@Stevie_Ryan Confirms: @itsAdamFranklin Dumped, Kicked Out

The always gorgeous and usually secretive YouTube entertainer Stevie Ryan confirmed in an exclusive telephone interview that she has broken...

@KriswithaKbmx Posts n00dz of "Baby Momma," Expectant Mother of His Own Child @natalie8604

Meet Kris with a K, a tatted and sexy but otherwise worthless douchebag from Ohio who's well-known both on Stickam...

@JakeFuckingWolf on @mmmKikiKannibal's Mother, Vagina, Maturity and their Breakup

Recently we had the splendid occasion to catch Jake Wolf blabbing away about his ex-girlfriend Kiki Kannibal. Here's what he...

Quelle Surprise, Part Deux: @AmorHilton and @NICHOLASinHD Kaputz, Fighting and Homeless

OMFG NOBODY SAW THIS ONE COMING!!!  Scene princess Amor Hilton didn't have her fairy tale ending with her prince Nick...

Quelle Surprise @mmmKikiKannibal

http://twitter.com/mmmkikikannibal http://twitter.com/jakewolfcrunk

@ConnorJon Tells All: @MatthewLush "is a Loser, Abuser and a User. He's...

Our greatest desire often becomes our greatest weakness. StickyDrama has a weakness for tall, hung and financially distressed str8 boys; but...

@MatthewLush and @ConnorJon Break Up

StickyDrama hasn't checked the ol' Matthew Lush category in what seems like an eternity, and god damn it felt good! ...

Pardon Us While We Rofl

Looks like Amor Hilton taught her now-ex-boyfriend Ryan Anchors how to survive in LA.   StickyDrama tried to warn the "hot rocker dude" that he...

Lush and Connor Come to a Screeching Halt

Perceptive people in Johnny Boy's live last night may have picked up on some tension between Lush and Connor. When...

Kannibal Family Meltdown: Kiki vs Mama

Kiki Kannibal and StickyDrama agree on at least one thing:  Mama Kannibal is a crazy bitch. The shit hit the fan...
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