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@mmmKikiKannibal Sings Live


Kiki Kannibal sang Live on Stickam.

What do you think?


  1. 1. That mic must not be hooked up because there is no way it’d give that crap of quality!
    2. Her singing sucks. She sounds like Ashlee Simpson being fucked under water!

  2. whatever!!!!!!!! , shell sell records cause shes “popular” but i really hate her ass , SHE DONT HAVE HER OWN STYLE , and shes a shit talking lil whore, use that bubble head for something eles !
    i been writing,recording and performing for years , im even in spin mag, and ant made it very far , I HOPE SHE FLOPS! falls on her face while she has one of her fits ,
    OR WE FAIL AS ARTIST suporting her shit!!! do not buy her shit ! non of her shit
    her shirts nothan and dont take her advice , 9 outa 10 its prob bad ! ! think about it if someone is so hot and great
    why cant she get a real bf only cyber ones (who meet her and leave her),one guy killed himself? is there something we just dont know here?
    and i DONT CARE CAUSE SHES A STuPID WHORE WHOS FAKE FROM HER HAIR TO HER TOES, eyes fake hair fake , ugh back to life i hate this brod ! 🙁 makes me wanna take a shot of sky vodka , OH BTW LIL FUCKS! anyone can sing with auto tunes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What is she singing? Why does she think this is singing? She sounds like Britney Spears in horrible pain. Kiki, go die, you’re not “famous,” you’re not “cool,” just shut the fuck up.

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