Mikeyy, bane of developers near and far,  has been up to no good again.  Twitter’s attorney Rodger Cole is going where only Stickam’s attorney Gary Berzner has gone before:  Mailing the lovable suckable Louisiana teen a Cease and Desist letter.

The letter demanded that Mikeyy sign and swear never to attack Twitter again, or they would pursue legal action against him.  Mikeyy signed the letter, sent it back and began spamming the living bejesus out of Twitter like there was no tomorrow.  That prompted a second letter, curiously less demanding and seemingly desperate for him to just back the fuck off.

Ummm, Rodger, have you checked your FICO score lately?  Let’s just say that Mikeyy doesn’t play nice.  And don’t expect much help from his local law enforcement.


  1. Oh wow good catch, I didn’t even notice the 2008 typo.
    Just goes to show you that even a highly paid lawyer for a huge corporation like Twitter isn’t perfect.

  2. either someone forgot to photoshop the 2008 to 2009 in the paragraph or twitter needs new representation who can organize their documents.

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