What you are about to read is like nothing less than watching Kiki Kannibal and Amor Hilton don big, thick strap-on dildos and double-assfuck the bejesus out of Jake Wolf. With only StickyDrama’s spit for lube.
A little while ago, Kiki briefly left the internet—presumably in need of a break from all e-drama surrounding her breakup with Jake.  Yesterday she returned, and her first act of Kikiness was to bitchslap Jake right in the kisser on Formspring.  Good thing we screencapped his response real quick, because Jake—who claims to regret nothing—apparently regretted responding to her and deleted the exchange from his account.

No doubt Kiki was reacting to StickyDrama’s own tweets, in which we informed Jake that Amor was giving everyone over here at StickyHouse a good laugh by reading aloud his cheesy desperate txt messages to her.  Later, Kiki claimed her Formspring was *ahem* hacked, but it sure looks fine to us now.
We relayed Jake and Kiki’s drama to Amor, who used to be interested in Jake until she saw what an absolute fool he made of himself for Kiki.  Now she thinks he’s a douche.  “You know he txts me every day—I just got another one 12 minutes ago, and I haven’t replied to him AT ALL since he was with Kiki, except that one morning when I woke up still barred out and replied to the first txt I got, which was his,” Amor told us Sunday while waiting for her fourth coat of makeup to dry before applying the fifth.

See that tacky plastic thing?  No, the one below Amor’s face.  That’s Amor’s phone.  Amor gave us permission to read and photograph Jake’s txt messages to her.  (Her phone can’t take screenshots.)

And there, dear readers, is the internet equivalent of Jake Wolf on all fours, tears streaming down his face, with two gigantic strap-ons buried up to the plastic hilt in his bloody and quivering asshole—one worn by Kiki, one by Amor, while StickyDrama holds the camera and tells the girls to fuck him harder so that he’ll moan like the desperate e-whore he is.
Silly Jake!  Thinking you could hop from Kiki to Amor.  They have annihilated every boy before you—recall Hock and Cespedes—and they will annihilate every boy after you.  Either one of them could destroy you with a tweet.  With a click.  With a thought.  You are nothing and they are everything.  Your body might remain alive IRL; but online you are henceforth dead, a shadow, a ghost, doomed to fuck only the loose scabby vaginas of ugly sluts like Jenny Thompson, never again the tight moist vaginas of attractive e-celebs like Kiki and Amor.  This is the curse we inflict upon you.
That, plus we’ve made “Jake Wolf” a sub-category of our lol-cows category too.  Nyah!


  1. Why keep asking about what happened with kiki and jake? Jake cheats a lot and expects you to just accept it. he wants a door mat and if you don’t like being lied to, cheated on, and abused, then you can’t hang. end of story,

  2. he won’t go on “tour”. he doesn’t even have a band or car or job or life for that matter. the band is dead and when it was together all’s they did was fight and get drunk and look hella stupid and unprofessional to other bands. can’t really call driving across country in a broken up van going to visit family “touring”. He’s a delusional joke.

  3. I don’t even know how you can think that Jake actually DATED Kiki when in reality he didn’t. He conned her over internet chat and video while he was fucking and staying with another girl. The other girl knew about it and thought she and he were just using Kiki. Then Jaked turned on the other girl and decided to continued pursuing Kiki via the internet in order to help his online sales. God knows he can’t cut it alone without using some popular girl on the internet. In fact he has NEVER lived alone. He didn’t even live with just his ex, Evie. There were ten people living in a two bedroom apartment. When people started moving back home, he was left with only a few people. He told Kiki that he didn’t even like Evie and that he was using her for a “fuck” and had to stay until the apartment lease was up. I am sure he tells any current “fuck” similar things about Kiki. He is incapable of truly loving anyone.
    Jake NEEDS to fuck over girls and use them. He can’t survive without sucking off his momma’s teet or if she kicks him out, then he has to line up some local slut to keep his mind off the fact that he feels like SHIT every god damn day. He’s a dangerous one to be friends with let alone have a fake, play house relationship with. You WILL be left saying in your head, “Dayum, Kiki, Elsie, Amor, and all the rest were right!” You will think how much time you wasted with this loser and maybe your immune system will tell you something is wrong after you have been with him for awhile. You will start to feel drained, and you might not know why at first. It’s Jake draining you and using you on all levels.
    No girl in her right mind would go on tour with him because he will flirt with other girls and after his gf fights with him about it, he will leave her stranded because he doesn’t have a honest, caring bone in his body. It’s all about him and what you can do for him. Not at first though because he has to hook you, but later on it is.
    If he was a really good musician, he could go to any state and make music. He has to go back to Texas because he has some dumb sluts that are willing to take him in. Now that his sickness and horrible behavior has been verified by more than a few girls, he won’t be able to get a decent girl. The only ones who will have him are the bottom of the barrel sluts with low self-esteem. What they don’t understand is he gets tired of that kind relatively quickly because they are a dime a dozen.

