StickyDrama deems it imprudent to post images of one’s children online.  With all the wackos out there, it’s just not safe.  Unfortunately some people don’t think as we do.  People like Paul Ku.
Paul is a Stickam employee—a marketing manager. Another Stickam employee, Scott Flacks, once said, “Security and Stickam go hand in hand.” But how secure is it to post images of your very young child on a website everybody knows is a crawling with pedos?
It is natural for parents to be proud of their children and want to put them on display.  That’s fine when the picture is in your wallet.  But shouldn’t parental pride take a back seat to the safety of online anonymity?  StickyDrama can’t think of even one good thing that could arise from Branden Ku’s image floating around on the internet, but we can sure as hell think of about a million bad things.
If this is how careful Stickam employees are with their own children, how careful are they while monitoring other people’s children?


  1. Really, It’s just like a parent posting the pics on myspace or face book.
    Get over it sticky.
    Your posts are becoming fail to the xXxtreeme

  2. Let me get this straight, you don’t agree with him posting pictures of his child yet here you are opening a flood gate for more people to see these pictures.
    Yeah, okay. That makes a whole lot of sense. Stick to talking shit about Kiki, it’s what you’re good at, Sticky.

  3. What makes you think this person is a Stickam employee anymore. His last login was two years ago. Why don’t you find something CURRENT to post about Sticky = FAIL

  4. Even online security analysts dont think that is a healthy way to look at the internet:
    ‘zomg theres a pedo under every click’
    grow up. this article blows.

  5. The creepy thing about this is sticky’s obsession with Stickam employees, also what exactly are maybe 5 of the million bad things someone can do with a photo?
    I agree that maybe they should have a privacy option like facebook and myspace, but honestly don’t see much wrong here.

  6. big deal, theres some photos of his kid… most parents do have pictures of their children online. Maybe Stickam is a bad choice but still

  7. This is lame. I want more on the downfall of Mathew Lush.
    Like the posting were he basically said “Thanks a lot to the 3,000 fans who unsubscribed now I’m not at the top anymore.”
    Boo fuggin whoo…
    That’s what I want. This crap isn’t even good enough for stupid myspace rant.

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