“You always end up right.”
With those words, Amor Hilton became the first girl to give StickyDrama an orgasm since … well, a very, very long time.

We’ve been chatting on and off with Amor in the aftermath of what we hope to be her final breakup with John Hock, gathering details here and there. We first began posing questions when she popped up unexpectedly in our chatroom, on Tomy Toolshed’s account no less:

She appeared with her brother, who has been helping Hock produce his show on Stickam. The two jokingly argued whether he would continue to do so, now that Amor is no longer with the scumbag.
Amor was initially circumspect in her online statements about her statutory rapist ex-boyfriend. Despite our best efforts, she would not engage in the same tactics Hock had stooped to during his show—our readers will recall it was Hock who immediately began calling Amor names, in particular a “brick on a leash.” Her one on-cam comment: “As soon as he can get some help—because he has some issues— then we can have a friendship maybe.” Later on AIM, though, she explained why she described her relationship with Hock as “abusive” in a Myspace bulletin:

She debunked several rumors. First, she denied the existence of a sex video she and Hock had made; while they did record one, she claims it was deleted from the camera. Second, she addressed the rumor, started by Hock, that she had slept with another boy while Hock was still living at her apartment. That boy, Animal Suit Hijack, is just a friend with whom Amor was cuddling; Hock walked in on the two and overreacted. “But we were broken up anyway,” she added, “I can lay down with my friend if I want to.”
Amor also confirmed a few rumors—namely that her couch might soon become Tomy Toolshed’s next bed. When asked whether the relationship was strictly platonic or not, she left little doubt:

Speaking of sex, Amor told her own version of the so-called 3some between her, Hock and October Hallow.

Lastly, she weighed in on the growing debate of whether the AIM screen name itsjohnhockkkk is actually used by John Hock. To the best of her knowledge, John has never used that SN, and whoever is using it is an impostor that has fooled many Stickam users, including top-ranked Entertainers.
While satisfied that we’ve answered our readers’ immediate questions concerning the most eagerly awaited breakup in online history, StickyDrama cannot help but suspect there remain some undisclosed scandals. Like who is the old man PWNing the rapist’s ass in exchange for sponsoring the John Hock Show? Whoever he is, that’s one rich old queen who must not have heard of Craigslist. If gay prostitution will fund a webcast, we’re sure there are plenty of other younger, more talented, and tighter boys in Los Angeles, waiting to be discovered.


  1. this is hilarious because tomy is just as bad as john if not worse he used to fuck with my best friend his ex sammantha all the time not under the influence of anything, i witnessed it first hand numerous times. and he’s like sickly obsessed with john its weird.

  2. Tomy uses people. He can’t provide for himself. He is the bitch of every realationship. He has no tool in his toolshed

  3. so.. she let john have sex with someone else because she couldnt?
    you kidding? that sounds like something youd hear on the jerry springer show.
    fucked up.

  4. Alright, first off, I don’t know much about this stickam stuff, honestly I think it is a bunch of immature dumbasses that just want their fifteen minutes of fame going on there, but I can say one thing..
    Tomy toolshed, Don’t even BOTHER going out with him. He is all sweet at first, then he proceeds to be a fucking asshole. He has no respect for anyone other than himself. I dated him, and I broke up with him because I was sick of his fucked up way of life. He smokes weed, well he did, I don’t know if he still does, but he used to do it alot then get pissed when I didn’t want him coming over to dinner because I didn’t want my mom to know. Then he hit on my friends all the time, and even proceeded to wrestle one of them to ‘cop a feel’. Oh, and Lord forbid if you don’t give him a blowjob because you have morals and want to wait a while before doing sexual stuff, oh he gets pissed.
    He’s a moron, I’m sick of standing up for him, I’ll let everyone know, he’s a worthless piece of shit that deserves nothing good out of life.

  5. october=johns twin sister irl, they hide it, they are rly bor and sis.
    they are gonna have genetically def bbys

  6. LOL @ Octobers flap pussy noods. shessuch a groupie. she claims to hang out with alesana all the time, plz, he has a fiancee bitch.
    meat loaf eater!
    i love your bation video nice ring

  7. 818-620-0111
    that’s amor’s number. i heard this whole “brake up is a fake and that they’re still living together. and eden and amor ARE NOT siblings at all they have just been best friends forever. and amor is only 17.
    she likes it too much. she’s a publicity whore.

  8. I am proud about how John is taking this… Amor is bad-mouthing, hoeing around and just plain being a bitch and John has just ignored it, doing his thing, and making something out of his life. Goooo John! Boooo Amor!

  9. hah i love how they tried to fake chelsea lynn but spelled chelsea wrong haha
    dumb fuck.

  10. im glad amor is gone now i can take johns dick up my ass and gently lick each genital wart.

  11. idk because they say there together but then tomy says that hes not dating her because shes mean?
    and what is up with amor dating rapist

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