The archetypal child who embodies everything that goes wrong when a teenager gets a webcam.

Stickam’s top-ranked female Entertainer for years, Kiki was banned from Myspace at the age of 14 because of the uproar surrounding her ubiquitous underage n00dz, taken for an e-boyfriend who of course spammed the bejesus out of them.  Originally from the Coral Springs district of Miami, she was forced to move to the Orlando suburb Ococee after the death of her ex-boyfriend Danny Cespedes, aka Mr. Myspace.  After 19-year-old Cespedes broke up with then-15-year-old Kiki, her mother Cathy Ostrenga reported Cespedes to the police for statutory rape.  In an attempt to evade the police, Cespedes accidentally fell to his death from a parking structure.  Kiki almost always goes Live under the oppressive supervision of her mother, whose on-camera meltdowns and dingbat ramblings are pretty damn funny.  Kiki supposedly turns 18 in September 2010, and often tweets about moving to Los Angeles in order to further her music career.


  1. She think’s everyone loves her when in reality everyone hates her. not outta jealousy but because she’s a fucking retard xD who takes n00dz at 14?? stupid fuck

  2. I don’t know her personally but I had hella fun jacking her profile and going live xD everyone that seen it was laughing their fkn asses off as I was doing the “carb0n hacking hock” impression 😀 “new shoowwww its the newwwww kikiii shooooowwwwww” rofl

  3. contrary to popular belief, your labia size has nothing to do with looseness or being “floppy.”

  4. why is her pussy so huge?! look at it! she’s only 17 and she’s that floppy? gross…

  5. kiki is the most disgusting failure on the face of planet earth…
    wait… i take that back. kiki’s mom, cathy ostrenga, is the most disgusting failure on planet earth.

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