StickyDrama thought we’d start off the New Year wrong by throwing a bone to the Amorons, who have been hungry for more pharmacological lulz from Amor Hilton.  Well how does a video of her ripping off Danny Worsnop’s clothes sound?
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Danny, for those readers who don’t know, is the singer for Asking Alexandria. To StickyDrama all that screaming crap sounds the same, but they’re a bunch of cute young white boys with their own Myspace page and everything, so they must be pretty good.
Anyway Danny and Amor drove to downtown LA on New Year’s to party with Anthony Vanity and his boyfriend Steven Troye in addition to StickyDrama.  Of course, with that many faggots around, you know it was only a matter of time before we were cajoling the  straight boy to take off his clothes.  Not that we had any prurient interest; we just wanted to see his tattoos.  Danny, who had been nursing a bottle of Jager all night long, merrily obliged.  (And that, fellow cocksuckers, is why Jager is your best friend.)  After he chivalrously rubbed his bellybutton lint on Amor, she tears off his shirt as if it had Xanax in the pocket.  This one might last forever!  Or a week.


  1. he went to school with my friend, maz
    maz is still in school and she’s a year younger than his sister
    his sister is kelly worsnop
    and she’s a fucking slut just like her whore of a brother
    he used to be such a nice guy when he was like 14/15

  2. Any excuse to make her sound like a whore. These kids are stupid for hanging out with you if all you do is bash on them on your site.

  3. fail theres no ripping cloths off any one he was just showing off tats or something my volume is fucked so i cant hear but yeah stop talking shit she didnt touch him…

  4. To Anon on Jan 5th 2:05pm,
    I attended a party in Los Angeles where some 19-year-old British guy was drinking. It wasn’t even my house or my alcohol, but you’re right, I should be crucified.
    “Quid pro quo.” lol … that’s funny.

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