  4. EW, at least if you dated him or were with him, you’ll know that the only place you can go from there is up!!!
    He’s not cool or hot or anything. He’s just gross.

  5. ^^ you forgot to mention his mental disease (he is fucked up in the head beyond someone who is even bi-polar)als. He’s not ONLY a cheating douchebag, but he also steals, lies, borrows money that he never pays backs, is SUPER annoying, throw fits like a three year old, and KNOWINGLY gives girls diseases, and is an EYESORE.

  6. my point is that just because he’s a cheating douchebag, doesn’t mean he should get this much hate for it. a lot of guys hop from girl to girl&the only reason people are hating on him for it is because he did it to two e-celebs.

  7. And JAke is a bum who talks a game but when it comes down to being with him, he is
    SUB-PAR, and he’s an asshole. Any girl that is with him for long enough with get to know this. 🙂 AND his legs (incl the third one) are fucked up because of his diabetes. Fucking lame ass.

  8. kiki and amor are blown out nobodies
    its the fucking internet, if youre “internet famous” youre still a nobody.

  9. okay so, people may not cheat on other people, but people will cheat on something. sayy a test in school, or something like that, but you HAVE cheated.. at least once.

  10. Jake is the real internet whore, skank, cheater and liar here. He’s skankier than either Amor or Kiki, and no, not everyone cheats. It’s sad you have that idea stuck in your head.

  11. Everyone cheats at least once
    Everyone cheats at least once
    Everyone cheats at least once
    Everyone cheats at least once
    My Dad cheated on my Mom and then my boyfriend cheated on me so
    Everyone cheats at least once
    Everyone cheats at least once
    Everyone cheats at least once
    Yours truly, AshlandAsswipe

  12. ps. don’t worry, I won’t take any nudes. I don’t hate any of you enough to put you through that. ok. <3

  13. Everyone cheats at least once?!
    Everytime I come on this site I get further and further behind on the long list of things everyone does.
    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go take some nudes, get drunk, do some drugs and cheat on somebody.

  14. Sticky you’re a 30 year old man acting like a 13 year old girl, WTF is wrong with you! You’re so fucking immature, I have no clue how you even take pride in this shit. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were an STD ridden whore.
    But to say something about Jake,
    Almost every fucking guy plays that game, the only reason he gets noticed for it is because he did it on an e-whore. Everyone cheats atleast once, God damn. Everybody needs to stop being so fucking immature, this isn’t solving anything, he’s still gonna manipulate girls, just like most guys out there. so please, SHUT THE FUCK UP, and whine about someone interesting. (:

  15. kiki fails at math. 12 days doesn’t equal 3 weeks. get the fuck back off the internet you owe us 6 more days of silence. that means no tweeting about going to get a triple mocha fuckachino.
    ^this is win.

  16. Jake has really nasty breath and smells really bad IRl. He doesn’t just look like he would smell bad and have diseases, he really fucking does.

  17. I’d fuck Kiki mouth balls deep while Amor stroked my dongbone on the outstroke Hollywood handjob style’ee

  18. Sticky, your website is what Inside Edition is to mainstream tabloid. No, sweetie, that’s not a good thing.

  19. Sorry, Sticky Drama. All this “buried to the hilt” rubbish. I cringed at the lameness of it. And you HAD to go on and extend your terrible, terrible metaphor and use it in the whole. Damn. Article. You sound so moronic and desperate I just can’t…

  20. i feel sorry for myself because I am an ugly loser with no freinds who comes here and pretends people care about my stupid opinions. i am the female mr x.

  21. 9:33 pm, I didn’t say girls should be blamed for being mistreated.
    He can only take advantage of especially weak or naive people. He knows what weak or naive girls want to hear. Only weak or naive people try to make emotional connections on the Internet. I honestly don’t mean to be condescending (this time), but I feel sorry for a girl that does that.

  22. I know a lot of you don’t like Kiki, but nobody deserves to be abused and used the way she was by Jake.

  23. amor is so damn ugly and nasty, i feel like vomiting everytime a pic of her springs up on this site

  24. ^unless it’s hurting kiki, then i approve because she is getting the just karama that she deserves

  25. Summary: Jake’s a nasty asshole who actually enjoys abusing and hurting people. And you know someone by his actions and his actions are despicable.

  26. Why would someone who talked so much shit about Amor and made fun of her and her looks text her like that? OH yeah, he’s mental wacko

  27. It’s funny how you watch her so closely down to the day. miss her much? lol on the triple mocha fuckachino though.

  28. kiki fails at math 12 days doesn’t equal 3 weeks. get the fuck back off the internet you owe us 6 more days of silence. that means no tweeting about going to get a triple mocha fuckachino

  29. amor used to be an amusing stickam member, now she just goes ‘live’ on stickam really wasted and doesn’t interact with anybody. I guess the drugs & partying have really got to her.

