StickyDrama is reaching out to our readers in a request for information about a notorious capper, who used aliases such as Sean Savvy and Zach Zesty to screen-record sexually explicit performances of underage girls.  It is our understanding that Sean Savvy and Zach Zesty are in fact the same individual who resides in California.
It seems the person who called himself Sean Savvy is a person of interest in an investigation pertaining to the video from which the following frames were extracted:
There have been several MyDrama posts concerning this character, but those have mostly served as a warning.  StickyDrama is attempting to learn his true identity and location—full legal name and street address.
Please email [email protected] with any information.  You can remain anonymous.
Zach Zesty cached Stickam profile


  1. i know a guy named zach and he was moving on the screen, and he is my bf… and he is zach zesty …. this makes no sense, because he even made a pic with a paper saying evelina is cute ??? SOO im like lost… he was holding the paper… and he was smiling and moving on the screen????

  2. If died means the day he deleted his stickam accounts once he got caught then yes he died….btw lol @ brett using his real last name for the fake wtf?

  3. Sean blackmailed and then destroyed the life of my 13 year old daughter whose image is on over a thousand child porn sites. After I am through with him the FBI will take what’s left. He is looking at roughly 465 years if prosecuted for every offense
    Sean I hope you are reading this because I am so close you should be able to feel my breath on your worthless, scumbag, perverted neck.They just love peds in prison. You are in for a real treat!!

  4. its pretty stupid to say i own shit made by chinks.
    of course i do. i own a chink car and chink videogame systems. why? because they build all these magnificant things for about a nickel a day. they are basically modern day slaves.
    and thats exactly how i love my chinks, in sweatshops and building things but when they come here defending scumbags then i gotta speak up

  5. Keep talking as Anonymous. It really makes me think that you stand by what you say. Not. Saying things while hiding is almost like saying nothing at all. So please continue. At least I’m not afraid to say my part. Also I never said anything that has occured is GOOD or that it’s OKAY. I stated that there’s more to the story than what you are all seeing & that maybe the blame should be directed to everybody.

  6. funny how most racist punks remain anon. You talk all this shit yet im pretty sure most things you have at home were made in china. America needs chinks, so quit talking shit and bringing in the race card. Her race has nothing to do with the situation dumbass

  7. lol@anon race hatin on nikki=win
    k so anyway “Kitten” pretty sure the real sean was blackmailed. As being that when i talked to him, bretts story of how he used a fake girl loop to get him to fap then Brett then blackmailed sean for “loops” and sean did in fear that the video would get released (thats coming from sean and brett). The Loop that brett had previous was ryan miller which brett didnt blackmail. Even being i know he thinks this is a game because the world is in the shits and girls are mindless sluts who love attention. It is STILL morally wrong to manipulate them even being that they are attention whores or not. And it is true @kitten saying that when he is caught being a fake he confesses and 90% of the time the girl doesnt care because brett is a unbelievable manipulator. For the amount of time he has been doing this brett has probally capped 150x more girls then any capper on this entire site, making it basically the blame on it. He found a place where he can u use his manipulating skills and put it to work on a social networking site and it worked but none of that still makes it ok or right.

  8. call me what you want but i call it how it is. not only do you chinks overpopulate our beautiful planet, now yall are building nuclear weapons and defending child predators
    the fact you sit here and defend a scumbag like him says alot about your character
    but hey, if you tell your cousin Chen Yong Choy to give me back my dog’s remains from when they ate him 12 years ago…ill call off my attack

  9. ^ Love, it’s racists like you that are polluting the gene pools. Just a helpful and harmless suggestion on my behalf: learn to expand your ridiculously stereotyped perceptions. Might make life a little more enjoyable.

  10. nikki and kitten are obviously stupid and ugly. not only that but they fail to understand that manipulating an adolescent for sexual reasons is not only morally wrong but against the law
    most teenage girls are insecure and impressionable which is why there are LAWS TO PROTECT THEM. are teenage girls stupid? absolutely. are they at fault? some what. but do they deserve to be recorded and have their lives ruined when these vids get out and people like MOD blackmail them into masturbatin on cam and fuckin themselves with different objects? its all funny til it happens to you
    and i love how you guys claim to know him and hes such a great guy. someone who uses fake loops to get girls naked sure sounds “divine” lmfao, kill yourself and rid our gene pool of youre stupidy you slant eyed, dog eattin mongoloid
    with that said im out fuckface PEACE

  11. I’m going to say this. Being that I know all parties involved. Real Sean, Brett, Katey, other said girls, Swan, Mod and quite a few others. Nobody is solely at fault here. And this is just plain insane. Everybody claims they know everything when in reality they know nothing. Sean is aware his loops are used & he wasn’t blackmailed. Brett views this as a game, liek collecting pokemon cards, not a vigorous fap session. Katey knows they are all cappers and mods them in her room and is friends with them all. Tbh this is all just justly humorous. Nikki is right in so many ways. Her and I hang out in the chats often. Even when we trolled girls and told them that Zach was a fake and proved it, they would just giggle and pretty much randomly show their tits just to get attention. Sure everybody has their faults. But I wouldn’t say the blame is soley 100% any certain person in this situation.

  12. To all: I still stand by what I’ve said. My lack of response isn’t a show of cowardice, but mere astonishment at your vehement (and frankly immature) reactions. You can say all you’d like to about me! Fact of the matter is, you probably don’t know me and probably never will. And the same goes for what little you know of the capper.
    I repeat: it is difficult for me to feel remorse for these girls. I’m not saying what Sean / Zach is doing is right, but there is noooo way all the blame should be placed on him. Like I said, he’s great. 😛

  13. LOL see she has no answer, because she knows shes wrong. and LOL@ link to leahs screencap. So nikki i suppose you think its “divine” that he got that i think shes 14 now? but he got her naked and got her to do bestiality hahaha. fucking nasty.

