@AmorHilton and BF(?) @NICHOLASinHD Shit-talk @DennisHegstad, @RyanAnchors, @AiricaMichelle

The perpetually sober Amor Hilton and Nick of Radiation Year were at chez Sticky last night.  They say they're not...

Crocker Spurned, Humiliated By Dennis Hegstad

From the outset, StickyDrama knew that studpuppy Dennis Hegstad and asshole-flashing has-been Chris Crocker were never really dating. Dennis...

Break Out the Champagne, Cocksuckers!

That's right, all you horny cocksuckers! Stickam uber-cutie Dennis Hegstad is now single and needs to get milked....

South By Sleaze-Fest

Its been 3 days since SXSW ended, far long enough for promises to be broken and confidences betrayed. Let us begin...

19-Year-Old Dennis Hegstad Found Dead

Alright not really. But fucking close enough. His blonde cunt of a girlfriend Samantha made the outrageously hot...

Crackdown on Underwear, Fake Cocks

Stickam Admins have lately begun imposing Victorian morals on users, and StickyDrama thinks it's fucking ridiculous. First victim of the crackdown...
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