JustinTV, a live video site better known as a place to flout copyright laws, for once had some real drama.

Yesterday social networking sites across the globe collectively gasped in astonishment, as convincing evidence of an on-cam suicide was discussed on various blogs, online newspapers and forums.

19-year-old Abraham K. Biggs committed suicide while webcasting to a room full of viewers on his JustinTV channel. His path to the Great Egress: a toxic combination of opiates and benzodiazepine, a drug used to treat insomnia and depression.  Biggs was apparently encouraged by JustinTV users and the catty buttpirates over at BodyBuilding.com, who have discussed the matter in this thread. Biggs ingested an unknown quantity of pills, lost consciousness, and did not move for over 8 hours until police arrived and covered his webcam.  His death was confirmed by the Broward county cornoner.
He posted the following note shortly before falling unconscious:

Authentic on-cam suicides are exceedingly rare.  Over the entire online world, the number of such cases can probably be counted on one hand:  Brent MacMillan, 24, of Boutiful, Utah, who shot himself as his girlfriend helplessly watched via videoconference; Brandon Vedas, 22, of Phoenix, Arizona, who overdosed on prescription medication on an IRC channel; and Kevin Whitrick, 42, of the United Kingdom, who hanged himself on videochat service Paltalk.

If confirmed, Bigg’s suicide would be the first on a public live video network.


  1. Let”s ask ourselves a very honest question. Let”s take the 50s as an example. Why weren”t things like this back then? Oh, that”s right. Mom was home taking care of her family and not out with stepdad number 1 while dad and stepwife number 1 are also out, leaving child home alone. Ok, he was 19, yeah, so what? He lived at home and NO ONE saw him for over 12 hours? Who exists in a home and doesn”t notice someone not coming around after 12 hours? Detached people who are more interested in eating out and working to keep those big SUVs humming along. Try actually interacting with your family. That is just sick. For the people who watched, they are NOT accessories to ANYTHING. He could have been joking, acting, playing games, anything. Accessories, get real.

  2. I was eating Raisin Bran as I was watching it/reading its comments. That was some good Raisin Bran except I bit into like 3 raisins bunched together and it stood out to where I had to get another spoon of just flakes to even it out.

  3. to all the ppl that commented saying he deserved to die and blah blah blah..may god have mercy on ur sole…
    thats fuckin sick!..
    ever think about seein a therapist?
    the poor guy was reaching out for help and the sorry ass mother fuckers watched him take his live and did nothing about it..
    its horribly disgusting to think there are ppl out there like that!.
    im sorry for the guys friends and family.
    may he rest in peace.

  4. Its one thing to hate your life its another thing to feel so much pity for yourself, that you kill yourself. So many kids have horrible lives, so do i, but ill save the pity. I feel bad, thats why he did it live he knew everyone would feel bad.
    :/ sucks

  5. You don’t know how old I am dumb ass. And because I understand the concept of being mentally sick, and have compassion for his family, who are suffering greatly, I am naive?
    Ok then… you are definitely the one who needs to grow up, “kiddo.”

  6. I’ve never heard that one before.
    You can respond to me after you’ve outgrown the naivety. Until then… shut the fuck up, kiddo.

  7. I lol’d at the end, “ANON DELIVERS!!!”
    Seriously though, this would have been funnier if he washed the pills down with purple drank and KFC.
    In regards to the QQ bullshit: the saddest part about this is that people crybaby, suicidal people are allowed to live in the first place.
    Game over man, game over.

  8. Umm, the stuff being said in this forum is extremely disrespectful. To Abe and his family. What’s sad is that if this was your brother, or son, or whatever… you’d be devastated and sickened at these remarks.
    You may say him taking his life was selfish, but he was a sick young man. He was not well, and needed help.
    And the people who egged him on to kill himself will get what they deserve eventually.
    I don’t care if you didn’t know him, and you don’t “owe” him your sympathy. You at least owe him and his family some respect.
    RIP Abe, you won’t be forgotten.

  9. I was watching when it happened but I got there after he took the pills and was just laying there for awhile. Fuck I miss all the good stuff 🙁

  10. i just saw this on Fox News and its fucked up that the people were egging him on to do it. wtf has our world come to

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