1. Umm… I never thought of that one before but maybe that’s because I tend to want to have people in my ass not things. But hey, I’ll try anything once.
    And is it just me or has become more like some gaunt twig with no muscle mass lately.

  2. Yeah its so easy to lie on the internet too you compulsive liar…you are one of those kids that will MAKE SHIT UP just to impress people so they’ll think you cool…I know for a FACT you have been transferred over 5 times for various act of violence committed against you or your property so your fat obnoxious mother had you transferd again and again and again so stop lying little bitch boy before more hands get put on you and i air your ass out

  3. I’ve only gone to two high schools in my life (and I’m done this year), I’ve never been transfered for bullying. It’s so easy to talk shit behind the safety of your keyboard. Say it to my face you nasty clit glob.

  4. Dude i go to the same school as you jackson “jawbreaker” and the only s that gets broken is yours if i recall right…and its gonna happen again you ugly queer your fucked have mommy transfer you to ANOTHER school becuase you cant take the “bullys” loser

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