  30. Hack his Myspace since ironically he is the worst internet whore lately. That would bring him to his knees 🙂

  31. omg, i thought amor was a tranny. kinda sounds like stickydrama uses manipulation and psuedo-friendships to get in guys’ pants. so all the venomous rants re: hock, stalker, etc., is projection of dislike about urself ya know. granted they go after underage and are more nefarious, but it all presents as sociopathic with varying agendas. peace and love 🙂

  32. Jake has mentioned the same thing more than a few times about not caring that he has the clap. He kept saying that he was going to die young so I guess he doesn’t care what is floating around inside him and I actually think he spreads it on purpose because he is such a poor excuse of a human being. He said he likes building up girls and then taking them down. I guess giving them a disease is one way of taking them down in his sick mind.

  33. jake told me he doesn’t care that he has gonnorhea and chlamydia, because they don’t bother him and he doesn’t have the money to pay to get them treated. he also said that he didn’t want to stop drinking for the 3 weeks it takes to cure chlamydia. he is a selfish asshole.
    amor & sticky need to post his phone number so we can all harass him.

  34. He cons the trusting ones, the bored ones, the lonely ones, the innocent ones, the ones who have already been broken down by a previous guy, AND “normal” girls. Don’t place blame on the girls. He’s a sociopath and conning people is a regular thing for him. Even the smart ones have been conned by him probably because they have never run into anything that low before and had no idea that people like that existed. He cons guys too. He basically fucked over his band for his “health” but then he goes to RI and gets drunk and smokes pot everyday. His band is nothing but a shell now and everything fizzled because Jake can’t be counted on by anyone. Yeah, he’s that bad.

  35. “He’s just like every guy out there with a guitar in his hand. He’ll end up no where.”
    You MUST not mean what you said, but that just because a guy plays guitar doesn’t mean he’s worth a shit. Please tell me that’s what you meant.

  36. jake is a dangerous one to know. It’s like walking in a mine field. he not only fucks over girls but friends in general too.

  37. I love this post. It’s reminiscent of the 90’s. Girl power and whatnot.
    It comes down to supply and demand.If chicks will stop being groupies and supply him with sex, then he will cease have the demand for more dumb groupie sex.

  38. Can I just say Kiki didn’t do shit.. in what way did she bitchslap him?
    Amor on the other hand, thank you for exposing the scumbag that jake is 🙂

  39. There’s always going to be someone whom Jake can take advantage of. He knows how to tell girls what they want to hear. that’s what sociopath’s do.

  40. The best part is that some new dumb cunt will be taken in by him despite reading all this, and then a few months later add her sob story to the list haha.

  41. Despite Kiki’s nasty personality and behavior I’m glad she got away from this pig. Amor too. He’s just like every guy out there with a guitar in his hand. He’ll end up no where. I’ve stumbled upon his live before and he sounds even worse. He just needs to QUIT already.

  42. The bottom line is this guy hurts people on purpose, not because that are some internet bitches, not because he thinks he’s been cool in doing so, but simply for the mere fact that he is a sociopath.

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    @ElleV…Elise Kidwill
    1/25/2010 10:41 PM
    oh, and, by the way I’ve watched him do it to several other girls, since we’d stayed so connected in circles. But you can check my 2006 or “entourage” picture albums, I’ll send you a friend request. I practically lived with them and my brother did live with them.

  44. OMG, Jake is FAR from a sweetheart. You obviously don’t know him very well or haven’t been in a relationship with him. This isn’t just about Kiki or Amor. He’s a sick fuck and has abused himself as well as many girls. The abuse was totally unjustified. That’s what you are not getting here. The guy is a total creep.

  45. i’m sure she appreciates having her dirty laundry aired too. let’s stick to the girls who have been with him in the past 5 years, shall we?
    Are you nuts too? Are you related to him- maybe the brother since you know Elsie and Evie. If you are you would know that ALL of the girls mentioned including Evie were in the last five years. Gah, are you stoned or something?

  46. he moves on to a “poplaur trash” girl that would give him more “fame.” if he wants a real love, *cough* he would find a real girl without “fame.”
    That’s not true for him either because all the girls he’s being using in IRL for food and a place to stay were never well known. The point is he has used and abused and cheated on every girl he was with. He even admitted to that.
    BTW, those texts aren’t cute considering he sends the exact same crap to every girl initially. It goes like this:
    Hey cutie, you’re gorgeous, IMY or ILY. I feel sick. I was drunk (he drinks almost everyday if not everyday and smokes his pot everyday too.)
    Those are not impressive cute texts. They are lame and their sole purpose isn’t to be cute or nice. Their sole purpose is to say look at me, pay attention to me, don’t forget me. I am a poor, shit bag who is a bottomless pit of need and pain. Feel sorry for me so I can suck the life force out of you, and dump you on the side of the road. That’s the reality of how he really treats girls. No therapy will help him since I really think he fucked up his brain. It’s called diabetic psychosis, and he doesn’t take care of himself so he gets crazy in the brain.

