StickyDrama bumped into Kelli from Compton the other day at a sleazy hotel party in downtown LA.
StickyDrama was not injured in the collision, so we whipped out our cellphone and began recording Kelli’s shit-talking about Breeanna Rose and Chelsea Nelein. Kelli was on a roll bitching about the two Valley sluts before we even had time to press the record button.
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  1. I didn’t waste anymore of my life reading the previous comments so I don’t know if it was mentioned, but I love how that cow talks shit and whatever when she has tears in her pits. She is trash. Not that I know who she is talking shit on, for all I know, they could be shit too. Just sayin.

  2. she is absolutely hideous.
    “im gonna kick your ass right now”
    honey you cant even get your own ass off that chair.

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