StickyDrama often receives letters from our readers and the subjects of our posts.  For various reasons, we do not post or reference every item sent to us.  But since some of these “Letters to the Editor” are intriguing stories waiting to be told, we will now begin posting them in their entirety, without any editing, and with the understanding that StickyDrama does not necessarily agree with their content nor vouch for their accuracy.
Malice Millionaire emailed the following letter to StickyDrama on June 25, 2008, in response to our Myspace Murder Mystery post.  She explained the circumstances surrounding the death of Daniel Cespedes, including his relationship to Kiki Kannibal.  However when we asked for clarifications to her story, Malice refused to cooperate, stating that everything she had to say was already in the letter.  At the time, we were reluctant to use information we could not verify.  In particular, Malice’s claim that the Kannibals did not arrange Cespedes’s arrest at the Aventura Mall seemed to contradict statements made by Kiki’s mother.
I finally had read your story. i’d like for you to tell these people that this story is much more complicated than people think. There’s a lot more to it. This wasn’t for revenge. The comment i had left on Danny’s stickam was very immature on my part. I know he wouldn’t read it, so i needed to vent i guess. At that time i didn’t know he had went into acoma or any of that. I left him 4 voice messages, explaining why it happened. Some msgs were me crying when i found out his condition.
I’m being threatened by several people and harassed by several more. I’ve already gotten attacked by someone the day of his funeral. I have pictures. It was very very bad. This whole thing is draining in many ways and i want people to understand that this was nothing out of spite. He already had a warrant out (he also had a hearing when he got back to miami for his grand theft charge btw).
Warrants aren’t given out like candy, you know? He had a NATIONAL warrant. Which means, basically he could have been anywhere and if someone knew about him and called the cops, he’d get arrested. 
As for him jumping… Why? well lets think. If he knew he was “innocent” and whatnot why would he have to run. All he would have been charged with is cocaine possession. (as well as other drugs, but that was the only one on his form). He knew he would have to face it, so he ran to escape. That’s that. When i had got home, my friend called me (who was there) and said the news was on, and danny had jumped. That’s when i spazzed.  
Kiki was not evolved in this one bit. She didn’t want much to do with it at all. The poor girl had moved from Coral Springs to Orlando. Why? Danny’s family was threatening to kill them. That’s right.
It’s very unfortunate that this happened. I have to deal with it EVERYDAY. I can’t go about my life the same way anymore because of it. It’s sad. The reality of the situation is a few of us (including his 14 year old girlfriend) made sure he was at the Aventura Mall a certain day and time, and we notified the police that some with a warrant out for child molestation was there. That was all. 
My dad was there to make sure Danny did try something and whatever. My dad was furious. To this day, my father worries for my safety. He wonders if his little girl is going to be okay. He’s ready to do anything to make this stop. These people aren’t all there. It’s serious. It’s more serious than people think. 
Now let me explain the whole rape thing.
Danny looked for only YOUNG girls. The oldest girl he “dated” was a 16 year, whose name will not be mentioned. He told his girlfriends (me and others) to lie about our age. He forced Kiki into sex after promising Kiki’s mother that he wouldn’t Forced.  Regardless of them dating, that is rape.  SEVERAL other girls before and after Kiki were very young, and were victims to his little girl obsession. He not only raped them, he got them doing drugs and abused that. He also messed with their heads. None of these girls have been exactly the same since then. Like i had said before, it’s very sad and unfortunate. The last thing we wanted was any of this. It was devastating. We all have cried so much. It hurts a lot. What hurts more it the fact that people are dragging this one adding things/making up things/assuming things that aren’t true. I was very VERY pissed when i found out about what he did (this is after we broke up). I wanted him to just…go to jail. You know, learn his lesson. He had talked about how he never wanted be like his father (who was a rapist), but he let it happen. I felt very bad for Danny. He came from a very malfuntional family. His father raped Danny’s older sister when she was about 14, which resulted in her son, Mikey. I was contimplating say that, but i feel it makes this easier to understand. His father had held a gun to Danny’s head at age 4. His father chased him, his mother, and i believe one of his sisters around the house with a knife. 
Well i don’t mean to go on and on, but this needs to be understood. There’s even MORE than just this, but i feel it’s time for me to speak out.
On that note, i don’t mind people reading this.
My hopes are high, and i’m just waiting for understanding.
-Mal (formally known as “Malice Millionaire”)


  1. “The kid was a pedophile.. now he’s dead.. end of story.”
    Does anyone else sense the verbal irony? How many men (ADULTS) are you in the habit of calling ‘kid’s?
    As far as I’m concerned, he’s either a kid, or he’s a pedophile. And wtf? Did this kid have someone’s parent’s permission?

  2. not like I’m totally defending the situation, but what if Kiki or these other girl’s don’t have good family lives? like if your mom and dad don’t get along.. or if your dad talks a lot of shit to your mom or something you tend to go for older guys because its almost like wanting to feel the love from someone older that you’re not really getting from your parents.
    I feel like by saying that I’m in a Jerry Springer audience and all of stickydrama is going to start chanting “go to oprah” at me.. but sometimes I think people should look at things more open minded because honestly.. you don’t know how bad someone else has it..
    PLUS danny looked hella “little kid” scene back then.. so sceenie boppers of the time totally loved him and his coon tail hair.
    my 15 year old self woulda hit it.
    lawlz.. jk.
    i think i was nu metal way back then.. ROFLCOPTER

  3. I dont think people realise 16 isnt seen as young anymore….the guy was in the wrong for definate but if youre a 15//16 year old girl and you agree to it,you take some of the blame for being a dumb bitch.

  4. yeah, this is all old news and it seems a little pointless to keep bringing it up.
    The kid was a pedophile.. now he’s dead.. end of story.
    “kiki was in no way evolved.” that made me laugh.
    Girl can’t even keep her words correct, how do you expect a story to make sense?
    Either way.. this story needs to be laid to rest with Danny.. Its not like you can dig him up and charge him in a court of law or something. I also highly doubt Kiki was involved in him dying.. she was just a kid back then.

  5. legally, it is no problem to speak ill of the dead. For example, in James Bamford’s The Puzzle Palace, a book about the National Security Agency, a former government employee is called a Russian spy even though he was never convicted of anything other than contempt of court. The family considered a defamation lawsuit, but learned that it was impossible because the subject was dead. In some cases, a libel suit filed by a person who dies may be continued, but relatives of a dead person cannot bring a libel suit.
    Copypasta, learn your shit people.

  6. I cant believe after all this drama kikis mom actually let her date a 24 year old MAN who is so much older then her? that family is waked!
    kikis mom you need to take more care of your underage girls and NOT let them date MAN.
    Someone should call social services on her JS

  7. Tyler Cyrus mkaybve kik only likes older men now because of the truma she went through with Danny like seriously she was raped by him .. that can mess people up

  8. yeah but notice kiki loves the older men too, so ut wasn’t all his fault even though he was a jackass too

  9. ^ word.
    i don’t believe a word she said. Mrs. Kannibal doesn’t seem like the type of person to just up and move after being threatened. I would think she’d take some legal action if his family was threatening hers.

  10. this story should have been put to rest with him. it’s not current and i think it’s pretty rude to keep bringing this shit up. unless the site is running out of stories >_> just sayin’

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