The always gorgeous and usually secretive YouTube entertainer Stevie Ryan confirmed in an exclusive telephone interview that she has broken up with former Stickam employee Adam Paranoia and kicked him out of their apartment.

Publicly, Stevie has said almost nothing about her now-kaputz relationship with Adam.  But readers who have been watching her very, very closely noticed several subtle hints.  Or maybe not-so-subtle.

Over the phone, Stevie explained what precipitated the breakup:  Stevie was stricken with a terrible case of food poisoning.

To hear Stevie tell it, Adam practically abandoned her during her illness.  (Make a note, boys:  When your girlfriend is sick, wait on her hand and foot.)  His lack of care towards her caused Stevie to re-evaluate their relationship.  Oh and P.S., it didn’t help that Stevie had been supporting Adam for months.  She told StickyDrama that all his “editing gigs” were all favors that she had arranged for him by means of her own entertainment industry contacts.  (Make another note, boys:  Finance = Romance.)

Stevie also described Adam as bitter and jealous of her e-fame and IRL success.  While her career is only looking up, Adam did not separate from Stickam to pursue a more lucrative editing or directing career.  He was among “a bunch of people [who] got laid off because [Stickam] downsized,” Stevie explained to us via txt message.  He was constanty bitching to her, “I’m in your shadow, you outshine me.”   And StickyDrama recalls a year ago, even when the pair were considered Stickam’s “power couple” after John Hock and Amor Hilton’s breakup, Adam could never escape the sobriquet “Mr. Stevie Ryan.”
So what now?  Adam presently shares a studio apartment in LA’s Eastside with two other bachelors, his cousin and Tony Stockert; Stevie plans moving out of the apartment she shared with Adam and returning to the more desirable Westside whence she came.
It all went downhill after you were on our banner, right Adam?


  1. LOL! Stevie, the failure. The pinnacle of her success was being in a couple commercials and a footnote in the pages of Youtube history. That’s it. She’s just a pathetic, insecure, self-obsessed, two-faced bitch who worships the smell of her own shit and is totally willing to knock down ANY woman-her FRIENDS included-to gain attention and notoriety. No wonder Adam got tired of her shit… It must have been hard for him directing all of those videos they did only to have her take all the credit for it and then turn around and cheat on him in the interest of gaining more “fame”. Not that she ever really had any-no one knows who the fuck she is, despite the fact that she TRIES to call out celebrities on Twitter. LOLz at her for thinking anything she says an actual celeb is relevant, or that she’s on the same level! Poor Adam, he seemed over her blatant dumbassery and egomania a long time ago.
    Oh, and Stevie, I C U commenting anonymously. “Dumbshits” PLEASE HAHA! Go puke, and try not to get any caught in those comically giant choppers of yours.

  2. you hater bitches are just jealous of stevie
    and if you can’t realize that and stop hating
    then you know what
    i’ll pop a glock in your mouth
    and make a brain slushie

  3. i’ve followed stevie since 06. she used to be cool but she got a little commercial fame to her head and thinks she’s better than everyone else. it wouldn’t surprise me if she does have herpes. she cheated on her boyfriend eli with dirk mai. she went away, i think to utah, for some kind of fashion shit and was messing around with dirk. dirk obviously put a stop to it…maybe it was the fact that she did have herpes. she and eli got back together numerous times but then she cheated on him with adam! what a fucking whore! since stevie talks so highly about women and shit, you’d think she’d be one of the classy bitches she praises. she’s nothing but a skank.

  4. i love it stevie is reading this and probably having a hard time telling if it’s her many haters or adam himself and his friends lol

  5. Stevie with her mouth closed=hot. Anyone stop to think that in the dark Stevie would have felt like a teen boy? Adam is gay gay gay can someone expose him already?

  6. That photo of stevie is ugly! She looks old and manly in the face. Are you sure she has herpes? Maybe her over sized dentures are causing angular chellitis? The female gary busey fo sho.

  7. ^ oh ok … (stevie?) haha
    she hasn’t done shit (and i believe she IS leaving lame comments on stickydrama lol under anonymous posts)

  8. Let’s all rip on Stevie cause she’s doing something with her life instead of leaving lame comments on a sticky drama.
    Go Stevie fuck the haters maybe when they grow up they’ll get it!

  9. stevie’s horrible personality and ‘worship-me-i-was-in-a-lunch-meat-commercial’ attitude annoy me.
    oh and the fact that she likes to lie about giving people herpes and then blame the break up on them.
    go to hell, stevie.

  10. I don’t think stevie is a big herpes whore/sleeping for roles because then she’d “be somwhere” by now right? Unless she’s a dud in the sack…hmm burn!

