“You always end up right.”
With those words, Amor Hilton became the first girl to give StickyDrama an orgasm since … well, a very, very long time.

We’ve been chatting on and off with Amor in the aftermath of what we hope to be her final breakup with John Hock, gathering details here and there. We first began posing questions when she popped up unexpectedly in our chatroom, on Tomy Toolshed’s account no less:

She appeared with her brother, who has been helping Hock produce his show on Stickam. The two jokingly argued whether he would continue to do so, now that Amor is no longer with the scumbag.
Amor was initially circumspect in her online statements about her statutory rapist ex-boyfriend. Despite our best efforts, she would not engage in the same tactics Hock had stooped to during his show—our readers will recall it was Hock who immediately began calling Amor names, in particular a “brick on a leash.” Her one on-cam comment: “As soon as he can get some help—because he has some issues— then we can have a friendship maybe.” Later on AIM, though, she explained why she described her relationship with Hock as “abusive” in a Myspace bulletin:

She debunked several rumors. First, she denied the existence of a sex video she and Hock had made; while they did record one, she claims it was deleted from the camera. Second, she addressed the rumor, started by Hock, that she had slept with another boy while Hock was still living at her apartment. That boy, Animal Suit Hijack, is just a friend with whom Amor was cuddling; Hock walked in on the two and overreacted. “But we were broken up anyway,” she added, “I can lay down with my friend if I want to.”
Amor also confirmed a few rumors—namely that her couch might soon become Tomy Toolshed’s next bed. When asked whether the relationship was strictly platonic or not, she left little doubt:

Speaking of sex, Amor told her own version of the so-called 3some between her, Hock and October Hallow.

Lastly, she weighed in on the growing debate of whether the AIM screen name itsjohnhockkkk is actually used by John Hock. To the best of her knowledge, John has never used that SN, and whoever is using it is an impostor that has fooled many Stickam users, including top-ranked Entertainers.
While satisfied that we’ve answered our readers’ immediate questions concerning the most eagerly awaited breakup in online history, StickyDrama cannot help but suspect there remain some undisclosed scandals. Like who is the old man PWNing the rapist’s ass in exchange for sponsoring the John Hock Show? Whoever he is, that’s one rich old queen who must not have heard of Craigslist. If gay prostitution will fund a webcast, we’re sure there are plenty of other younger, more talented, and tighter boys in Los Angeles, waiting to be discovered.


  1. this is hilarious because tomy is just as bad as john if not worse he used to fuck with my best friend his ex sammantha all the time not under the influence of anything, i witnessed it first hand numerous times. and he’s like sickly obsessed with john its weird.

  2. Tomy uses people. He can’t provide for himself. He is the bitch of every realationship. He has no tool in his toolshed

  3. so.. she let john have sex with someone else because she couldnt?
    you kidding? that sounds like something youd hear on the jerry springer show.
    fucked up.

  4. Alright, first off, I don’t know much about this stickam stuff, honestly I think it is a bunch of immature dumbasses that just want their fifteen minutes of fame going on there, but I can say one thing..
    Tomy toolshed, Don’t even BOTHER going out with him. He is all sweet at first, then he proceeds to be a fucking asshole. He has no respect for anyone other than himself. I dated him, and I broke up with him because I was sick of his fucked up way of life. He smokes weed, well he did, I don’t know if he still does, but he used to do it alot then get pissed when I didn’t want him coming over to dinner because I didn’t want my mom to know. Then he hit on my friends all the time, and even proceeded to wrestle one of them to ‘cop a feel’. Oh, and Lord forbid if you don’t give him a blowjob because you have morals and want to wait a while before doing sexual stuff, oh he gets pissed.
    He’s a moron, I’m sick of standing up for him, I’ll let everyone know, he’s a worthless piece of shit that deserves nothing good out of life.

  5. october=johns twin sister irl, they hide it, they are rly bor and sis.
    they are gonna have genetically def bbys

  6. LOL @ Octobers flap pussy noods. shessuch a groupie. she claims to hang out with alesana all the time, plz, he has a fiancee bitch.
    meat loaf eater!
    i love your bation video nice ring

  7. 818-620-0111
    that’s amor’s number. i heard this whole “brake up is a fake and that they’re still living together. and eden and amor ARE NOT siblings at all they have just been best friends forever. and amor is only 17.
    she likes it too much. she’s a publicity whore.

  8. I am proud about how John is taking this… Amor is bad-mouthing, hoeing around and just plain being a bitch and John has just ignored it, doing his thing, and making something out of his life. Goooo John! Boooo Amor!

  9. hah i love how they tried to fake chelsea lynn but spelled chelsea wrong haha
    dumb fuck.

  10. im glad amor is gone now i can take johns dick up my ass and gently lick each genital wart.

  11. idk because they say there together but then tomy says that hes not dating her because shes mean?
    and what is up with amor dating rapist

  12. Oh Amor, please don’t get with Tomy. In case you didn’t know, he shit talks A LOT. I think you need to get with a girl ๐Ÿ˜€

    And… Lorelai, you’re stupid. Take those long ass paragraphs off of your stickam profile nobody cares what you have to say. I love how you write like people actually read it. HA. I mean, who the fuck are you? Go die

  14. go amor. she’s my fucking idol, dude. you know what? shitface his car. not out of revenge or any petty shit like that. cause it’s funny.

