@theDannyNoriega Sucks Off @Mikeyy_

OK so not really.  But it would have been pretty damn funny, wouldn't it?     CNN's darling Twitter hacker and the...

@Mikeyy_ Jungle Fever, Part Deux

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Something Wicked This Way Comes: @Mikeyy_

Mikeyy, terror of all social networks and receiver of countless Cease and Desist letters, turned 18 recently; and StickyDrama can...

Twitter Attorney Issues Mikeyy Ultimatum

  Mikeyy, bane of developers near and far,  has been up to no good again.  Twitter's attorney Rodger Cole is going...

When Will Twitter Go After Mikeyy?

Not surprisingly, online attention whore Mikeyy is still raising hell on Twitter where he recently gained national attention as was...

Twitter Hacker's Family Ties to Law Enforcement: Corruption, Suicide and Homicide in Louisiana

Owing to heavy media coverage of his Twitter worm and Fmylife hack, Mikey Mooney aka "Mikeyy" is basking in the...

Mikeyy Hacked, Phone-boned – UPDATED

nXc, the hacker credited with having reduced Mikeyy to an ownt bitch, has confirmed with StickyDrama that he is in...

Anthony Vanity’s 100K Myspace Deleted

Transsexual immigrant and aspiring recording artist Anthony Vanity, who is a mod in StickyDrama's chatroom, confirmed that his Myspace Music...

Mikeyy Hacks MTV

Naive underage girls encountered an obstacle yesterday when attempting to vote for everybody's favorite statutory rapist. John Hock's...