Animals reproduce.  Married couples make love.  Amor Hilton and Gage Arthur have unholy fuckery.
It was approximately 2am this morning when StickyDrama emerged from our bedroom for a Southern Comfort on the rocks when we heard profane noises coming from a dark corner of our living room.  Upon investigation we found Gage fucking the living shit out of Amor, only 2 feet away from Deanna Undead’s bunkbed!  Amor’s undulating moans were punctuated by sloppy slapping sounds.  “However disgusting you think it was, it was actually worse,” Deanna explained in exchange for our blurring her fat ass out of the photo showing Gage and Amor cuddling later in the morning.
“You only heard the noises,” she continued, “but I had to deal with the smells.”


  1. Gage sometimes looks cute, but i have to remember how bad hygiene is…its a shame really, even he could do better than amor.

  2. He’s kinda hot in that white-trash scene-queen kinda way. I bet his sweaty pubes and ripe pits are hella pungent and strong. But Amor… park her on the curb on garbage day.

  3. HAHA! wow, this cunt fucked her “best friend” im hardcore lol’ing right now.
    go check her twitter virgin eyes. she hasnt even tweeted about Gage. and she “fucked @dianaunead lastnight.”
    total and utter bullshit. oh. and this bitch thinks she can sing now? and it makes me and everyone else laugh about how the songs she “sings” are auto-tuned and all about sex and drinks and being a “model” Bitch, how the fuck can you possibly be a “model” when your out mooching off of and fucking c-list stars with a drink in your hand and white shit on your nose? EXACTLY BITCH. you cant
    btw, go check out her “music”

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