When will Amor Hilton learn that Myspace is not the proper means to communicate private matters? Never, we hope.

Her latest Myspace message to cause John Hock headaches is an extremely pissy warning to the statutory rapist’s longtime flirt Chelsea Lynn. Apparently Amor is finally confronting Hock’s underlying attraction for Lynn which forms the basis for their relationship. Now, Lynn and Hock claim to be nothing more than friends; but if their relationship is platonic, why is Amor demanding that Chelsea not “interfear [sic] in my relationship” with her fianc? and father of her sure-to-be miserable child?
Chelsea forwarded StickyDrama the following Myspace message Amor had sent her:

StickyDrama has for our part also heard the rumors surrounding the perceived interest Hock and Lynn have for each other. While at the moment we do not have concrete proof of an overtly sexual attraction, we have on many occasions remarked the flowery words of praise the two scene kids have for each other. And let’s face it, nobody on Stickam is that nice.



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