  47. you all sit here talking shit about him for ‘treating girls badly’. don’t like him, don’t date him. but do not prance your flat ass around and talk shit about him for all that, when kiki and amor both probably deserve the shit they get. represent yourself as a hoe, and you’ll get slapped like one. amor is sick, she thinks its funny to joke about killing someones cat. she does not deserve to be treated and texted the way he texts her. and one day, when shes gone through all these assholes, she’ll regret rejecting the sweethearts. youth doesn’t last forever.

  48. ‘^90% of the time, the worse you treat someone, the more they love you. Why do you think my boys keep crawling back to me after the Macbook’s already been earned?’
    and why do you think 90% of you will never get married. just because you get boyfriends/girlfriends, doesn’t mean you will ever be respected. i rather have my dignity, than a boyfriend. ten years from now you will all be shit. if you aren’t already now.

  49. he moves on to a “poplaur trash” girl that would give him more “fame.” if he wants a real love, *cough* he would find a real girl without “fame.”

  50. Yeah I’d totally want texts like that from a guy like Jake Wolf. Every girl would. He’s such a catch.

  51. ^90% of the time, the worse you treat someone, the more they love you. Why do you think my boys keep crawling back to me after the Macbook’s already been earned?

  52. I don’t think he sounds ‘weak’. Those texts were cute, regardless. Kiki and Amor are both beautiful, I don’t see the shame in him moving on, to go talk to Amor? Is he not allowed to move on? Lol, wtf. You guys are pitiful. Any girl would love to receive texts like that. But of course Amor would be the one girl who prefers to be called bitch rather than honey, and be treated like shit, rather than cherished. Thats trash for ya.

  53. i’m sure she appreciates having her dirty laundry aired too. let’s stick to the girls who have been with him in the past 5 years, shall we?

  54. #
    mercy.Evie West
    2/1/2010 3:32 PM
    yup, that’s definitely sociopathic behavior. seriously, everywhere he moves people hate him, and if she lived with him she’d definitely see him for who he is. she shouldn’t feel any need to support him, he’s a grown man and needs to start acting like one.

  55. #
    mercy.Evie West
    2/1/2010 7:46 PM
    ugh that’s beyond sick. he’s such a loser, he’s not talented enough to get his own fame, he needs to use poor girls for promotion. i guess i was just the jumping off point, i’m so glad i got out of that before it wrecked my life even more.
    as much as most internet drama is just drama, everything that everyone is saying about him is true. kiki can ask anyone who’s been close to him the truth and they’ll all say he’s scum.
    I deleted the “to” part fyi

  56. @ElleV…Elise Kidwill
    1/25/2010 10:39 PM
    Oh, okay. I’ll be completely honest, Jacob Aaron Burns is a scumbag. He IS a liar, almost every word that comes out of his obnoxious mouth is a lie. I’ve known him since he convinced Evangeline to move to Texas with him and his band the summer of ’06. I’m still good friends with his older brother and his girlfriend, and Evie is still my best friend. We see each other twice a year. I was probably the only reason she didn’t kill herself until almost two years later. He promised her the world, he promised her marriage and loyalty and to give her a better life. He sat on his butt and played world of warcraft the entire time he was here while Evie and I worked doubles at HIS FATHERS restaurant, because he refused to work. He refused to work $10 an hour to wash dishes for his daddy. He cheated on her, he cheated on her again – she threatened to leave and go home, and he convinced her to stay. Then she went home to visit her mother (which, by the way was the only time he allowed her to go anywhere without him because he controlled her every move) and then she wised up and didn’t come back. He threw all of her stuff in my mom’s garage. I miss my best friend everyday, but he ruined her life.
    I have a feeling that I know who you are, “Nick”, because I know what’s been going on, and I know that he’s been saying some terrible things about my friend and trying to get in good with her so that she will corroborate some lies for him, because he will always be her first love, and as girls – we know how that is. Evie has not contacted, responded, seen or spoken to him since she was here in Texas last January and I almost kicked her butt for even seeing him. He’s trouble.
    Run. Far away.
    Disconnect yourself.
    Before it’s too late, and you’re too connected.
    Please. Please, I swear, be honest with your friend, and I know you don’t know me at all, but had this not ALL been true, I’m not the the type to make up lies about people.
    He’s evil.

  57. No, Evie and Elise didn’t trash him on this site, but they sure as hell did privately, and some of it was copied on another post here. 🙂 They both agreed he was evil and a sociopath.

  58. Don’t be sorry, Jake is a piece of shit and deserves every ill thing he gets.
    There were some well known bands that were willing to play with him but after they saw what a loose canon and how unprofessional he was, they were like, “hell no!”

  59. ah, no. i could tell you for a fact that evie and elise could care less about trashing jake on this site.
    and that being said, these girls should know better, durrr.

  60. Maybe he can make music with Jenny. Oh that’s right. Jenny kept pushing her way into Josh’s music, but he said that she couldn’t sing, and he was annoyed and embarrassed by her.