  11. So…is it face herpes or genital herpes? and yeah “dumbshits” was painfully obvious stevie.

  12. People it says leave a comment not a fucking book! Like her or not she sure can get you all talking about her. If Stevie wants to break up with Adam more power to her.

  13. Believe what you want, Stevie is a fame-seeking, washed-up hag and she most definitely DOES have herpes.
    Not saying Adam is any better, he DOES have herpes now, too, anyway…

  14. stevie will never be anything more than a meme lol as much as she desperately tries and adam is a very average-looking mexican
    i remember when people first heard of stickam and they promoted adam as if he was already some well-known eceleb when in reality he had done nothing before stickam … no one knew who ‘adam paranoia’ was before he was hired and he tried to glomb onto the scene through stickam (without actually ever having to commit to a ‘scene’ haircut lol) … what a fraud. and i’m happy to still be here to laugh at them and watch it all come tumbling down at the very moment my career has gone global lol (and this is not my real isp so don’t bother trying to trace me)
    i have been pointing out stevie’s anon comments on here for years lol (yes she IS that self-conscious and pathetic lol) and ‘dumbshits’ is definitely one of them … she is still doing her tired old song and dance about how her commercials are going to lead to acting roles … they aren’t.
    no one will be hiring for them for anything so you might as well go through will your suicide pact at 30 lol

  15. Stevie told her friends not to atact Adam.( a lot of neg things could be said if the rule wasn’t in place)

  16. Funny how everybody is bagging on Stevie. Have you ever seen Adam in person? He is so tiny! I couldn’t believe he was the same guy that’s in her videos. You can say what you want about Stevie but she is the hottest girl I’ve ever seen in person. And her videos are so creative, she is truly brilliant!


  18. STEVIE RYAN WILL NEVER AMOUNT TO ANYTHING! THAT BITCH DOES HAVE HERPES! SHE PUTS ON A FRONT! REALLY SHE IS DEEPLY INSECURE AND BACK STABS FRIENDS. SHE HAS SAID AND I QUOTE “IF I’M NOT FAMOUS BY 25 I’LL KILL MYSELF, I SWEAR” (Then it changed to 30) One of her good friends auditioned with her and she gleefully told me she was going to sabotage it. Neither of them got the part. She’s bulimic also, so this whole food poisoning thing is bullshit: Adam is gay for one but he was grossed out by her constant vomit breath and mood swings.

  19. Since it’s obvious Stevie is reading and posting in here: Stevie, your teeth girl, I’m not “hating” it’s the honest truth: You won’t be taken seriously in the business with those things. It’s nice your parents or grandparents saved up and bought you those things but whoever did them was a hack. Bottom line they are TOO BIG for your mouth and face. It’s comical yet sad. You need to look professional and those monstrosities detract from everything you have. Downsize those big chompers and I guarantee you’ll get more work. They were probably a fortune for your family but to the elite it screams “white trash” …Stop hanging onto them and get your teeth fixed (for the 2nd time)

  20. I like how everyone thinks being in commercial is so bad, when some of the biggest stars started the same way. She works and that’s not easy to do for actors. Stevie loved Adam with all her heart and Adam loves Adam with all his heart. That’s the problem, no cheating no herpes just the truth.

  21. Damn… coke addiction… herpes? Someone should definitely prove that and get to the bottom of that mess. Makes one hell of a story if you ask me! I really thought they’d be stay together for awhile!

  22. My boy just put her in a commercial and tapped that after. He said Adam acted like a scared bitch

  23. Dear Stevie,
    People with actual success don’t need to talk about it, they show it. It’s the people that are sad and desperate that have to resort to “big talking” in attempts to appear powerful.
    Being in commercials is how most define a failed actor. It’s the job that is looked back on with humble embarrassment not flaunted like some “fuck everyone, I’m a star!”
    It’s hard to imagine a trashier way to end a relationship than this. Running to a gossip blog to shit talk and slander someone? It only makes you look classless. Whatever Adam did (or didn’t do. who knows?) doesn’t change your character. A person that has to run online to get validation no matter if it’s negative or positive IMHO looks like a person with severe personal issues and not yet worthy of a mature relationship.
    I can’t be for team adam because i don’t know what happened, they could both be shitheads, but to me it looks like he was in a serious relationship and she broke them up by sleeping/cheating with him (bad on both of them), then she posted naked photos of that girl online, used adam to be in stickcam shows/online videos and when he got fired and the money ran out there was no use for him anymore so here we are now with her online gossiping.
    *Wasn’t there going to be some sex tape thing too? classy all the way! LMFAO
    I wonder what dude this whore is going to use next. Is there anyone stupid enough to talk to her?

