StickyDrama has been watching less television over the past months, as the intrigue of online drama has inexorably drawn us into the lives of drug addicts, camwhores and other cocksuckers. It took one of our readers to bring to our attention the fact that a current American Idol contestant is on Stickam. Paula Abdul’s god-awful “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow” clunks away on Danny Noriega’s Stickam profile, a testimony to his sodomy.
Ian Vuitton and Audiowh0regasm had in jest requested that Danny mention TMTH (“too much to handle”) while on cam—real broadcast cam, not webcams. To their surprise, he did it, during an interview on AI.

UPDATE: Danny was eliminated in the March 6 episode of American Idol, which we were unable to report while our server was down. Our readers might enjoy watching him cry.

So it is that as of now there is no longer any American Idol contestant on Stickam.


  1. Wow what a beautiful story. I have read your blog for a long time and have never posted a comment…It is no wonder that you often don’t open up comments with all the wack jobs out in this world.

  2. Fortunately it amuses as before…………….I’m trying to keep away from reading posts like this. It is totally meaningless. Ain’t it shame to post rubbish like this?

  3. yeah i love matthew to death but hes up to something with danny. i think they will be cute together. but im seeing other stickam*famous* people will try to be friends with him for more fame *int the real life* and matthew can be one of them. maybe he is jealous that he may become more famous on stickam then he is only that danny is famous in real life too. or simply maybe matthew has a crush on danny. who knows. i hope danny doesnt get hurt. thats my only concern.

  4. Oh fuck!
    Matthew Lush has convinced Danny to get his mods as his mods.
    So now Matthew is going to get all his mods to kick all members in Danny’s room
    I got kicked for NO reason
    I can tell he’s up to something -.-
    he hates the fact that Danny got over 500 lurkers in just a little while
    and Matthew is like “get my mods to kick people that spam a lot”
    ha what a fucking hypocrite!

  5. It took one of our readers to bring to our attention the fact that a current American Idol contestant is on Stickam.
    Totaly talking about me

  6. I LOVE DANNY! Watching him on idol was the highlights of my week! I was (and still am) so proud of him! I can tell you- the ratings of American Idol went down since he got kicked off! But hey at least he is getting offers from rosie o’donall(sp? wtf) and he will be huge in his singing! just because someone did not win the whole contest, doesn’t mean they will not be successful. Randy even said to Simon that they should have kept him(if they even have any control over it or not) Danny is amazing! he as a good heart.

  7. I’m sad to see that he didn’t win but I’m proud to see that he gave it a good run as well. I think we need to see more gay youth portrayed in a positive light and gay/lesbian youth need more positive role models to look up to as well. Gay men especial have to fight so hard to earn any once of respect in this world so I hope that even though he didn’t win I hope Danny continues to pursue a professional career to show people that everybody deserves respect and that you can do anything if you put your mind too it! Fuck off homophobes, it’s our time to shine!

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