  61. Pretty sure that if Jake actually gets his ass to LA, he can never, ever get back onto his 2 feet. This boy has dug too deep into surely what is his grave fro being thuought of as even a remotely normal functioning bandmember of any type what so ever. Sorry Jake but this is the end of you.

  62. Thanks Kiki, Amor, Jacquelyn, Hayley,
    Erica, Evie, Elsie, Amber, and all the other anons who communicated in some what about what he really is.
    He says he is laughing, but the truth is he can’t take it when he looks like a fool and he looks like the worst fool ever.
    He’s a whiny, bitchass poser who abuses people in the worst ways.

  63. So you think this is a nice guy? A few weeks ago, he tells Jacquelyn that he loves her, is going to move in with her in texas,(he was even looking for apartments) and be together forever, and then just stops talking to her for a day. Her friend messages him to see what’s up, and he starts flirting with her friend. Her friend asked him what he was doing and he said he was on Stickam. There he was on with Jenny. He was laying on her, grabbing her non-existant boob, and kissing her. Jacquelyn gets on then, and Jenny who knew that Jacquelyn had fallen for him because Jenny is the queen of lurking and stalking, says, “Don’t be mad because I can touch him and you can’t.” and Jake replies, “Amen”.
    You think that’s a nice person? He’s fucking sick in the head. He’s mean and heartless and purposely hurts girls. After this post went up, he aimed Kiki just to tell her that he really did fuck Haley and he did it on purpose to hurt her. Then in the same breath he tells Kiki that she was his first love and that he will always love her. I SHIT YOU NOT. This guy is mentally busted up. Well, not just mentally, but that’s obvious. Seriously, run far away from this guy. It was advice that was not taken early enough from another girl. I hope that anyone that has the misfortune of getting to know him reads this eventually and is able to get out before its too late.
    Jenny is a skanky bitch and whore for doing what she did, but no one feels sorry for her and everybody already knows this about her.
    The truth about Jake really needed to come out.

  64. Yo! What Jake did to Jacquelyn was beyond cruel. Both Jenny and Jake are nasty, ugly people inside and out.

  65. It wasn’t about being Jewish that was a problem. She has nothing against jews and I think she has even dated a few. lol. Now back to our story…….
    To Jake:
    “Your body might remain alive IRL; but online you are henceforth dead, a shadow, a ghost, doomed to fuck only the loose scabby vaginas of ugly sluts like Jenny Thompson, never again the tight moist vaginas of attractive e-celebs like Kiki and Amor. This is the curse we inflict upon you”.
    I just had to copy that because it was just such a golden nugget! Made me laugh….alot.

  66. Um wtf is Kiki’s problem with maybe being Jewish according to her ‘triumphant’ return to Stickam? That’s… not right.

  67. hey jake, you’re not only FUGLY on the outside, you are FUGLY on the inside. There is no hope or true love for you. Everyone knows now you are a liar, a cheat, a dirty (unhygienic-not sexy), insane, mean, souless, and heartless bastard who will never do anything positive in life. All you will ever amount to is sucking off of stupid girls because you can’t handle life on your own and be a real man.

  68. He just told Kiki that she was the first girl he ever loved, his first true love. LMFAO! He’s such a psycho. yeah, he also said that he threw it to Jenny as if he was just throwing her a bone to get her off his back..He also likes to go to the bathroom while he’s live with her and sign on aim while she continues boring her audience 🙂 1. If Jake goes to the bathroom to “take care of his diabetes”, he usually is messaging and flirting with several other girls. 2. If he is sleeping with you IRL, he always has his eye open for an opportunity to spread his diseases and he will. 3. He will cheat because he’s crazy and I’m not sayin’ it to be a bastard, no, he really is crazy. He is NOT a nice guy. Anything he does say that seems nice is merely an act to manipulate someone into doing something he wants or manipulating him or her to think a certain way about him.

  69. It wasn’t kiki. She had no clue what was going on when it happened. Jake’s a loser. He hasn’t laughed this hard in awhile. yeah. that’s because slag (slut/hag) in ct isn’t doin’ it for him. Now Amor and Kiki are much more exciting. :]

  70. Maybe he’ll get offline and get a real job now.
    This is a lesson children; never rely on the internet for anything. Unless you want to end up sucking a fabbbulous gay man’s bumhole;)

  71. soooo if it was kiki how would she have an idea what amor was doing all the way in la and why would she care if she doesn’t care?
    i’m so lost.

  72. “In the long run, he’s going to kill himself because his insanity will get the best of him, and hell is waiting for him patiently”.
    You mean in the short run. I don’t think it will take that long. 😉

  73. “he said he thought i’d be his Bonnie, his partner in crime, the girl who would sit back and laugh at all the people he used with him”
    yeah, he used that line more than once.

  74. Doesn’t the guy have to be even somewhat good looking for anything to be hot? Donning a strap on and shoving it in homeless looking bum is gross.

  75. seeing him butt raped by two girls wouldn’t be hot -it would be a laugh out loud moment because he’s such a joke.

