Woe, a thousand times woe unto StickyDrama, for we were not present during what has been hailed as nothing less than the best fight ever witnessed on Stickam.
StickyDrama was present yesterday as Tara Mason was Live at the residence of spamgod and occasional on-cam jerk-offer Matthew Lush. Apparently after Tara had kicked us for the peccadillo of streaming our non-explicit Lush GIF, the two started trash-talking Audrey Kitching, who as fate would have it must have been listening to them from someplace nearby. The bitch actually showed up at Lush’s door to confront him!
As Lush and Audrey went at it, Tara brought her laptop to the door so that her viewers could witness the fight. StickyDrama regrets being unable to quote any of the juicy morsels exchanged; all we have been told is that Audrey confronted Lush with what he had said, and he denied having said it, the lying pussy cocksucker.
Anyone who screen-recorded the confrontation, or is even able to recollect the exchanges between Lush and Audrey, is urged to contact StickyDrama.



  1. matthew’s rep= pile of shit. he is a looser and will never do anything good for this world, he my friends, is indeed worthless nad needs to remove his faggot ass from the internet…

  2. Yeah, he shit talks his 11 year old wristcutting fans who are ALSO members of the latest Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco fan clubs

  3. fucking love audreyyyyyyy
    Even if she is a bitch, i admire her for it.
    lush is an idiot.
    And you guys saying Audrey is rude?!
    Look at fucking matt, he shit talks his fans off cam.
    Again, audrey is amazing.
    end of story.

  4. I Can’t Believe Your Even Satisfying This Girl By Promoting Her Page On Your Site. Ive Been In Her Live And All She Does Is Crave Sticky Drama Attention Not To Mention Is Using Other Stickam Members For Popularity And Matt Lush Should Just Die Already I Thought He Was Done With Stickam.

  5. Let me get this straight, Sticky. You just put up a post about a story that you heard about, but can’t confirm, and now you want your readers to do your job and give you the whole story? Why not just ignore the story until you find out if it’s even a story, or say “we suck, please help!” either of which would be better than posting this crap.

  6. audrey is a cheap rip off of jeffree star
    shes a fucking total bitch
    whenever shes live shes rude
    to alll her fucking viewers
    shes just butthurt
    that hannah beth ditched her ugly ass to be besties with jeffreee
    and matthew is ugly

  7. That’s not what happened stickydrama. You got the story all wrong. Check tara’s buzznet blog for the real story.

  8. haha oh matthew… so lame.
    it would have been interesting though. i’m sure audrey would beat his ass.

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