  15. she didnt love john if she let him fuck someone else….and john must not of loved amor.
    by that time their relationship was old and boring.
    john wanted to fuck other chicks after about a month of being with amor.
    amor never made a sound or moved or anything when they fucked.
    john likes rough sex.
    amor likes whatever she can get.
    amor got tired of john pounding her pussy.
    john got tired of fucking a dead person.

  16. lol @ him already talking shit about her calling her immature in comments to people.

    tomy calling someone immature, pot calling the kettle black much.

    i wonder if she’s still flying to NY to road trip it back with him?

    wonder if tomy already has a new LA honey, i wouldn’t doubt it, he’s a slut. everyone might say amor is easy, but tomy has a new girlfriend every week.

  17. looks like the love birds aren’t going to work out. Tomy was talking about shit about Amor in his love this morning. Saying, “she’s a fucking cunt. now I know why john acted the way he did.” haha tomy is a t00l.

  18. likeee omggg, i neeeeed amor in my lifeee shes like sooo cute and stufffff :DD!!! AMORRR date meee? plox lolwot? ;]

  19. How is October Easy?
    at least in comparison to the 17 year old who john hock got pregnant, who is now internet dating tomy toolshed, who was begging october to live with him, October looks pretty swell.
    Amor is pretty, but immature, and a hypocrite.
    stop airing all your dirty laundry.
    {attention *Cough* whore}

  20. Who the fuck lets another girl fuck the person they “love”?
    Its called a blowjob if you can’t have sex.

  21. Honestly,, i think tomys using her for a place to stay and for a quick fuck buddy when he goes to L.A and then when he gets settled in hes gonna drop her ass like woah, and i would hate to see that happen to amor but if choices in cock were better this fucked up shit wouldnt happen. orr she could go to gage…

  22. ewww Tomy is a faggot.
    obviously he has no respect for girls, you would realize that if you watched more then 2 mins of this live.
    all he does is bitch about how every girl does him wrong.
    plus he has a small cock and looks like a retarded version of Elliot Ben

  23. โ€œI let her fuck John cause it was his birthday lol and I canโ€™t have sexโ€ LOL AT EVERY MAKING FUN AT THIS STATEMENT LOL WHO DOES THAT?

  24. And if you look at all the people dismissing Sticky’s pots, it becomes s. more and more evident that Sticky just embellishes stories. October said she never said they did anything more than make-out, Eden didn’t even know they were ‘arguing’, and John is admitting it’s his screen name.

  25. Yeah, I sent John an IM asking if he’d be there and he replied and said ‘Yes.’ That’s very true. I do believe the screen name does belong to John. But why would Amor lie about something as simple as a screen name?

  26. sracastic panic by the way you saw me at warped tour in ventura after asking me if ide be their and was i? yeeeah stickyfail needs to be more current with their drama and not listen to amor who lies about eveyrthing ๐Ÿ˜€ ciao.

  27. STFU JOHN.
    If she’s so chubby why the fuck did you date her.
    & why the fuck would she not want to kill herself, she has to live with the fact that nearly the whole internet knows she fucked up & dated you.
    You’re more messed up than I thought if you dont see the fact that you’re the one who needs the help.
    nuff said.

  28. Wow. I never said there was anything more then making out. Because there wasn’t. Words in my mouth. I would never make shit up like this. I didn’t want any of this to happen and I don’t want to be on here. I gave that interview before because I knew they were gonna write about me and I wanted it to be at least the right story and even that didn’t happen. :/ oh well. oh and BTW Tomy has been asking me if he could move in with me for over a month now…loser.

  29. weed is not a drug.
    loose vagina should be a crime too.
    amor is chubby as fuck.
    im glad were done because shes the kind of crazy girlfriend that does not let you do anything.
    she tried killing herself jsut the other day.
    she took about 30 pills/
    shes the one who needs help.

  30. amor is just looking for attention because shes getting none now that jonh and her broke up.
    john hock keep blowing my mind away ๐Ÿ˜€

  31. tomy toolshed though? is this a joke hes so fucking ugly amor . you and john looked so good together! but i knowwwwwwwww when tony gets there and you see him you will realize how ugly he really is ! and that you are wayyy to pretty for him

  32. alright, I’ve known tommy for some time and it IS IN FACT true, he does talk alot of shit he went from hating john to like trying to be his best friend, when I saw he wanted to date Amor I burst out laughing, I feel as if the only thing that comes from Tomy is some internet jealousy so now hes gonna pound some pussy john had, and btw. Why is everyone posting as anon, if your gonna say stuff at least put a name by it.~