  76. yeah, indeed. he is a seriously ugly fuck. girls just fall for the “I feel sorry for him crap” I think more than anything. Don’t be fooled. That’s part of his game.

  77. “he makes fun of people who live their lives online..but he does the same thing.”
    yep, he’s a lame internet whore and he’s online begging more than most.
    it just goes to show that his music sucks if he has to get an internet girl to advertise him or he has to be on virtually 24/7 like he his. He’s a talentless bum.

  78. We slept together last summer. Since then he might have obtained some STD’s,but I’ve been checked since then. Thank GOD.

  79. I’m not reading all those paragraphs seriously fuck off.
    AND um I’m 90% sure amore has a loose vag. LOL

  80. Amor’s snatch is probably technically moist, at least in terms of a steady discharge of yeast, pus and blood.

  81. It’s funny you mention the annoying part because even his own pothead mother calls him annoying and “why can’t you be normal?” But then again how could he, his mom is a slightly younger version of the mom from “Throw Momma from the Train”. She looks like her and bosses him around like that too. Jake, ya lousy poop. hehe. God dayum, her huge, warbley, white trash gut was hangin’ out on camera and I about puked. Bitch is a drugged out hag so i guess the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree. His step dad’s always yelling at him too calling him an “Ass”. No one ends up liking him for long.

  82. he said he would get tired of fucking the girls but that he had to keep doing it to get food. I’m serious. He really said that. He def. had stamina issues.

  83. I don’t know when you were with him, but somewhere along the line he picked up a few STDs and spread them around quite a bit. He didn’t care though.

  84. I knew jake IRL. We would sleep together often,and he never gave me any STDS (just to clear that up..)
    He’s actually really annoying in person,and talks hiself in circles all the time. Dude does not make any motherfuckin’ sense ever. He uses girls to get to where he wants. We used to lay down together and talk while he was dating an internet bitch,and he’d tell me how he doesn’t really like these girls and is only using them for the fame aspect. Which was fine with me, because I was only using him for his body heat ;). In the long run, he’s going to kill himself because his insanity will get the best of him, and hell is waiting for him patiently.

  85. no sleazi that’s just the beginning. he does that to just remain in contact, he usually sends tons of nudes also. he spams the same nudes to several girls. His words get manipulative later on. not at first. He was just fishing. He wasn’t working on the reeling in part yet. just the “keep me in mind” part.

  86. <333 B…
    * [killer queen] killer queen
    * [<333 Bliss] <333 Bliss
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    Your upload has been canceled.
    Every girl is his "Bonnie". Yep. On the sociopath traits every girl that thinks she is his "accomplice" will become the victim too.
    12/21/2009 4:42 PM
    To: <333 Bliss
    he asked me that probably like three weeks ago. it was right before he got back from colorado. he also asked me then if i would ever marry him. he wasn't proposing i guess he just wanted to know. it's not possible to fall out of love in a day..i really wish it was. i'm pissed as all hell but that doesn't stop me from being incredibly hurt at the same time. he had me convinced we were going to be together forever..his grandmother called me her granddaughter..you know like what the fuck. jake told me the day before he left that no matter who he says it to, who he ever has, or he ever will again, he'll never love anyone like the way he loved me. pah. i'm sure he says the same to you. i think he knows that i see through his bullshit and he won't be able to convince me otherwise, so right now he's not talking to me. we talked yesterday and i said some extremely mean, but true, things to him so it's best that we don't anyways.
    i think he's just one of those tiger woods kind of guys, no matter what they have they'll always be looking for more. selfish and self centered. it's like he's got back up loves if anything goes wrong with the other.
    i keep going through phases of being pissed, sad, apathetic, pissed and then sad all over again. this is how it goes though i know. i don't want to have any negative emotions over him but right now that doesn't seem likely. it's not stupid for you to want to believe he'll change. we can want it as much as possible and even convince ourselves it's true but the chances of it actually being true..eh.
    yes we kissed goodbye at the airport. we sat there and held hands for a while and talked. he told me that he was planning on coming back. that most of his bandmates were going to stick around and wait for him. i feel so stupid too. i moved here for him..we were supposed to live together. he said he thought i'd be his Bonnie, his partner in crime, the girl who would sit back and laugh at all the people he used with him. i'm not opposed to crime by any means, but i don't think it's okay to hurt people who don't deserve it. and i definitely don't think you can truly love someone when you're hiding things and lying all the time…and telling other girls you love them too.
    ugh yeah man, it hurts. i'm kind of glad he's not talking to me right now cause it's helping me keep my head clear and focus on focusing on other things til i can be okay again.
    i know there was some other girl on the internet that he was stringing along as well..i don't keep up with internet life and damn am i glad i don't. it's like you always find out shit you really didn't want to know. his whole life on here is a lie. he told me people online think he doesn't drink or smoke weed..haaaa. yeah. he does. almost everyday. he makes fun of people who live their lives online..but he does the same thing. he's always said it was just for the paycheck but clearly the boy needs lots of attention. he loves it and he needs it. i gave him all the love and attention in the world and that wasn't even enough.
    god this message is so long sorry. it's nothing against you at all, but it was a major fucking blow to my ego when i found out you're only seventeen. i mean..i'm about to be 22 you know. it's just another slap in the face. :/
    That was from the girl Hayley that he used in Texas. He will keep doing what he does as long as he can get away with it. Karma will catch up with him though.
    you can't create that much pain for people and not have it come back to you at some point. I know there will be alot of people out there cheering when it happens. I doubt even anyone will feel sorry for him either like some did for John because this guy is worse than John.