  24. Stevie DID give Adam herpes. She dumped him because he wouldn’t stay with her when she was sick? I smell BULLSHIT. She could have at least come up with a better story than that.

  25. It’s like the curse of Hock. He’s such a vortex of fail that anyone who associated with him has their life go down the shitter.

  26. cocaine addiction and herpes … this story is getting more interesting by the second
    i always knew these two were scumbags (has-been/never-was)
    i am loving it now that everyone can see all the things i used to say about them on here were true

  27. stevie ryan is a conceited whore and gave adam herpes. that’s the real reason why they broke up, of course she’ll tell a different story, though.

  28. So she got mad b/c he couldn’t magically make her food poisoning go away?
    Whatever. Relationships that start from cheating aren’t stable and always fail anyway.
    It also doesn’t help her side that she is attacking him and runs to Sticky to get her side of the story out first.
    Stevie started off good but then a lot of people started seeing that she’s just as insecure , mean and spiteful as the other girls she makes fun of.

  29. are you serious people? its stevie and adam fighting in the comments here…they both need lives. i fcked adam in LA recently- he is dog shit- stay away!

  30. I always got such a closet-gay vibe from that guy. Also tell more about their massive coke habits: inquiring dealers want to know!

  31. How can anon 4:56 even say stickam is dead when she still goes live and has like 20934892348 viewers.

  32. haha ol’ falseteeth finally dropped the mexican with the little dick
    she only got with him because he was on stickam (now in hindsight doesn’t really sound like a good reason, does it?) and now dumped him because no one cares about him anymore (way to stand by your man)
    this no-talent has no career nor will she as much as she keeps telling everyone she will … if that’s what you need to keep telling yourself LOL

  33. lol anon 4.56 MYSPACE? She got popular on Youtube, you bonehead.
    I think she should’ve either stuck to promoting herself on there and the usual social networks but definitely NOT done Stickam shows… and not with Chris fucking Crocker that’s for sure. God… if people interested in hiring her watched one of those they’d have run a mile.

  34. Bahaaa the comment above mine must be from adams mom.
    Stevie will succeed in more ways than you could ever imagine
    Adam your future looks really sad

  35. don’t you mean her ‘career’ is looking down? lol where are all the acting gigs she was so sure would follow her superbowl commercial hahaha i laugh at you, you stupid bitch especially after all the fake anon comments you left about yourself on here about how successful you were gonna be … myspace and stickam are dead now and i love it … people were kissing your ass two years ago (for what?) and now they are scratching their heads as to why anyone cared about ‘adam paranoia’ and ‘stevie ryan’ in the first place lol it’s over losers … back to being just another l.a. wanna-be
    and don’t bother leaving fake anon comments about how people are jealous of you (your usual shitty comeback) because clearly there is nothing to be jealous of … you have officially bottomed-out
    fuck off and die

  36. If Stevie told Sticky this then she must of knew that he was going to put this on here. Shes a e-celeb and he’s a writer of E-celeb gossip. Stevie knew he would write this…she isnt stupid. but they were so cute together =(

  37. What a dick for leaving her while she was sick. Adam is so self absorbed I’m happy stevie dropped him

  38. On a not particularly related note, if a movie like “Killers” can be made, then there’s hope for all the e-celebs.

  39. Out of respect i personally would have posted this about her.
    but if you were following her on twitter last year he clearly displayed his ways of jealousy.
    3rd how the fuck can you not have a second job when being an editor coming from that perceptive i have 3 jobs to back that up. you can’t make a living just off of editing (doesn’t matter who the clientele may be) his huge ego was more at stake. stevie is a beautiful girl she will bounce back times ten.

  40. Finance doesn’t =romance js there probably was a lot more behind it obviously if you had been supporting him for that long.

  41. This is majorly depressing.
    So what the fuck happens to Scene Kid Love, The Islands and other projects she’s worked on with him (and that he was such a big part of?) She better be tbinking of some clever plot twists, expecially for Scene Kid Love cause’ it’s almost over. D:
    I mean, i’m glad she got rid of him and everything if he was treating her like shit, but I agree with Sticky, they were a power couple and it will be a little odd seeing them not together.
    Best of luck to the both of them on their seperate ways, though.

  42. Don’t really care about Stevie anymore since she supports John Hock.
    Additionally, I think she took a wrong turn career-wise by going on Stickam.

  43. I loved them together but I knew they haven’t been together for a while. Lame hints but 1. She took him off her top on Myspace and 2. They never talked to each other on twitter for a while now. I thought they were gonna be together for a while, not forever but I was hoping maybe around 5 years.

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