really know who Hot Mami is.
    She is definitely Stickam Legend.
    I hope she comes back to Stickam, with her daily “Shows”

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