1. wow… stickydrama just became assholes…
    why would u do that to someone like that
    i mean
    its wrong….

  2. his show is so fuken boring i saw it on the feautured list i cant believe stickam features boring ugly losers

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  4. on his profile he says “im god im hot and i love myself”…………… right. idk if he’s god but i kno tht utly bitch isnt hot.

  5. ppl may think lil petey is a nice person ..he isnt he is a fake ass bitch..there is nothing nice about him.
    oh i mean lil petey as in small dick

  6. Looks like Petey will end up looking like Marlon Brando in his later years. Why are kids so fat today? I mean, I’m not that old (late 20s) and kids with the exception of a few were not generally fat and out of shape. Not to pick on Petey, but you wonder what’s going on because it seems to be the norm today. Eat organic! Go Vegan! Live longer! Stay healthy!

  7. oh stickydrama
    how you amuse me!
    this is so true.
    and possibly the only
    reason petey is featured
    on stickam. for the world
    to see how fucking ugly
    he is!
    with love

  8. Why am I the only one not laughing? This is a waist of creativity seriously.
    Epic Fail.
    btw anyone else look at the stickycam and almost thought it was Haley from Paramore? haha

  9. Wtf stickydrama?
    Why do you have a picture of me without my fucking pokemon wig??
    I’m still beautiful.

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