  87. These are examples of “all the right things to say to draw you into his web”?
    Yeah, I don’t know if I could resist a needy guy saying, “imy”.

  88. If you knew Jake or received his texts you would know that he texts over and over and over like a nut. You don’t have to respond at all.

  89. I don’t think it matters because it’s obvious Jenny isn’t really into Jake. I think she’s doing stuff with him just to try and get at her long time obsession, Kiki, and to be a bitch and hurt that Jacquelyn girl. The thing is Kiki doesn’t give a shit because she knows Jake is a creep and certainly not a prize or anything to be proud of. Both Jenny and Jake’s actions and motivations are pathetically predictable.
    Kiki doesn’t stalk her ex’s (if you can even call Jake that) like Jenny does to her poor exs. Jenny has been doing that for year, and she still stalks Kiki. Time and time again Jenny’s ex’s have all said she is psycho and mean. Jenny’s ex contacted Kiki and said that Jenny was still stalking him to this day years after they broke up.
    Bottom line is Jenny’s relationship to Jake is a farce since it was based on the foundation of simply trying to hurt Kiki. The thing is is Karma is a bitch, and Jenny already recently was fired for being a shit of an employee. All the creepy things she is doing now will come back and bad things will happen to her.

  90. If Amor didn’t respond to his texts, why does his texts sound like are in response to something?

  91. Jenny is stupid enough to think that he will be exclusive with her too. Looks like Jenny is the next Hayley only this time around Jake is doing the “exclusive friends with benefits thing” instead of using the worn out, tattered “love” card. Hayley was just another one he threw in the pile in addition to giving her Chlamydia.
    12/20/2009 2:16 AM
    To: <333 Bliss
    i've been seeing jake since the beginning of August. he told me he loved me not too long after that and so it goes from there. i lived in Dallas, up until last month, and moved here largely in part to be with him. i drove down here a lot and he'd come back with me everytime. if he's been in town the past month, he's been where i am. i can't tell you how many days and nights we've been together. i've met all of his family. his mom, his dad, his brothers, spent time at his grandma's, step mom, and uncles. he wouldn't call me his girlfriend because of "internet obligations", and now i know what he meant. but we were "strictly exclusive" (probably not truly the case for him, i know). i understood that he had to flirt with people and shit to make money. i figured there was a girl in florida after he wrote that stupid fucking song. i put it in the back of my mind, love, you know. i was even the one who dropped him off at the bus station to go there. i wasn't gonna question anything cause i trusted him. i found out about you, (who i think you are) just the other night when we were arguing and i finally asked the right questions i guess. i could put up with a lot but there's no way in hell i'm going to be okay with him calling someone else his girlfriend and saying i love you to her (hers) when he's laying next to me. he said you were a joke. he said all the internet girls are to him is "fodder". he uses them because his sales go up online. pretty fucking lame and low if you ask me. i even asked him once if i had thousands of friends on myspace, if then he'd call me his girlfriend..and he actually said "fuck yeah!" like it was an obvious answer.
    so i wanted to spend the last two days with him that i could, and ever would, and i told him i wasn't going to talk to him after that. so i took him to the airport and he called me when he landed and then blew up his myspace with you (i'm assuming). i wasn't going to talk to him but when i saw it i told him he was a fucking ass and he told me he only did it cause i said i was never talking to him again. i really really really didn't want to have to know what you looked like. out of sight out of mind kind of thing.
    i really fucking loved jake and that's probably why i was going to keep quiet at first. but that's not fair to you, and quite honestly i have to wonder why i'd protect him if he fucked me over so incredibly bad. i was "the love of his life." i'm sure we all are/were.
    when i found out, i told him i was going to tell you, only cause i was pissed and dramatic, and he said prove it. that you'd never believe me without proof. he was on the phone with you the other night at a friends in the bathroom, and i was getting annoyed so i picked the lock and said his name when i walked in, and he hung up so you couldn't hear me. i'm sure you've noticed "his phone dies a lot". so anyways the only proof i have is in my phone, texts and voicemails and pictures. his family and my mom are the only one with pictures of us. it all makes so much sense now. i'm sure you could ask any of his friends about me, they'd probably tell you..or maybe just cover his ass i don't know.
    sorry you have to hear all this shit, but that's the truth for you. he needs so badly that he fucking lied to both of us. he doesn't give a fuck about anybody but himself. i loved him like crazy, but if this is the shit that's been going on i can hurt and get over it. he'll most likely lie to you if you tell him any of this, tell him i told you i don't care. tell him he's a mother fucker for me if you would. but i really hope that you get it. i hope it actually does help and you don't let him talk you down or walk all over you..we all know he's perfect at saying all the right things.
    sooo very far from a gentleman.
    when i first met him he told me he was a liar and a manipulator, and i did believe it, but of course thought he'd never do it to me. especially since he's telling me, right? ha, dead fucking wrong. i slapped him the night i found out. hard.
    good luck. don't take his shit.

