The internet has been abuzz recently that Sharolaid has returned, now under the sobriquet Vaneesha Jones. But gurl, you’ll always be Sharolaid, supreme bitch of the Beatin Hoes Heads crew, [BHH]

25-year-old Billy Myers is the entertainer behind Sharolaid—and Vaneesha too, we guess.  In the golden years of Stickam—2006-2007ish—Sharolaid was practically royalty among Stickam entertainers.  For our readers who aren’t familiar with Billy’s story, this Encyclopedia Dramatica entry makes an interesting read.


  1. so he’s popular for acting like a stereotypical black girl? if people really wanted to see that why dont they just go talk to your local ghetto trash?

  2. homg i literally jumped for joy when i saw that sharolaid was back. my all time favorite youtuber EVER.
    fuck YEAH!

  3. if he kills himself over this, this website is gonna get sued. cyber bullying and slander is against the law.

  4. You so stupid for posting this. Why You so obsessed with billy’s big ass dick? Cuz it can put even a black mans to shame?
    mhm. I know thats correct!

  5. i’m sure alll these ppl commenting negatively and posting this shit about sharolaid are the first to watch her vids

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