Nine out of ten boys agree: NathanAmazing starts looking sexy as fuck when the cocksucker has hacked their phone, email, AIM and MSN, and wont give the accounts back until they’ve gone Private with him.
In the weekly roundup of online terror, Nick of Radiation Year was his first victim. His Stickam was deleted; shortly after StickyDrama was sent caps of Nick eating his own cum, it was restored.
Mr. Amazing was in the mood for anal the other night, and had Andy Br00t4l finger himself. Deeply. Andy preferred to get the rectal violation out of the way before any of his online accounts were suspended.
Last but not least, Nathan’s longtime nemesis Seka had her phone disconnected the other night. Not being fortunate enough to have a penis, she was unable to offer Nathan anything in exchange for having her service restored.


  1. Nathan victimized one of my children, I told that fool to stay away. Now he is going to pay. I have notified the police locally and the FBI so go ahead and chat away you knuckle because you are going down. Just remember all those fantasies that you wanted these underaged teenagers to act out for your sexual gratification…they will pale in comparison to what your fellow cell mates have in store for you. They love guys lilke NATHAN and oh it will be an AMAZING experience. FYI you don’t get internet access in jail….and go ahead delete all crap I have been collecting the data for some time and the subpoenas were issued in the summer. So if you are a victim of Nathan’s feel free to contact me and I will make sure the authories hold this ugly fat scumbag accountable. Guess you should have picked someone else’s kid as your victim – I love my children and will punish you legally for your actions. Now that is called getting even and I don’t need some pretend MYSPACE ADMIN or have to pay some HACKER to do my dirty work why because the FBI will do it for free and I will sell this story to LAW AND ORDER. I am sure his parents will be proud…albeit broke because I will be holding his parent financially responsible. Oh and I don’t hide behind “FAKE” myspace profiles.

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