  92. JT will get hers. Her “friends with benefits” will eventually backfire. She’s playing Russian Roulette in more ways than one, but she’s too dumb to get that.

  93. I guess JT isn’t cutting it for him since he still was going after AMOR, but JT is a manly, fugly thing with unusually fatty arms for her size. hehaw! She’s a stump with no shape. hiss, hiss.

  94. To him true unconditional love means the girl is supposed to continue loving him after he gives her a disease, after he purposely hurts her by cheating on her, uses her for a place to stay and food, and screams abusive things at her and breaks things—–
    “If you don’t love me through all my abuse, then it’s not true love. You don’t unconditionally love me, god damn it! You don’t love me the way I love!”
    Oh yeah, that’s right, she doesn’t cheat on you, spread diseases, and use you for a place to stay so she certainly doesn’t love you the way you love!!
    His “Love” is the furthest thing away from unconditional love or even remotely resembles love for that matter. You’d get more love from a pile of shit infested with rabbies.

  95. trust me jake has had his ass kicked many times. girls aren’t the only ones that end up hating him.

  96. Jake is a desperate boil. To me it didn’t look like Amor was trying to get with him. He just goes fishing around the net and keeps texting the same shit over and over again to different girls until ones gets worn down and bites at a moment of lowness/boredom, etc. (Unless of course it’s a desperate hag like Jenny) It’s funny how the girls that have actually lived with him for a time say he’s really boring in real life too. Not much going on after his shitty broke ass facade falls.

  97. don’t insult a puppy. oh lordy, he IS such a greasy “wannabe”. Indeed. he looks like a fool now. Actually he always did but even more so now.

  98. jake isn’t hot shit-more like stinking, rotten shit. Rock star-more like shitty attempt at expressing that which wallows in his sick, self absorbed psychosis. At best he is really inconsistent and his voice sucks to the point of not being able to get through the song. He’s such a desperate wannabe.

  99. Jake is a pathetic trainwreck, a John Hock wannabe, and an obvious attention whore. He’s almost worse than Brandon Hilton, dare I say it. I feel like puking everytime I look at him and his tats that look like someone got a little too sharpie happy. What’s funny is that he makes it so known how weak it is. I’m sure anyone could kick his ass and I’m surprised no one has already. Amor could kick his ass in all her 5’2″ 98lbs glory, for God fucking sakes. Jake. Is. A. JOKE. It’s not Jake Wolf it’s Joke Wolf. FUCK Wolf, more like a sickly homeless puppy. ;D

  100. Kiki deserves more credit than she’s given. I think she’s changed since her hating days, I really do… Amor is a little pathetic, because of how famous she claims to be. That Jake person is a nobody.
    Kiki is alright.

  101. Well thanks to the healthcare bill, America now stands a chance of fighting the STD plague that was started by Hock and is perpetuated by Jakewolf.
    PS, rhetorical use aside, double wrapping is a bad idea. Use one and try to avoid disgusting whores of either sex.

  102. “I still say he used Kiki’s password to make that formspring question in a desperate attempt to weasel contact with Kiki.”

  103. kiki didn’t screen shot the message erica jade sent jake on his myspace saying how much money she had to spend on her health due to the infections he gave her.

  104. Unless you want to take a hit on your immune system and have your lymph glands swell and have burning discharge out of your penis, I highly suggest you do not fuck this guy unless you double or triple wrap it. Best be leaving this infected slim ball in the garbage dumpster where he belongs. He resembles a dirty cabbage patch kid that’s been dragged around in dirt and poo.

  105. I am pretty sure Amor was thinking Jake was lame before Kiki. Put it this way, he’s always sick, drunk, and moody and says the same shit to every girl different day. Kiki didn’t make him like he was. No girl did. He was fucked up Looong before he met any girl.
    Kiki was right. Amor was right. All the girls who have actually REALLY known him have come to the EXACT same conclusion: He’s lower than scum.

  106. She probably sucked some dick to get hired at GNC. Who would hire that scummy twat at a health food store anyway? Jake probably told her to get a job there so he could get his dick pills there since his tube doesn’t work normally w/o his pills.

  107. Loser Jenny Thompson just got fired again for stealing from GNC. No joke. She’s been fired from her other jobs for doing this kind of shit before so watch your stuff around her if you ever have the misfortune of meeting that flat chested ugly slut with white trash teeth.

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