StickyDrama is reaching out to our readers in a request for information about a notorious capper, who used aliases such as Sean Savvy and Zach Zesty to screen-record sexually explicit performances of underage girls.  It is our understanding that Sean Savvy and Zach Zesty are in fact the same individual who resides in California.
It seems the person who called himself Sean Savvy is a person of interest in an investigation pertaining to the video from which the following frames were extracted:
There have been several MyDrama posts concerning this character, but those have mostly served as a warning.  StickyDrama is attempting to learn his true identity and location—full legal name and street address.
Please email [email protected] with any information.  You can remain anonymous.
Zach Zesty cached Stickam profile


  1. i know a guy named zach and he was moving on the screen, and he is my bf… and he is zach zesty …. this makes no sense, because he even made a pic with a paper saying evelina is cute ??? SOO im like lost… he was holding the paper… and he was smiling and moving on the screen????

  2. If died means the day he deleted his stickam accounts once he got caught then yes he died….btw lol @ brett using his real last name for the fake wtf?

  3. Sean blackmailed and then destroyed the life of my 13 year old daughter whose image is on over a thousand child porn sites. After I am through with him the FBI will take what’s left. He is looking at roughly 465 years if prosecuted for every offense
    Sean I hope you are reading this because I am so close you should be able to feel my breath on your worthless, scumbag, perverted neck.They just love peds in prison. You are in for a real treat!!

  4. its pretty stupid to say i own shit made by chinks.
    of course i do. i own a chink car and chink videogame systems. why? because they build all these magnificant things for about a nickel a day. they are basically modern day slaves.
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  5. Keep talking as Anonymous. It really makes me think that you stand by what you say. Not. Saying things while hiding is almost like saying nothing at all. So please continue. At least I’m not afraid to say my part. Also I never said anything that has occured is GOOD or that it’s OKAY. I stated that there’s more to the story than what you are all seeing & that maybe the blame should be directed to everybody.

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