You know, dear readers, StickyDrama has been calling Matthew Lush a two-faced stereotype for about 3 years now. But lately we’ve grown flat-out disgusted by his dancing-4-dollars gimmick.

The 20-something-year-old spamgod isn’t a spring chicken anymore. His fake marshmallow-soaked-in-honey smile isn’t able to sell as many crappy t-shirts as it did in his teens.  At least, that’s our best guess, since he recently bitched on both YouTube and Twitter (hey, why not Plurk, Matthew?) that there were only 4 dollars in his bank account.

Cry us a fucking river. A broke e-celebrity … a tragedy … such a tragedy.  And as if a broke e-celeb wasn’t rare enough, there is disturbing evidence that Lush might be a big flaming phony as well.  What are the odds of that!  Anyway Hislatestvictim, whoever the fuck she is, wrote as much on a recent formspring response:

It is unclear how Stacey here knows Lush, but her opinion of his character coincides perfectly with our own.  He’s the stereotypical faggot who gives normal cocksuckers a bad name.  PUT SOME FUCKING CLOTHES ON.


  1. am i the only one who thinks he sounds like the talking shark/jaws (also other animal characters) in family guy? ^^

  2. I would actually buy him some food on the condition that he wear a head to toe black latex suit and I can keep him in a cage. Every once is a while I’d signal he can come out by shocking him with a cattle prod.

  3. Surely, he must be selling his body by now. His asshole probably looks like an old prolapsed vagina. Really icky!

  4. Yeah I agree w/ two posts above; Danny Noriega and Matthew Lush were made for each other. They are just alike, but Danny Noriega is more of a wannabe following in Lush’s footsteps. He even produced tshirts come on! lol
    Maybe they should get married they have so much in common.

  5. He really sucks at trying to manipulate people. Matthew makes money. He’s a youtube partner and even his shitty 4,000 views make him a little dough. He’s also pretty much a god at the internet. I’m not sure if hes a hacker or not but I know he knows them and those guys have no rules. They can steal money with the drop of a hat. People need to stop giving him stuff, he doesn’t need it. Didn’t he stay with that guy Derek in MN for like 3 months rent free! He better have been giving him head or something.

  6. OMG Danny Noriega needs to collaborate with Matthew so we can kill two turds with one big ass plane crash.

  7. PETA won’t help him because they only help animals and he is not an animal. The and he is not a vegan either cum is an animal product hypocrite.
    Too bad he won’t read this shit so he can see what people really think.

  8. Why won’t PETA come to his aid since he’s done so much outstanding work for them…
    Ya Matt, lose the gay voice act – start acting like a normal human being – eat some real food and get a damn job.

  9. hes fucking annoying he needs to grow up and realize that he needs a job and his own shit now,honey life goes on and ur still trying to hold on to ur “e-fame” ur so old and ewwwww now gro the fuck up!

  10. Well I for one am not for Matthew Lush. Not in the least bit. But maybe he is just stealing someone’s internet. LA has TONS of places you can connect with a Wireless Laptop. And the location of the video is probably a pool park in LA.
    Anyways, he’s a mooch. The guy will never go far in life begging his roams of emo-clad *clears throat* scene-clad fanbase for money. The gay accent is the worst I heard, and his emo-esque bleached hair is disgusting. Do yourself a favor Matt, do a NicKitty or AudioWh0rgasm and leave the interwebz. Start making your OWN money by WORKING and not asking/begging people to do the work for you. I heard McDonalds is hiring.

  11. Maybe he should realize the “e-fame” days are kinda dead compared to how they used to be, and try getting an education and getting a consistent paying job. Honestly, his life would fucking suck.

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