Mikeyy, terror of all social networks and receiver of countless Cease and Desist letters, turned 18 recently; and StickyDrama can think of no better way to celebrate than sucking his freshly legal cock.  Since cocksucking tends to require physical proximity to its subject, we have arranged for him to travel to and stay at StickyHouse in downtown Los Angeles from Monday August 10 until Monday August 17.  
We have tentative plans to attend Club Dance at Arena on Tuesday August 11 and Tiger Heat on Thursday August 13, in case you’d like to cop a feel.  Check our Twitter for up-to-the-minute stalker support information.




  1. mikeyy looks like he’s got a case of perma redneckified chewing tobacco goin on.. whats up with those fucked up lips?

  2. Mikeyy appeared several Saturdays in the Dlist Live Chat with the Gaygod spammer plus boytoy. Mikeyy’s profile was not visable as it should have been, lol. I hope Mikeyy is not gay.

  3. av is far from fat.& mikeyy has nice skin. its too bad he still hates me from when i have a pic of his face pasted to a garden gnome on my page. :[

  4. MIKEYY!!!!! yay yayy yayayayayayayyyy finally i get to meet him. :] if i didnt still have a stupid lil e-crush on him id be jealous about the sticky/anthony cock suckage. rofl but i luh me some mikeyy <3 im excited.

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