  14. Nikki sounds as if she thinks an impressionable, naive 13 yr old can be held equally responsible as a 28 yr old who knows what to say to these girls to make them think he cares for them – using vids of a hot, scene boy to aid him. If a school teacher of 28, coerced his 13 yr old students to strip and recorded it, you’d agree with that too?
    She even has Swan on her friends list. Seems she is the type of girl who likes to be involved with all the pedos.

  15. “I have never gotten naked for him. That IS how we began talking though”
    are you fucked in the head?
    clueless idiots like you with a insatiable taste for pedos make me fucking hurl.
    “oh hes plenty divine”
    clearly a naivie/gullible ass monkey.

  16. Nikki Darling 🙂 Lovely to see your doing well, the link to my friend kt was unnecessary, let’s leave her out of this, she has been through enough. But Cheers!

  17. This is plenty cute. Nikki Sixx, with her silly Eurofag dialect, tames a wild scum lord. Passion overcomes their own impulses, and they submit to each other in a shower of love. It’s the typical good girl loves bad boy scenario guise.

  18. Haha, no, I have never gotten naked for him. That IS how we began talking though – him trying to get me to do something. Luckily I’m not a slutty so and so.
    Yes, capping anything on the internet you’re not supposed to is wrong… As is getting naked for strangers. It’s difficult for me to feel remorse for these girls; I’m sorry.

  19. If you knew him so well you’d know hes Bcc or Brett if you knew him personally and whether or not hes a cool guy or not doesnt disregard the fact that hes caps girls 10 years less then his age. but it seems you are close meaning that hes gotten you naked before and then you found out he was fake and he real cammed with you to make it up. which is what he usually does.

  20. Oh, and I suppose it’s worth noting that the chick in the screen caps is
    I know this through casual conversation with dear Sean / Zach.

  21. Someone messaged this link to me on Stickam because they know I know Sean / Zach / whatever else you know him as… Hahaha wow, it’s a little humourous to read everyone’s opinions on him. He actually happens to be perfectly lovely, thus I choose to respect his anonymity. The provided information makes him look pretty terrible, but take my word for it: he’s plenty divine. 🙂

  22. “By doing this the person can be caught and it can keep alot of young girls from being trapped into this pedofiles trap. Instead of thinking of yourself and your ‘internet gossip’ get your head out of your ass and try to make stickam a safer place.”
    ^^ Maybe they shouldn’t be taking off their fucking clothes in the first place. It just shows how gullible this generation is…tsk tsk

  23. k,so his names brett, Age: between 26-29. Resides in Cali. hes a tech. Former fake is Ryan Miller. His alias is Bcc which are his initials. Hes been around 4 years ish. and hes a pedo. kthanks

  24. as much as i hate fucking pedophiles who exploit children for their own sick pleasure…
    what happened to calling out the dumb ass bitches who are stupid enough to get naked in front of total strangers in the first place? i mean, COME ONE! you fucking asshats. you are GOING to get recorded. you should know this by now.

  25. I totally just spent a couple hours cleaning my registry after scouring the first page on Google in search of the the original screenshots, and ultimately the mom’s tits. Henceforth is my letter to the findings:
    Dear Nasty Beat Ass Mediocre Fake Asymmetrical Veiny Tits,
    I expect to be fully and generously compensated for the corneal rape my eyes just suffered at the sight of your busted knockers and the time spent purging my computer of your filthy HIV contaminated issuance. I don’t accept food stamps or welfare checks.
    Fuck you (but not literally),

  26. “rofl Charming … Sean Savvy persuaded those 2 females to go topless, and possibly more. Police got involved because the 2 females turned out to be mother and daughter, and the daugher is only 16 years old.”
    WAIT WAIT WAIIIIIITTT!! I smell a Mother Of The Year award, for the disgusting skank who gets topless and possibly more with her underage daughter!
    Sick fucking bitch..

  27. Wait wait wait.
    An anonymous winner persuaded a 16 year old girl… AND HER HOT MOM (whom I assume is of legal age) to get naked on camera together? My eyes are swelling up. Goddamn that’s beautiful.
    I don’t understand why you’re lambasting Mr. Savvy’s great success.

  28. i talked to sean savvy and he would always come in my live and ask me to go private with him. i banned him for being a creep without thinking twice about it.

  29. rofl Charming … Sean Savvy persuaded those 2 females to go topless, and possibly more. Police got involved because the 2 females turned out to be mother and daughter, and the daugher is only 16 years old.
    A simple Google search of “Sean Savvy” yields caps that we cannot post here.

  30. Man what the fuck. You can’t post an ambiguous screen shot featuring succulent tits and not provide at least some brief details about it. For example: identities of both individuals pictured in said screenshot.
    You fucking cockblock. >:|

  31. ^Lol. The only person I recall describing as “suckable” is Adam Paranoia, who’s in his 20s. “The lovable suckable Adam Paranoia” is how I always introduced him.
    There’s nothing illegal about describing a minor as attractive.

  32. Seriously though, since when did Stickydrama become perverted justice? I remember back in the day how shit used to be posted about minors on here being “suckable” all the time.

  33. uhhh said, November 29th, 2009 at 4:17 pm is this a gossip site or a ‘let’s play detective’ site?

    By doing this the person can be caught and it can keep alot of young girls from being trapped into this pedofiles trap. Instead of thinking of yourself and your ‘internet gossip’ get your head out of your ass and try to make stickam a safer place.

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