Many will recall the famous and infamous original Stickam Man-boy, Dougie (Skatapunk15). Dougie was ruthlessly molester’d by a series of mydrama posts which exposed him as being a fake pretending to be a young angelic boy. During these attacks on Dougie, the issue of an individual named ‘Crazykid1‘ was raised. Crazykid1 was an older man who was always a mod for Dougie’s live and who’s purpose in the room was to protect Dougie from Pervs and Pedos. Crazykid is now Kevin01. Kevin01 is 38 year old Kevin William Wehlau. Kevin enjoys frequenting Stickam and apparently sees himself as catnip for the boys. He has been banned many times but like he says on his profile, hes back, and he even gives Stickydrama a lil shout out:


Nothing wrong with the fact Kevin likes Stickam of course. Nothing wrong except the rooms he chooses to present himself have caused many Stickamers to become disturbed. Rooms such as this 16 year old, again in which he was modded:

His public presence in these rooms prompted some Stickamers to begin digging into Kevin’s past. Something Kevin likely did not want. According to Florida State public record, Kevin was imprisoned from 1991 to 1998 for two counts of Indecent Assault on a child under 16. Crimes he committed earlier in 1988 & 1989. As to what exactly these offenses were, there are a few possibilities.

This raises questions about Stickam policy. In the summer of 2007, Myspace deleted and banned 29,000 sex offenders from their database. This is a task that sounds almost impossible — to track down and positively identify every account of sexual offenders. But in the case of Kevin, another swift ban would come as no surprise. [backup]

Other profile:

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  1. well theres the verdict, drakekatt got chris personal information and called his parents and we dont no how old drake is, he even records it too and chris stickam was deleted the same day drake called, so who really is drakekatt, he some cop or rat working for law enforcement to bust people or is he the real stalker, so be weary of drakekatt.

  2. go on cam drake, what you afraid of, you sound like a stalker drake and that creepy,you get all the kids to do your dirty work for you, you got nothing better to do than harrass someone for doing nothing, at least he tells people his age, he only has 6 friends for petes sake, they must know about it, if they keep adding him back, they dont have approve his friends request so leave the man alone you creepy stalker

  3. How do you force someone to go on cam?

    It is beleived that Chris the kid in that one screenshot just turned 14 and not 16. His dad is so freaked out that I wouldn’t be surprised if they move over this.

    All you had to do Kevin is leave Chris alone but the fact that you were trying to get personal information out of a boy less than 2 hour away is what freaked me out.

    I don’t care about your friends list, your friends, or whatever. But reaching out to real kids to learn their phone #s and addresses is too far.

  4. betcha drakekatt behind this, drakekatt never goes on cam and hides his friends list, drakekatt says hes straight so y is he here, he probably an old still in the closet faggot and how old is drake katt here is drakekatt friends list so what this person has done his time, at least he goes on cam, so he not doing nothing, sounds like this person writing trying to be a journalist, but suck at it, he only has 6 friends for god sakes, tell people like drakekatt to come out of hiding and force them on cam and elliotben is just a wannabe faggot, so fucking get a life people.

  5. isn’t it illegal for a registered sex offender to be around or communicate with anyone under the age of 18 who isn’t a family member?

  6. I think that, just going on cam kind of defends him a bit and at least he’s truthful about his age and what he looks like…
    But yeah if he does something bad.

  7. ^^ Yea theres all kinds of older ppl on stickam, just he chooses to go in these rooms and then go on cam. Just not a smart thing to do.

  8. well if he was convicted in 88 he was 18 i cant imagine it was anything too bad hes just some lonely lookin skeezer that chooses to actually cam up and be halfway (or maybe not, idk) decent. i don’t know the guy and i’m not about to defend his obviously creepy/disturbing appearance or choice of “friends”, but has he actually done anything to merit this kind of drama? hes been to jail already and hes on sex offender registrys so i doubt he has any friends or a life as it is.

    but hey, if you catch him doing something then by all means shred this guys life up idk. thats my two cents.

  9. he is such a loser.

    And why would these kids become friends with a man who looks like that anyways? I mean come one, my 5 yr. old neice could have told you that guy was a pedo. jesus fucking christ. kids these days…

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