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As MyDrama authors have reported, Brandon Hilton recently posted on Twitter that he had been raped.


Online opinion seems somewhat divided by whether Hilton actually was raped.  Without commenting on the veracity of his claims, interpret as you will the fact that we did not mention the alleged rape on our front page.  We did, however, snort rather loudly when we learned that Mr. Hilton streamed “evidence” of the rape on Stickam last night.  That’s right, dear readers:  Brandon Hilton put his recently raped  ass on public display.


Again, while reserving final judgement on the matter, StickyDrama cannot help but notice that Hilton seems rather cheerful for a rape victim, and the low quality of his camfeed greatly reduces the details of his freshly fucked faggot furrow.  


Well, what do you think?  Take our poll!


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  1. I have never myself been through any of that, but I know people who have, and I know the first thing they did wasn’t parade it about the internet. Brandon Hilton is a disgusting liar, using something as traumatising and horrific as this to get attention.

  2. In all seriousness. If i was raped i wouldn’t tell the whole fucking world. JS
    attention whore.

  3. “Too many impossibilities for one person. I’d be willing to believe one extraordinary thing happened to him in his lifetime, but he was raped twice?? Yeah, right.”
    It does happen.
    But in the case of Brandon, of course it’s bullshit. 😛

  4. ^ Actually, most rape victims don’t talk about it in fear of having there rapist come back. I feel like you, Brandon, need to stop acting like you got raped. You just fucked yourself real hard.

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