1. I loved dicks of all shapes and sizes until I saw Brandon Hilton’s. Dicks are not supposed to be pointed like that. Its just gross.

  2. I used to think Brandon Hilton was really ugly but that is one really gross looking dick. Maybe he should use a gallon of makeup on it like he does his face.

  3. I’m with the majority here, that is THE ugliest penis I have ever seen. Dicks aren’t supposed to be pointed like that. In fact I’ve never seen a dick with that kind of point to it and varying shaft thickness. No wonder he doesn’t do nudes in his photography because he has a gross dick and he knows it.
    Then there is his nose. No real model has a nose like Owen Wilson. Come on lets be real.
    Still his dick and his nose isn’t near as bad as his EYEBROWS! Those eyebrows are so unnatural and super gay. And he keeps getting weirder with his makeup too. His older pictures were pretty good but his latest ones are getting more and more creepy. He really needs to lay off of the freak show makeup, put his eyebrows back so he doesn’t look like a cross-dresser and get a photographer to shoot him without ANY makeup like his older classic pictures that were so much better than the ridiculously gay pics he is taking now.
    Start with the eyebrows. Shape them like a human. Then do some modeling and save up enough money to get a nose job. Be sure to only shoot nudes flaccid so it won’t look so deformed and THEN you can become a real model.

  4. Mommy, make it go away!!! 🙁
    Haha, so this is pretty fucking disturbing shit right here, and I’m sure Brandon is probably loving this considering he’ll jump to claim any spotlight just so he can convey it into what he would classify as ‘making him famous’, if that’s what you can call it. It’s cute too how he added the ‘Kisses and Cumshots’, considering Ms. Chris Crocker says that at the end of most blogs and/or bulletins so we can just add that to the list of who he has to copy.
    I’m offended that he can even call himself a ‘makeup artist’, everything he does is photoshopped on like that retarded marionette picture. That’s gotta be the worst shit I have ever seen and he say’s he’s perfect…my GOD I pissed myself when I read that. I’m 17 years old, not old enough to work for MAC yet and I can pull off the doll look up and beyond what this kid classifies as ‘modeling’, and I have barely even touched doing music or anything to make me big so I’m kind of wondering where he got this big ass ego from. His music blows to the point where it’s even worst than Johnny Boy’s, and personally I didn’t think that was humanly possible. Idk if he’s trying to pull an Amanda Lepore on us by talking about his body parts but who wants to hear about his furry bootyhole? If he’s got to be naked all the time as he claims since he’s, you know, a ‘model’ doesn’t he have to get rid of the 100 Acre Woods that he has down in his panties?
    BUT, just so you know, since he’s probably sitting in front of his computer praying his furry ass off that there will be more replies, this site is about judgement. 100+ comments on your nudes aren’t something to feel proud about, or hope it will fit into your so called ‘road to fame’. I come on here because I know I have up and beyond the potential than most but I sure do love seeing how Stikam ruins people, plain and simple. Don’t feel honored I’m making this thing long either, I talk a lot and my words aren’t meant to be encouraging at the slightest. Stickydrama is just a lovely little site where I can be amused from everything having to do with the goldmine of laughs John Hock is, to the repulsiveness of that creature/pedophile Lushy. It’s just laughs afterall, because that’s all you are, is just a laugh.
    Almost 100,000 friends and barely any picture comments for such a ‘PERFECT MODEL’? Shame. Maybe you’ll actually make a name for yourself by selling those what, two or three or whatever different kinds of crapola makeup since it’s such an accomplishment? It’s kind of sad though that even fans of yours didn’t believe it was your, that big ass nose is soooo recognizable that you could be standing in the window of J-Star’s bedroom and be able to see that mountain of a nose, and that’s pretty far away considering he’s in Hollywood, which is where you will never be. The closest that you’ll ever be to the elite will be when Tyra wants someone to shine her Prada’s on her black ass toes.
    Good job Anthony, keep up the good work!
    xoxo <3
    Please Brandon, nose job, think of all those poor people you scare away when your bot adds them 🙁

  5. Ok. sooooo.NASTY FUCKING PEEN BRANDON. you fucking horrible shitty ass singing fake as hell plastic bitch. karma hits you hard.
    AV on the other hand is my hero. lulz! he’s intelligent, eloquent, FUN, and I LOVE how he can make my day feel that much better. <3 you boi.

  6. haha my ex knew him pretty well and i’ve seen him prior to these. his dick is soooo not attractive. I still have his personal cell number though unless he’s changed it :]]].

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