  33. I love Amor. Before John, no one knew who she was, but I did. She was the cute, sweet and loving teenage girl. True, her fame shot up when she was dating John. He made her; he can break her.
    But honestly, when John came along, she turned into a girl who I never saw before. She was wild, reckless…but idk, some how John was perfect for her. He was like the perfect person to bring out this side of her. They were happy with eachother. Then all the lies began and all the drama started.
    Remember when she was pregnant, and she posted pictures of her and John with her “baby bump”? The picture against the yellow wall? Did anyone notice that they were wearing the SAME EXACT outfits as the pictures taken against the yellow wall when they first started dating? Do they just not a lot clothes? Or was that picture taken months before she got pregnant? I’m not saying she was never pregnant, I’m just saying those pictures are a bit suspicious. THINK ABOUT IT.
    And as for Tomy. He called all sorts of names before and during John Hock. He’s a fucking user.
    And if they do get together, which they most likely will, it’ll just be John all over again. Only I know that John is most of the time, a very decent guy. But Tomy…when I first met him on Stickam, he was charming, cute. He was dating that Britni girl. I stopped talking to him though, because every time I was in his live, he was always, always talking shit. It got so boringgg. So, my advice to Amor: NO TOMY. NO HOCK. JUST AMOR.

  34. wtf?
    thank GOD they did not get married, theyre relationship sounded wayyy too loose.

  35. So the bottom line is that she knew he took drugs, that he was abusive and basically a complete cock and YET still went out with him, apparently let him knock her up and will probably get back with him.
    If any of that is true, then they deserve each other for being complete morons.

  36. omg i fucking hate her >:l i seriously cant stand that bitch. everything has to be about her. fucking controlling psycho bitch >:llll “i let her fuck him cause i cant have sex” WTFE she’s such a bad girlfriend >;lll

  37. yuo guys, elave amor alone shes a good girl i fucke dup i realize this, and just because we didnt work out doesnt mean you guys need to go be asshoels to one or the others im not trying to create team amor team john just let us be, its our fucking problem not stickydramas problem too, amor isnt fat by the way so fuck off ciao

  38. i hate hock, but amor seems like a really sweet girl. but she makes bad decisions nonetheless.
    on the other hand, if she didn’t, stickydrama wouldn’t be as great a site. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  39. uh…
    to everyone calling amor beautiful…
    how the fuck can you think that?
    her look is SO fake
    she looks just like everyone else…..
    she may have a cute personality but stilll
    she’s too fake to be beautiful

  40. to be totally honest although tomy is way better then john
    hes not that great look at the past stories
    he uses girls for a place to live (like john), says its true happiness,
    that its real love this time and what not, then about a week later
    hes on stickam telling everyone to find him another cute girl
    because that one “broke his heart”
    amor always posted bulletins about her and john wanting a threesome
    im not saying i think it ever happened just pointing that out
    but i do think shes a sweet girl and deserves a real man
    not some internet famous punk

  41. tomy toolshed talks shit about amor all the time! wtf does he want with her fat ass anyway? o-O
    she’s had hock’s gross std jizz shootin p33n in her.
    amor banged october and every other girl and guy hock banged…because you know hock doesnt use a condom. ew gross.
    add up all the people hock has been with…that we know about…and all the people those people have been with…and so on.
    congratulations amor you’re the NUMBER 1 STICKAM SLUT!!
    …for now anyway.

  42. AMOR IS A LYING BITCH. She posted a bulletin 3 days after she supposedly miscarried looking for a threesome. If she’s really had a miscarriage and DNC the last thing she’s want is so other chic in her bed. I can’t believe anyone would be so stupid to believe a word that comes out of her mouth. So what?? John’s lying and now October is too? Clearly Stickydrama knows she’s lying too but will act like he gives a shit to get more info. She assaulted John, fucked that dude on the couch, participated completely in that threesome and never was pregnant. Surely no one is stupid enough to think anything that comes out of that chic’s mouth is for real (with the exception of some pussy cum!) BITCH!

  43. hasn’t john already moved into his own place? it appeared that way when i last saw him live. annnd why can’t Amor have sex? i’m guessing it has something to do with the miscarriage, but I don’t know…

  44. Finally the truth.
    I believe Amor, because everyone knows Hock is scum.
    He plays mind games with the girls he dates & when they finally leave, he tears them to shreds on cam.
    He’s a lying disgusting little fuck.
    I should know from past experiences…I would use my name but that’ll just bring back past stories & drama.
    All I can say is AMOR FTW.
    Hock is shit.
    Chelsea Lynn better be careful.

  45. i think tomy is better than hock.. then again, any guy is better than hock if he has such messed up issues and such things for younger girls. i think if it comes between hock and tomy which it wont, tomy should be with amor..
    then again, amor doesnt even have to pick one of them?
    dun dun dun

  46. didn’t tomy call her chubby and “a slut” when she was dating hock? like he said that in his live. he’s talked shit about every girl john has been with, saying (and i paraphrase) that they’re disgusting and gross(partially for fucking john).
    tomy’s been trying to move out to cali forever, he’s said he wanted to move there within the year.
    i doubt he really wants to be with her, i think he just wants some internet famous pussy and an excuse to move out there. their relationship won’t work, tomy is too controlling.
    amor you’re beautiful, please don’t get tied down to some other “yea i’m famous on the internet” guy.

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