Demonic cocksucker and recording artist Geoffrey Paris had a few friends over recently, who were taking bong rips from an apple in his Live. There must not be anything better to do in Arizona.

One would think the cocksucker should be more careful about doing drugs on cam, since the shit hit the fan when he was screen-recorded doing coke last year.

Check out GP’s Myspace for free downloads of his music, including his wildly popular track “Scene Kidz.”


  1. I actually would prefer Geoffrey Paris over Jeffree Star. Sorry but I just would. Besides I have seen and met Geoffrey Paris in person and he is fucking awsome. And believe there is nothing to do in Arizona. Besides get high and have faggot fights. =]

  2. lulz… i get it now why i was sent into geoffrey’s live the other night and told to ask random questions. i feel used….

  3. Christoff has always been fat. He has that sort of midwestern, Children of the Corn look about him. Is he albino? He’s actually pretty strange looking, with and without makeup.

  4. Haha if I had a dollar for every time either myself or someone has blazed, not only on cam, but in the StickyDrama chat as well, LOL. I would be fucking rich.
    Next time I’ll see what railing a few lines’ll get me.

  5. i thought this fucking shithead was in prison what he do suck the wardens cock to get out hell it worked for paris hilton

  6. I think that he’s adorable, in cockroachy sort a way. Yea, there’s nothing to do in Arizona . . .

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