StickyDrama normally slakes our thirst with warm milk of str8 boys. However a recent Twitter fight that migrated over to Stickam introduced us to another salty refreshment:  the heartbroken tears of Breeanna Rose.
Eden Shizzle arrived at StickyHouse with a determination to get fucked out of his mind and a bone to pick with Bree.  A couple of Eden’s little helpers later, and he was tweeting her n00dz.
Bree was outraged, even though her naughty parts have already been seen by pretty much everybody with an internet connection, and demanded that Eden delete his tweet.
But he didn’t delete it, despite apparently regaining control of his “hacked” account, and in fact his n00dz tweet remains as of this post.  Bree then made the unwise decision to go Live and vent on Stickam.   Eden went into her Live and screen-recorded his conversation with her.  He gave StickyDrama the recording, and we’ve edited together the best moments for our readers:
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“I’m freaking done with the world,”  Bree whines just before the tears flow.  We can only hope.  Just remember Valley trash, before doing anything stupid, go Live and do it on cam.


  1. why the hell does eden still read if if hes over it? his life isbasically onthe internet and hes sucha backstabber. he didnt take the nudes off even tho he hapeen to get back in his account. he just cares about himself and noone else.

  2. I can’t really stand the fact that first of all Eden keeps commenting on here saying how they’re “over it” blah blah, wasn’t he the one that recorded her crying and let it get posted on here? Secondly, anyone who gets drunk and does something THAT fucked up is just a shitty person, yea ive met a few people who did fucked up shit cause they were twacked out or drunk, and they were backstabbing assholes, so what does that say about Eden? Isn’t he always sort of in the center of a lot of drama too? If I were this chick I wouldn’t forgive him, cause you never know when he might get “drunk” and do something else again.

  3. bree and I are over it
    you’re all not.
    does that say something? yes
    it says you all need to find better things to talk about than an argument that two nobodies who have been friends before this stickam bullshit had.
    seriously. none of any of this is any of your guys’ concern
    yet you’re all putting your two cents in like you care
    in reality, THE TWO MAIN PEOPLE THAT THIS POST IS ABOUT don’t even care anymore
    so shut up. get over it, and continue following amors and kikis lives because god knows those two are the center of your guys’ attention
    if im such a fgt wannabe nobody who wishes I was famuss, then why don’t you just pretend I don’t exist so we’ll ALL win this meaningless game because I sure as fuck don’t care if no one knew who I was.
    I mean, isn’t that the point to everyones comments on this site?
    so you’ll feel like you won an internet battle? so you’ll feel better about yourselves by putting others down that you’ve never even gotten a chance to meet?
    highschool mentality
    but hey, I will never be able to stop any of you
    so have fun talking shit because that’s all you’re all gonna end up doing anyway.
    predictable and transparent.
    as for me, im done. be happy =) I sure as fuck am, and always will be.
    you know what the jackass says: HATERS: that, that don’t kill me, will only make me stronger. so hurry on up now, and gimme lots of power.

  4. Eden’s sent me hateful messages before. I guess that means he cares about me.
    “She’s not innocent. She’s not even a virgin!”
    Can’t get any DeAnna?

  5. You guys are FIFTEEN YEARS OLD!

  6. Sticky why do you hate on Bree so much? Is it the whole Brason thing? Or did she do something really shady to you?? Im just kinda curious.

  7. @Yellow Fire:
    “You obviously instigated this whole incident, and now you’re sitting there with a big shit-eating grin on your face, admiring your handiwork like a douche.”
    No, I didn’t instigate it; yes, I am sitting here with a big shit-eating grin on my face.

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