For most viewers, watching Amor Hilton zonk out on Xanax bars and knock back shots of Tequila is pretty entertaining.


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Her present boyfriend Ryan Anchors, however, was less than amused.  The sXe studpuppy just happened to be hanging out at StickyHouse, when the fancy took him to lurk her Live and double-check that Amor wasn’t cheating on him this week.  She wasn’t this time—it was the beginning of the week though—but she was bawling her eyes about her first and only true love, alleged Stickam rapist John Hock.  Eyes welling up with tears, Ryan committed cardinal sin:  He marched over to StickyDrama’s computer and closed our internet browser, interrupting our screen-recording.  We kindly reminded him that if he didn’t like what StickyDrama was doing, he was free to get the fuck out at any time.  He left shortly thereafter.  


Still, we can understand why Ryan was so upset.  If you don’t have the patience for listening to Amor’s babbling, we’ve transcribed a few of the choice selections below.  She makes clear she considers Hock to be her first and only true love, and that no one will ever compare to him in her heart:


“I’m pretty positive I will never love anyone again as much I as I loved him.  He’s in jail for fucking raping someone, and even though he was the worst person to me, like, I love him.  I do.  I love him.  And … I’m never gonna love anyone like I loved him … I’m never gonna feel the same way about anybody again.  If I had his baby right now, it would be a few months old.  And what would I say right now, ‘hey, your dad’s in jail?'”


The scene princess punctuated her monologue at one point by spilling alcohol on her laptop.


“Do you wanna die,”  her brother Eden Shizzle rhetorically asks.  “You’re not supposed to be drinking,” alluding to Amor’s liver damage from excess pill popping.  “I paid for it,” she retorts.  “I care about if you die or not, I don’t care if you paid for it,” Eden said.


Telemundo really ought to option the rights to Amor’s life.  Lately she’s packing more melodrama than a Mexican soap opera.


  1. a little late, but I’m sure if one of your BEST friends was in this position, you would have sympathy for them.
    yeah, she’s done some fucked up things i’m sure, but obviously some of you guys are too fucking ignorant to realize that we’ve all done some pretty sucked up shit. We don’t all get publicity like she does. I’d be sick of it if i was her and still in this position. You’ll be fine cupcake. promise.

  2. I love amor, eden and ryan; and everyone really just needs to get out of their business. i know she’s putting herself out there, which gives pretty much everyone the right to say whatever they want but honestly, everyone that talks shit about them needs to grow the fuck up.

  3. I really hope she gets the cops called on her. When people are this far in trouble trying to help doesnt do much of anything anymore, and if she gets arrested she will be forced to get the help she needs.

  4. Who cares if she has mental issues, at least she semi-fuckable. Though alcohol and some sort of drug intake would be a must to make that possible! Also Eden, you “act” like you’re a good brother. So far you seem to “act” that you really care. Mmm…I suppose I could really say more on this subject but I doubt your response will include anything intelligent.

  5. It’s seriously sites like this and people like Amor and all those other e-famous people that put shit in little kids’ heads. Seriously look at you up coming generations. You’re full of baby whores, pedo guys and STDs.
    Fuck, I don’t get what’s so cool about having a shit load of friends and calling yourself a model because you’re a suicide girl or a hot topic model. If you all haven’t noticed, neither takes talent. Until you are getting at least 5 figures for your work, you’re no fucking model. Until you stop mooching off people, you’re not fucking cool. All you need to get off the fucking internet and get real lives before you’re 25 showing your tits for money or in jail for raping.
    I’m so tired of these people it’s ridiculous. Drugs will always be around but your stupid haircuts, ridiculous fashion and “dramatic” (more like OVERdramatic) lives will be over soon.

  6. since when is she a scene princess?
    scene meth addict because she desperately wants to be thin is more accurate.

  7. i dont understand why ive seen people on this site saying that i feed amor the drugs and make her do all this shit. the people who are saying that are just haters who don’t know anything about me or her. as you can see from this video she has her OWN mind, (no matter how dumb it might be) and once she has it set on something, theres no telling her what to do. she makes her own damn decisions and the ONLY thing ive ever introduced her to is weed. but weed? who gives a fuck, thats the least of anyones worries these days. go ahead straight edge people talk your shit. ive said what i needed to say whether you care or not.

  8. Seriously this shit is fucking stupid. Amor likes drama and loves attention. She has to be fucking crazy, she loves John Hock. A little rapist bitch who likes underage girls he can make do anything. Note why all the girls over 19 didn’t put up with his shit minus a few stupid ones.
    Amor, seek help. Ryan you could do so much better, but Idk know you probably caught something. Eden, you’re a cool guy nothing bad to say about you.
    And John Hock? Who cares.. he’s getting butt raped by a large black man.

  9. I can sympathise with her, i do sort of feel bad for her when you see her in this state. but how is eden the poison in all of this? Isn’t he the one saying “I’m a bad brother if i let you drink that” or whatever? :/

  10. i agreed with the person above.Eden IS this poision doing this to amor he makes her do all the drugs and shit he influences her to do them hes makes her…when will someone just shoot that little gay faggot in the face with a sawed off !

  11. Yes I agree with the last few posts it’s breaking my heart watching her demise on webcam!SOMEONE HELP HER! My God! Noone eats Bar xanax and does shotz of tequila & ecstacy and whatever else you name it!and lives happily ever after and becomes a HUGE Hollywood Star!! Amor has Great Potential IMO!! But she’s hanging out with All the wrong people…and doing all the wrong stuff!I am afraid it will all catch up with her in the end!I have had too many friends die from drugs myself!!!Someone please try to help herself GET HELP!Before it’s too damn late!

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