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@Stevie_Ryan Confirms: @itsAdamFranklin Dumped, Kicked Out


The always gorgeous and usually secretive YouTube entertainer Stevie Ryan confirmed in an exclusive telephone interview that she has broken up with former Stickam employee Adam Paranoia and kicked him out of their apartment.

Publicly, Stevie has said almost nothing about her now-kaputz relationship with Adam.  But readers who have been watching her very, very closely noticed several subtle hints.  Or maybe not-so-subtle.

Over the phone, Stevie explained what precipitated the breakup:  Stevie was stricken with a terrible case of food poisoning.

To hear Stevie tell it, Adam practically abandoned her during her illness.  (Make a note, boys:  When your girlfriend is sick, wait on her hand and foot.)  His lack of care towards her caused Stevie to re-evaluate their relationship.  Oh and P.S., it didn’t help that Stevie had been supporting Adam for months.  She told StickyDrama that all his “editing gigs” were all favors that she had arranged for him by means of her own entertainment industry contacts.  (Make another note, boys:  Finance = Romance.)

Stevie also described Adam as bitter and jealous of her e-fame and IRL success.  While her career is only looking up, Adam did not separate from Stickam to pursue a more lucrative editing or directing career.  He was among “a bunch of people [who] got laid off because [Stickam] downsized,” Stevie explained to us via txt message.  He was constanty bitching to her, “I’m in your shadow, you outshine me.”   And StickyDrama recalls a year ago, even when the pair were considered Stickam’s “power couple” after John Hock and Amor Hilton’s breakup, Adam could never escape the sobriquet “Mr. Stevie Ryan.”
So what now?  Adam presently shares a studio apartment in LA’s Eastside with two other bachelors, his cousin and Tony Stockert; Stevie plans moving out of the apartment she shared with Adam and returning to the more desirable Westside whence she came.
It all went downhill after you were on our banner, right Adam?


  1. LOL! Stevie, the failure. The pinnacle of her success was being in a couple commercials and a footnote in the pages of Youtube history. That’s it. She’s just a pathetic, insecure, self-obsessed, two-faced bitch who worships the smell of her own shit and is totally willing to knock down ANY woman-her FRIENDS included-to gain attention and notoriety. No wonder Adam got tired of her shit… It must have been hard for him directing all of those videos they did only to have her take all the credit for it and then turn around and cheat on him in the interest of gaining more “fame”. Not that she ever really had any-no one knows who the fuck she is, despite the fact that she TRIES to call out celebrities on Twitter. LOLz at her for thinking anything she says an actual celeb is relevant, or that she’s on the same level! Poor Adam, he seemed over her blatant dumbassery and egomania a long time ago.
    Oh, and Stevie, I C U commenting anonymously. “Dumbshits” PLEASE HAHA! Go puke, and try not to get any caught in those comically giant choppers of yours.

  2. you hater bitches are just jealous of stevie
    and if you can’t realize that and stop hating
    then you know what
    i’ll pop a glock in your mouth
    and make a brain slushie

  3. i’ve followed stevie since 06. she used to be cool but she got a little commercial fame to her head and thinks she’s better than everyone else. it wouldn’t surprise me if she does have herpes. she cheated on her boyfriend eli with dirk mai. she went away, i think to utah, for some kind of fashion shit and was messing around with dirk. dirk obviously put a stop to it…maybe it was the fact that she did have herpes. she and eli got back together numerous times but then she cheated on him with adam! what a fucking whore! since stevie talks so highly about women and shit, you’d think she’d be one of the classy bitches she praises. she’s nothing but a skank.

  4. i love it stevie is reading this and probably having a hard time telling if it’s her many haters or adam himself and his friends lol

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